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Kittens Kittens

Essay – Kittens by Dean Koontz
The story, “Kittens” by Dean Koontz, is a short story. Back in the day, the families were very religious, and the families were pretty much the same. The father was the “leader” of the family, he made all the decisions. The mother stayed at home and took care of the house, cooking and the children.
The story has a lot of religious themes. I don’t think this is a horror story, but it does have a couple of moments that could have that kind of brutal and gruesome theme.
The main character is Marnie. She loves kittens and seems like a very normal, curious young girl. She seems so innocent through most of the story, but when she finds out that her parents are killing the kittens and not God, she gets so angry and take her revenge by killing the little twin babies. So she starts out as a sweet girl, who goes to Sunday school, does her homework and listens to her father, but she turns out to be a kind of psychotic. Or maybe she just doesn’t know how wrong it is to kill the twins. Her father is a pastor at the local church, and he is very religious and does not allow people to question God’s decisions and actions. Everyone obeys to the father. He is violent. When Marnie asks her father if God will take the kittens again, he simply answers “perhaps”. She gets mad and frustrated and keeps asking about the kittens and why God did what he did, and then her father hits her. Her mother stays home, cook, takes care of the house and the baby twins. The parents love the twin babies very much, so Marnie thinks that she’ll get even with God by taking the twins.
I think the story takes place in the early 1900, but it could also be present time. There is also a flashback in the beginning of the story where Marnies thinks back of the cat’s first litter that died. The family lives at a farm. And it takes place in June or July, right after school ends for Marnie.
When you have not read the story, the title “Kittens” would probably make you think about.

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The kitten - College Essays - 483 Words

the kitten

The Kitten
The kitten is a short story by Alexander Reid which he wrote in 1914. It is a story about a hired man who found a cat with a litter of kittens on the farm yard he was working at, he told his master of his discovery and his master ordered him to “get rid of them” so he went and took the cat “to the stable, flung her in and latched the door”. Then he went and grabbed an old potato sack from the loft and returned to the kittens. He then lifted and flung the kittens one by one into the old potato sack, and then he went down to the stream with the potato sack with the kittens and sat it down beside the stream. He then tried to move a boulder to make a pool to drown the kittens in but it wouldn’t budge. By the time he got back to the potato sack a second kitten made its way out of the bag but he flung it back in and tied it shut again. He then chased the kitten that escaped but it defied him so he made it his mission to hunt the kitten and kill it. The first struggle is when the kittens are getting put into the old potato sack because they didn’t want to have a watery grave so there efforts to escape were to “struggle, spitting, clawing and biting” at the hired man’s fingers. At the next conflict one kitten escapes from the old potato sack which was its Guantanamo Bay, but the hired man seen it so he chased the kitten to recapture his fugitive. “Hurrying on the sun-browned grass, treacherous as ice, he slipped and fell headlong, but grasped the runaway in his out flung hand”. Then “It writhed round immediately and sank needle-sharp teeth into the hired man’s thumb”, making him let go in pain and the kitten “fell by a clump of whins and took cover beneath them”. At the next conflict the hired man retreats to the stream after some heavy thought, he gathered an “armful of small water-washed pebbles” he then returned to the whins with his weapons. He then took one of his projectiles and tried “to strike at the kitten from above but the roof of the whins was.

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this response for is "The Kitten " by Alexander Reid. It is set on a farm a long time ago. That it is evident because the roof of the farm house is thatched, also butter churns are used a lot less often now. We can tell it is in Scotland because of the dialect speech."So thats wur shes been" The story begins with the hired man discovering the farm cat with her newborn kittens . The farmer instructs the hired man to get rid of the kittens . It is a.

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Sitting up high, I felt like the king of the world. All of my peers sat below me and some sat at my side like Louis the XIV’s assistants would sit by him. Because they were all below me, they all looked up to me. I would see that they leave my land happily with welcoming denizens who carefully picked them out. A plethora of young aliens would frequently skip back and forth along my lane, picking up and hugging my soft and furry subjects with glee. Occasionally some of my peers found.

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The reluctant fundamentalist not only focuses on fundamentalism but focuses on values that change identity The reluctant fundamentalist is written by Mohsin Hamid and was published in 2007 exploring the resulting of Americans attitude towards Muslims after the September 11 attacks (9/11). The novel is presented as a monologue, Hamid made the novel shift between the past and the present. Changez, the protagonist, is an articulate and highly intelligent Pakistani who struggles with his.

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71) 27. Notes and Shorter Letters. Post, Emily. 1922. Etiquette
. to one s appropriation of such an emblem if one fancies it. But Lilly, Belle, Dolly and Kitten are Lillian, Isabel, Dorothy and Katherine in these days, and appropriate.

72) Act III. Scene I. The First Part of King Henry the Fourth. Craig, W.J. ed. 1914. The Oxford Shakespeare
. 20 Hot. Why, so it would have done at the same season, if your mother s cat had but kittened, though yourself had never been born. Glend. I say the earth did shake.

73) Twelfth Book. Chapman, George, trans. 1857. The Odysseys of Homer
. 135 That breathes a voice at all parts no more base Than are a newly-kitten'd kitling's cries, Herself a monster yet of boundless size, Whose sight would nothing.

75) 12. Bread and the Newspaper by Oliver Wendell Holmes. Matthews, Brander, ed. 1914. The Oxford Book of American Essays
. pulls his head about as an old lady adjusts her cap, and passes his fore-paw over it like a kitten washing herself.—Poor fellow! It is not a fancy, but a fact, that.

76) Chapter Thirteen. Apotheosis. Van Vechten, Carl. 1922. The Tiger in the House
. writing table she insinuates herself between me and my work. When I began this book she was a kitten. a chrysanthemum-like ball of tawny, orange, white, and black.

77) Bibliography: XIII. Essays. Van Vechten, Carl. 1922. The Tiger in the House
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78) Formations. Fowler, H. W. 1908. The King's English
. But she is perfectly natural, and while perfectly amoral, no more immoral than a bird or a kitten .—Times. A- (not) is Greek; moral is Latin. It is at least desirable.

79) IX. Neurology. 1. Structure of the Nervous System. Gray, Henry. 1918. Anatomy of the Human Body.
. primitive sheath, or nucleated sheath of Schwann (Fig. 633) 12 FIG. 629– Nerve cells of kitten. showing neurofibrils. (Cajal.) a. Axon. b. Cyton. c. Nucleus. d. Neurofibrils.

80) Chapter Four. The Cat and the Occult. Van Vechten, Carl. 1922. The Tiger in the House
. forth young in the palace. The left and right ministers had the task of bringing up the kittens, and prepared boxes (with delicacies) and rice and clothes for them.

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Kitten essay help

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Cat Carrier (White Kitten) - Item - World of Warcraft

Comment by Silvertusk

So cute. Definately worth any price on the Auction House. Though, I was especially lucky to find it for only 6g on the Neutral Auction House as a Hordie.

Comment by Malric

For an Ally, it's easy to camp Timmy's spawn spot and buy it cheap. My experience on the Horde side shows that it's best to ask through IRC or realm forums for someone to put it in the neutral AH for you. Otherwise you may wait really long before this pretty cat shows up and then the price can still be very high.

Comment by Doranos

Timmy spawns in Stormwind near the bridge between the Trade District and Old Town. His spawn timer is very long so if you are camping his spawn point be prepared to sit there for hours on end. If you are frequently in Stormwind you will probably run into Timmy every now and then. If you are an ally then you can usually find the kitten on the Alliance AH fairly cheap. It would probably be more worth your time to just check the AH and buy him there or wait until you happen to see Timmy wandering around.

Comment by Appie

WTB this at xavius EU (I'm horde) pay good contact me.

Comment by Aerowix

Lil Timmy's route in Stormwind might help

Above link has expired, please view the npc page for Lil Timmy's route.

Comment by Lyth

I found it in the Neutral AH for 5 gold. Selling this pets in the Neutral AH could be an easy way to make golds since their price at vendors is 40 silvers. Unluckily they are cute but useless and not so many people would spend 5g for them.

Comment by Nahri

Ive sold about 10 of these to horde through the neutral ah and some even to alliance for 5g.

1. Someone is always lazy enough to pay it
2. They are cute.
3. Lots of pet collectors in the game buying them up

Comment by rover

this is a pretie cool pet. what makes it even cooler is that it scalled a kitten right. well its acually smaller than the real average pet cat. like it should be. its about half the size smaller. its really cool. now im a pet collector and im not buying this 1 up. but then again i also only collect 1 form each kind not every pet ion the game. i think its cheaper and funner to do it the way im doing it. its really fun to collect pets i think you guys should too.

Comment by Perrinoia

the first time i had heard of this cat was through my girlfriend, who saw one on the nah for 12g, bought it, because she knew it was rare, then gave it to me as a gift. i had told her i had been wanting a dark whelpling, so she gave me the ok to put it in the org ah for a ridiculous price of 70g, by the next day it was sold, and i got my dark whelpling. she then went on to sell one for 40g, and another for 30g. as long as they stay rare they can sell for a bundle, if not, they soon lose their value

Comment by MikeL

Nothing like a huge Tauren having a cute little kitty as a pet ;).

Comment by shermbomb

how do you buy stuff from alliance.

Comment by helseth

I have two of these kittens so i decided to go to Booty Bay and sell one for 150 gold buyout and the other one for 25 gold buyout so they would think the cat is expensive do u think it will sell fast?

Comment by sinjin

If I have the cat out and I stealth does the kitten give my position away to the opposite faction?

Comment by Kooplah

Pretty much. They will see the cat running along as you move.

Comment by stockdama

He spawned once at 3:30, then i camped, and he didnt respawn again until 6:30. So yeah, im glad i have tv near my computer =D

Comment by djet13

I find that this pet is apparently slower than you are. Many times after a long run I notice it has despawned. Also it doesn't seem to increase speed when I use sprint as a rogue. Havn't tested with a mount yet though.

Comment by jessmh

I've only seen these listed at auction for 30g+, nowhere near their listed auction price.

Comment by meatshield98

Just sold one on horde side for 50g and waiting for the second to sell. Worth the time and effort to find and sell this pet.

Comment by Larch

They seem to have a smaller size than the other cats. (as she is a kitten)

Comment by bkevol

man on my server these went from 7-10g to 90-120g is there something i dont know about them? like will it be for an acheivement or something?

Comment by Loim

Just got this pet tonight for my girlfriend.
had to camp the spawn location for this guy and he finally appeared around 7:30 PM Server Time (Archimonde) which was around 5:30 my time (Pacific Time). Also, I do believe that the three hour spawn time is correct and hopefully with the information I have provided people might be able to deduce when "Lil' Timmy" will spawn.

Comment by Againigan

Wasn't looking for Timmy but I ran into him and picked up the kitten. Sold it on the neutral AH in about 3 hours for 500G.

EDIT: Next one I get is going up for 1000G.

Comment by Warrgath

I just found him in SW and i bought the kitten. I have submited an ingame screenshot of the locaction i found him :)

Hordes on the server Trollbane (EU) that wants this, should look at AH in booty bay. I will put it up there.

Comment by porkul

Is it possible that he spawns without anything to sale? I was right near him when he did and immediately clicked him and the window was empty. Any thoughts?

Comment by Flora301

Spawned at 12.26pm on the pre 3.02 spawnpoint with one kitten for sale. Path is still the same.

Comment by trialwowmax

okey iv found him twise now and haha ill sold that kitten for 176g also twise,i found him once at 23:58
and at 11:23 at cords 46.6, 57,6. iv checkd thottbot and there thay say. 5g sounds nice xD

Edit: this was on Shattred halls (EU) it will be on blackwater ah if u r intrested in buying

Comment by Meeneemee

"You cannot auction an item with used charges"

I tried to put one on the AH from an alliance character. Hmm.

Comment by Sothe

hmm I just got one on my horde from someone. Dont know how he got it tho.

Maybe its a good thing i got it when i did eh?

Comment by revansith666

People on the Alliance in Earthen Ring are selling them between 800g to 5000g. This may change at a moment's notice, So I'm selling one for 2000 hopefully.

Comment by Zharunt

Has anyone figured out the exact spawn timer for this yet? It seems really screwy to me. It's spawned a couple times 3 hours apart, but then it spawned again after about two hours, so I can't figure out the timer. Anyone know?

Comment by chobee

i tried the 3 hr thing but it can repop in as little as 1 hour. me and this guy on stormreaver check back about once an hour and hang out for a little while. find him more often than not. and remember to wait for him back on the cathedral side of the entrance to the harbor. theres like some stairs into the water of the canal you wanna wait by. don't wait by trade district!

Comment by JediWolfSister

Does he ever spawn while the children fishing on the dock by his spawnpoint are there? I've noticed that he doesn't seem to spawn while they're around, but I don't know if that's pure coincidence, or what.

Comment by ForcedPerfect

Like (all?) cat small pets, you can see its breath in Winterspring (and possibly other cold zones).

Edit: Why was this down rated? Is it incorrect in some way? haha

Comment by Hashashin

Sold this for a 599g buyout at the neutral AH. Since the 50 pet achievement is life, you can charge nearly anything. Prices will drop after WotLK release I guess, since it will be easier to reach the 50 pets required for the achievement.

Comment by Maija

Anyone else camping him and him not spawning at all?

I was in the correct spot at 1:40 server, and it is now 6:18 server, and nothing.

Lil Timmy says: Don't worry, I'll find a good home for ya.

But he didn't spawn, and i even spammed my /tar lil macro all around the area.

Comment by robgreg7

Well, with the pet achievement there is now, I'm ashamed to say how much I've gouged the horde for on this kitten. But, this is kind of the foil to the horde's Black Tabby which they are obviously not ashamed to pimp for ridiculous prices (975g on the nuetral AH).

That's the correct path in Areowix's post. I thought he spawned about every 3 1/2 to 4 hrs, but reading some other posts, I'm going to keep a closer eye on him. He is a MAJOR cash cow right now. His spawn point is about 46,56 close to the entrance of the harbor.

Comment by clifford

Oh my gosh! Girlfriend said she wanted this thing. was ready to shell out 150 gold. spent 10 minutes looking for him and caught him right away. beginners luck. sure made her smile when I sent it to her!

Comment by Celoth

Lil Timmy's spawn timer is completely random, there is no pattern to it at all.

Comment by DenielLountree

That was just luck when I met him. And if you are, there's also a chance that someone who is quicker than you can buy a kitten.

Comment by moros

Umm. not sure how to make anyone belive me now, but i got it as a drop from a Dalaran Spellscribe while i was farming for those black tabby carriers

Got no evidence tho :(

Comment by DuroLock

for hordie pet collectors; dont only check your own AH. On twisting nether the prices on this kitty are 600-900g, but I peeked on the neutral AH and snagged one for 150. Some alliance just dont know its value.

Comment by Theodicus Comment by blahsta

omg. everyone here says like '5g' '10g'

cheepest ive seen on my server is like. 200g

Comment by whydidichoseally

i got 4 of these so far
1 i kept for my self
1 i sold on the neutral ah for 1000g
2 i sold on thr ally ah for 250g each

Comment by frogsage

confirmed with the path AEROWIX i was lucky to bump into timmy, but unfortunately had only 10 silver and it costs 57 silver :( hope this helps.

Comment by cjonesct

Here is a macro I made so you can sit and fish by his spawn point and keep trying to target him everytime you cast:

#showtoolip fishing
/tar lil
/cast fishing

At least this way you can level up your fishing skill while waiting for him to spawn. Good luck!

Comment by wintergraspa

some ppl are happy to get this little gold
100-200g sell in AH ,but you need days to sell it
.this is little gold. you waste 2 much time
I know some one get fast gold because of mining
3 hours 3k gold. in wintergrasp.especially ,near wolk release he got 10k gold just a day.
and some engineers gather air water mote in
nagrand ,he can get large gold.(before wolk in TBC outland)
so ,why people can buy this small pet at 100gold
because they are rich. and you are poor to waste time in small things.
you do more these things and become more poor.
you are like waiter who sell a cup of drink to an engineer
,and get "good "money.
but your customer can buy your things.
because he don't waste time .he knows how to get
better money.

Comment by euphoriagrowing

some ppl are happy to get this little gold
100-200g sell in AH ,but you need days to sell it
.this is little gold. you waste 2 much time
I know some one get fast gold because of mining
3 hours 3k gold. in wintergrasp.especially ,near wolk release he got 10k gold just a day.
and some engineers gather air water mote in
nagrand ,he can get large gold.(before wolk in TBC outland)
so ,why people can buy this small pet at 100gold
because they are rich. and you are poor to waste time in small things.
you do more these things and become more poor.
you are like waiter who sell a cup of drink to an engineer
,and get "good "money.
but your customer can buy your things.
because he don't waste time .he knows how to get
better money.

he knows hot to get better money. says the farmer
moooo says the cow

Comment by Rubba

A cat is fine too.

Comment by zaralysse

so what is a good price for the horde auction house?

i'm horde and want one!

Comment by jizzles Comment by suishu

I camped this three times this afternoon. The boy spawns next to the little dock between Cathedral Square and The Park, the one where the little npc boys go fishing. He Spawns exactly three hours after he DESPAWNS . If you see him despawn set a timer! Once he spawns it takes him 30 mins to follow his path. If you happen to see him right when he spawns and someone else takes the kitten, you have to wait 3 hours and 30 mins before he respawns. it's a very set timer. 3.5 hours after he spawns, and 3 hours after he despawns.

Comment by wintergraspa

Good money for an old people to wait there and store 100 white kitten
I know a guy named w*master in draenor server,EU server
he camp timmy everyday 24hours ,and he said he doesn't sleep ,he want to control the white kitten's market
but he doesn't know ,he gets 500-600 gold each day(average),if he can use his time ,he can get 4-5 k gold each day
so why i call him "noob". I sell all kinds of things ,and get much than him.he wait there all days long
no one can get white kitten from him. i told him to do other things to get more gold ,he said
no,because ,i am suck.
PS ,he has 3 char* to camp there, death* warlock*
I think G M can ban his account. he wait there ,more than 1 moth. others no chance
pingball ,a player know him,said ,he can do whatever he can
i dont think so, if i can do whatever i want. there will agaist blizzard game essence
that is why G M ban farmers' account. not only because trade online for realmoney.
i check his achievement ,60k gold in his main char* .

Comment by Shadarr

Just tested over the last few days and the times seem to have changed.

It was 2.5 hours from his despawn. which I caught, and upon his next spawn I bought the carrier right away and it took 15mins for him to take his route and return. Earlier, it was almost 2 hours exactly from his spawn, so perhaps it's 2 hours now.

Testing today, he spawned about 10AM and took 15mins again to return from his route (bought the carrier right at the beginning).
Then, he spawned about 12:15PM with a 15min route despawning at 12:28PM, so it appears he's on a 2hr timer now, with a 15min route (possibly not 30mins if the cat is bought?)
Then, he spawned about 2:30PM (didn't catch his return/despawn time).
Then he spawned more than 2 hours later, but less than 3 hours. perhaps his route time is affected by people talking to him/checking/selling/stopping him, and that extends the 2 hour/15 min spawn time/route.

This effectively makes it more 'random' but there is a base time of what appears to be 2hrs/15mins as of the date of this post.

Comment by loko45

Prices can vary from just a few gold to hundreds. It's usually on the higher end, so he's a worthwhile farm.

Comment by Uinri

I got him once when I was only lvl 20 and got over 100g for the cat. didn't have to worry about gold for a while (I know it can go for more in neutral AHs but I was lvl 20. )

Comment by Beastana

You can buy it from a vendor in SW City, so the only way to get it if you're Horde is cross your fingers and go to a Neutral Auction House. I was very lucky to find one for only 10g in Booty Bay as a Horde Hunter :)

Comment by Gnoktish

Crap, now days when i search the AH its 5000g for it and when i do find that kid he doesn't have anything. my lvl 55 warlock is the only one with this cat and my DK needs that cat so i can finally complete the cat section of the vanity pet collection!

Comment by kjmc

One thing that realy suprises me is that it goes for more on the alli AH than on the hord AH. i would think it would go for almost duble on hord seeing as u can only get it from Lil'Timmy and he is only in SW.

To be a hord and find it in the cross fraction AH for only 10 or 15g, u must have been very luck i guess.

Comment by Widgetgidget

There seems to be some confusion over Lil Timmy spawn area

I got the little white kitten some time ago, however I wanted one for my hunter.
So today I hung out till Lil Timmy spawned. there is one slight alteration to Lil Timmy route from when I first got the kitten.

Spawn point is 47.1 56.7
this is right by the dock on Cathedral district side, by the pier which often has three boys fishing from.

the spawn time I got was at 2:02 p.m v.r.t
It seems his spawn time varies from between an hour up to, two hours

His new route is now
walks from his spawn point, past the bridge on the right. Turning left and following the path along the canal to the bridge, that is just left of the Canel Taylor and fit shop. Turning left to walk past the stocks up and round to cross at the bridge between the old town and and trade district. Turning left to follow the path leading up to SW Castle, crossing at the bridge between the Trade District and the Dwarfain district. Turn's left once more to follow the path down to the bridge between the Dwarfain district and Cathedral square
walking through Cathedral square turning right, back to his spawn point.

Comment by Aquamare

I'm still trying to figure out the exact. if there is one. spawn timer of Lil Timmy in SW on Dragonblight server. A couple weeks ago I managed to get four kittens in one day, but neglected to jot down the times of spawn/despawn. I know that I logged in every two-three hours, give or take 15 min and sometimes sat for more than an hour at a time fishing. The three hour timer is a rumor. maybe in the past it was truth, but no more. He does spawn with server resets and one time I was lucky to find him almost exactly three hrs after server reset, but after that I didn't see him for another five hours. Then I found him again just under two hours later. The route he travels is around the inside of the Canal district, to include wandering across the middle of the Cathedral area towards the end. Any locations outside the Canals I would consider false.
Alliance side the kitten normally sells around 80-150g, horde side I've gotten 375-500g for it. Quite worth the wait if you've got nothing better to do and want to lvl up your fishing skill!

Comment by calmlunatic

After killing Ony with my guild I was running from the Keep to the Front to watch a guildie turn in the head when I passed by Timmy by pure luck. I turned on a dime and caught back up to him and got the kitty :D

Comment by kirdah

I first found him at around 10:55. then followed him til he despawned (at 11:02 ), and at exactly 13:24. he respawned again, so that makes the spawntime 2 hours and 20-30 mins (he once took a bit longer time to spawn)

Comment by Spinkert

I saw Little Timmy about to cross the bridge from the Cathedral district shortly after 12:15 and bought the kitten. He despawned less than one minute later. I then camped his spawn point. He spawned at 2:57 and I immediately bought the kitten again. He despawned at 3:06.

Edited to add that I've seen him twice this morning. First time he was despawning at 6:08 sever time. He then spawned at 7:17am. I bought the kitten again and followed his route. With one person stopping him it takes him 11 minutes to complete the route. He despawned at 7.26.

Comment by Molika

I was in Stormwind, i saw Lil' Tommy, but he had no White Kittens, so i guess he sold out. and where exactly does he hang out?

Comment by Allykins

I also tested your theory today. It seems that he spawns between 1.5 and 3 hours after despawning. So there is no set time for this little m-f!

Anyways, many thanks, I have now a few kittens to sell.

Comment by Viscount93

Today I decided just to check the respawn place of Timmy and I met him on the bridge to the trade district

Comment by shocer764

Ive bought like 10 white kittens from him, also notice that the kitten is smaller than most (if not all) cats in the game.

Comment by RogueDante

Not too sure how helpful this will be but Ive had this kitten for awhile.

I was on my bank toon running around SW when i noticed a white kitten NPC walking lil timmys pat.

I decided to follow it to see what was up and about 2 laps around the pat lil timmy spawned right in front of me.

So seems the white kitten is walking the pat b4 timmy spawns so /tar white also to see if you get b4 anyone as hes there b4 timmy.

Comment by MissWitchy1313

D I got him! After DAYS of waiting in SW for him. I gave up D: Then my friend just happened to be walking by and saw him :D She kept the kitten. D: Then she saw him AGAIN and. I GOT IT! WOOT! FINALLY!

Comment by Nazara

Anyone know the average selling price for this cat on a neutral AH?

Comment by vaad

I managed to sell this on the neutral Auction House for 50 MSK

Comment by Xiira

I found him last night about 11.30 PM Mountain time on the Dwarven side of the bridge right on the water. east side of Cathedral Square. I found him again this morning, roughly 8.30 AM in exactly the same spot, so it it just about every three hours.

Comment by gnorkthedark

my irl friend bought this from the little boy today without knowing it was rare and learned it, hes not even interested in owning it and he needs money..

my advice; always check up wowhead before learn/equip something ;p

gl camping guys

Comment by Bladesofwar Comment by sgtparent

I just bought it on the Neutral AH in Booty Bay for 105 g. Along with all the other vendor cats from Elwynn Forest for a total of 120g.

Comment by steve000

Patch 3.2
Server Frostmourne

I got this kitten at 7:29 then again at 9:59 and again at 12:45 so lil timmy for me is on a 2:30hr to 2:45hr timer
If you camp it up between 2:15hrs and 3hrs from last catch you should get it i think.

If you have little to do, run the game in windowed mode in a small size and have a web browser open below it so you can browse wowhead net while stalking lil timmy :P Or dual screens if u wanna.

Hope this helps

Comment by Gwenelly

Server restarts does reset the item, so if there's a server restart, rush to Stormwind as fast as you can, you'll find Lil Timmy there with a limited White Kitten waiting for someone to take it after the restart (Or even before the restart if you're lucky, which will grant you 2 kittens if you'll make it to him fast after the restart).

So, if you're planning an all nighter on WoW for your own personal reasons (Be it raiding, grinding, questing, etc), make sure check up on Lil Timmy after server restarts, you'd have less competition over it.

Comment by ark252

This is very easy to get if you are an ally on my lvl 46 pally i've bought this 3 times from lil' timmy for 51s and i don't even camp i just found him while walking towards pally training each time i've sold for 250g at booty bay AH

Comment by arissa

If you are camping this on your Alliance alt while your main is a Hordie, make sure that your alt has the required silver to purchase the kitten.

I camped him for about an hour, he spawned, I rushed to finally buy my kitten. and I realized that I only have a grand amount of 4 copper. I wasn't happy.

Comment by Supanova

Just bagged myself 2 of these within roughly an hour and 15 mins apart. Can verify spawn/despawn point is outside the Cathedral Dist. in the canals of SW before heading out to the harbor. If facing the harbor from within the canal he will spawn on the right side, about 5-10 or so yards from the guard and mail box right near the little dock on your left where every so often you will see 3 young boy npcs fishing. Patch 3.3.2, Borean Tundra 3/7/2010

Comment by Matac

A lot easy to get for horde now that you can create characters on both factions on one server. This will require a willing guildmate or friend to help out.

Step 1.
Create an alliance human character.
Step 2.
Hold back vomit after realising what a weak fleshy human you are now.
Step 3.
Grind out the 30s cost.
Step 4.
Camp out timmy's spawning point like some dirty old man. Preferably late at night maybe 2 in the morning when its quiet. But should there be some die hard players out there in the trade then i recommend wirting out the lyrics to annoying 80's/90's pop songs in to macros so that you can spam the trade channel with the musical genius of Rick Astley or McHammer or maybe WHAM. Its your choice just cause some havoc whilst your there.
Step 5.
When timmy appears buy the cat carrier.
Step 6.
Get to booty bay. Dying as many times as possible to try and remove the human alliance stain from your soul.
Step 7.
The problem is blizzard are partially smart and don't allow you to purchase auctions that you made as an alliance character with horde characters on the same account. Enter your beautiful assistant. I recommend a nice female blood elf with green eyes, but i know some people have used a male troll. but what ever, they say beauty is on the inside.
At a pre arranged time put the cat carrier on the AH for 1C. At the same time your guild friend must search the AH for the cat carrier and buy it quickly before someone else does.
Step 8.
Jump alliance character in to the bay and swim until you hit deep water. Swim down as far as possible until Fatigue kills you and davy jones' locker takes your body.
Step 9.
Log out and delete the character, furiously stabbing each key to spell delete to confirm that you want nothing more from the alliance character and that you only used it for your own pleasure and needs. Some people recommend using the Blizzard repair tool and doing a complete reset and wipe, just incase any add-ons have logged this character and have stored information. Come on guys someone might check one day and you don't want the stain that you once rolled alliance coming out one day.
Step 10.
Meet guildmate and recieve you pet carrier. Then get your guildmate to swear on his life and his epics that he will never breathe a word about the day you rolled human.

Sit back and enjoy you new white kitten for nothing more that 30s and a couple hours waiting in stormwind. maybe tracing routes, noticing guard patterns, maybe looking at the route from the tram to the throne room and back down to the habour in the quickest time. Just so you know for the next time you and your friends decide to go and kill that over rated block-headed idiot those humans call their 'King'.

I hope you enjoyed this fairly easy method of getting you vanity pet that some people want to sell for 500g a pop. just remember when you look in the mirror from now on you'll know the rot that lives in you soul. the rot of an alliance character.

Comment by Sunstraid

I just got him! I was very lucky to see him just as he spawned :D

Comment by Vont

Managed to land 4 of these in 2 days with about an hour total down time. The last 2 were sheer luck as I was headed to the harbor and happened to catch him. Got me kitty, sent one to my ex as a peace offering of sorts hoping to get some sort of reply. Sadly she's still an ex :'(. But annnnyway, AH prices are really low on Kael'thas with the cheapest listed at 30G last I checked. So unless you get lucky or dont mind sitting and waiting/fishing, Id just cough up the gold and enjoy. If your gonna fish its best to stand on the left corner at the very end of the canal with your back facing the harbor. Timmy spawns a few steps from that point so as long as you dont fall into the canal out of excitement when he arrives youll have no problem catching him..

Comment by Tenjen

not to mention the manga where the lolicon girl turns into a cat to escape the assertively perverted main charector, to which his response is the OP of this text line.

"a cat is fine too"

Comment by Tenjen

the path ahead if dangerous. Take this with you.

Comment by WowORC

the best way for horde to get this is create a alliance toon and put it on the neutral ah

Comment by Chungking

Some have speculated this kitty is removed in Cata? I havent had time to check if its removed as of 4.0.1.

Anyone have any info on this possible gold venture. )

One can still buy this pet off the kid, 4.0.1.
On the subject of the kitten removed in Cata, a friend of mine has looked for the kid that sells it, but not found him on the Ptr/beta. Hmmm.

Comment by luxsus

will this pet be avalible in Catalysm since SW is "destroyed"?

Comment by Oranged

Lil Timmy is alive and well and still patrols through Stormwind on beta. )

Comment by Polyester

is anyone able to confirm whether lil timmy still spawns after 4.0.3a?

edit: just updating to confirm that he still spawns and sells the kitten

Comment by Mother

Yes I can confirm Timmy still spawns in the same place, roughly 33 steps from "the finest thread" heading towards the harbor.

Comment by Garbow

Aww, I finally found him and he's bugged for me.

He won't sell me the kitten.

Comment by thandgur

He only gives out one kitten per spawn, but keeps walking after he has sold it. If the kitten was grayed out when you tried to buy it, it was because someone else had already bought the kitten in this go around.

Comment by Viresse

Spawned at 4:15 server time on Doomhammer. I got lucky, just ran into him as I was coming into Stormwind from the Darnassus boat. )

Comment by goldmeister

Contrary to comments I have read, this IS still available after the shattering. I have gotten 4 in the last couple of days. The spawn spot is the same (by the lamp post just before you get to the harbor), but the timing may have changed. I found him at 10:25 am (got kitty), 2:09 pm (got kitty), and 4:52 pm (he was returning from his route minus kitty). All times are Pacific standard on the same day. After getting him at 10:25 I logged back in at 1:09, logging in early to be on the safe side. Instead of the 3 hour spawn I was expecting it ended up being almost 4. The 3rd time, at 4:52 was purely accidental that I saw him at all, as he must have spawned at around 2.5 hours. Since his spawning window seems to vary quite a bit be prepared to wait.

Comment by ElliotHunts

4:34 am server time I bought a kitten off lil timmy.

Comment by Rubba Comment by rwhemme

LOL - that was an outstanding post! Must've have been an Orc that wrote that, but an outstanding post none the less! Had me laughing for sure! What server did you say you were on? ;)

Comment by BoomBoomSn1p3r

Anyone have any advice of a sell price on the neutral AH? I'm thinking around 500g or so seeing as the Black Tabby cat carrier sells for around 1k in my realm. I managed to snag it for only 27s because the person forgot to put the bid price higher and it so happened that the time left was very short.

Comment by Lostelf

what should i put this on the horde AH i need about 3500g but not sure if worth that much EDIT:never mind on my realm they sell for only 300g so i decided to keep

Comment by bladedrummer

Got the cat today. I was playing late night ( somewhere around 3:00 a.m. ) and waiting for a dungeon so I decided to run laps around lil Timmy's route just in case I caught him when: lo and behold! There he was, walking around nonchalantly and I got my white kitten. I didn't even get to complete one lap. I did notice a few people trying to pull the same stunt though, so if it's being camped at 3 in the morning good luck to all of us cat lovers. Just thought I'd share this and confirm he still is around.

Comment by Eielais

On my server I can't seem to get nearly as much as some of the earlier posts mention. Even listing at 450g in Booty Bay I don't get a bid, so I suggest you check the going price for these on your server before you wait the 3 hours or so to farm it.

It's still adorable though and I enjoy having one. I ended up giving one away to one of my guild mates who just started collecting pets.

Comment by nyuublaz

I sold White Kitten for 700 Gold in Booty Bay. ) Worth camping for 3 hours. Lil Timmy spawns totally random, mostly at full hour or 30 minutes past half hour. He even spawns at night. Reason why to sell it at Booty Bay is because it's the only way for Horde to get this pet. Therefor you can sell it for more.

EDIT: Lil Timmy now spawns not on exactly full hour/half hour, but the wait till next spawn still is 30 minutes times N which is random.

Comment by jynnet

I have found him near the bridge between old town and trade distinct today so he still spawns in 4.06

Comment by Katriophelia

I caught him yesterday between Old Town and the Dwarven District on the Old Town Side of the bridge. He was there at about 6:00 AM PDT. Don't know the exact coords, I've seen him on that route twice, but the last time someone had already bought the kitten.

Comment by Moonmistres

Lol im for the aliiance but love this post; dont rly like hummans much but put up with them. WoW rocks !

Comment by Moonmistres

yes he still spawns got mine 2 days agao

Comment by GzusCriest

For Horde players that have not yet rolled a DK.

To get the silver to buy the kitten much faster than grinding it with a new Ally char just roll an Ally Death Knight.

1, Create an Alliance DK and a Human char of any class you see fit for this special operation of obtaining the white kitten for you or, finish the entire DK starting zone in 90 mins or so and then get the kitten.
2, Accept all necessary quests on your DK until you get to fly to ground level.
3, Go South-West down the hill to 87,59 there in front of a little house you will find a mailbox.
4, Send the 2 or 3 gold you should have by now to your Human Ally accomplice.
5, Log out.
6, Log in on your Human and run to Stormwind
7, Wait for Timmy to respawn.
8, Buy Cat Carrier (White Kitten)
9, Do a happy dance
10, Get Cat Carrier (White Kitten) to your Horde char in any way you can

By the way, you can also use the DK method to get started with some gold on a new server, finish the zone with as little training as possible to save gold and don't forget to sell all your trash and the 2 trinkets that are not worth only 1 copper thén send all your gold plus useful loot to your newly rolled char, delete the DK if you want/need more gold, rinse and repeat or farm it on your DK without deleting him/her.
You can run the zone in just under an hour if you know the "who/what/where" of it

edited for clarity (mostly for Orcs)

Comment by lilracedevil

I just happened to read all the comment above about the kitten and decided to try it out. It just happened as soon as i logged in and got in the spot right outside the Cathedral by the canals by the 3 boys fishing on the way to the harbor Lil Tommy was there and I got the white kitten. YAY! It was on Lightenings Blade at 3:45pm.

Comment by Zuru

Little Timmy spawned and dissapeared quite quickly for me, he only has one kitten to offer you and a quick reminder if your in stormwind is to keep checking the chatbox ; Timmy shouts about selling his white kitten so this might help if you dont feel like camping it out for him. I found him on the cathedral city stretch but there is a whole host of locations he can be found, a great vanity pet and a good earner if you know how to do cross-faction trade can be sold for serval hundred gold :P, have fun

Comment by LadySilverwolf

As of Patch 4.2.2, if Lil Timmy sells his little kitten, the little white kitten that follows him, will sometimes disappear, or remain standing/lying down at the location where the purchaser bought the kitten.

Editted for more precise information.

Comment by Demolizer

Lil Timmy spawns on server restart, I was running to the spawn location on my ally alt, and noticed the server was about to restart, 5 min left, and no sign of Timmy, so I logged out and start to spam loggin to be sure I was the first to get him.
After i logged in, sure enough Timmy was there and i got the white kitten and saved 700gold from AH price.

Comment by inhighspeed

it would have been easier to write: i'm a fat guy who lives in my parents' basement and i have a small penis.

Comment by Lottielot

Just a quick tip: I've sat at the dock entrance waiting for timmy twice. Both times he spawned at 4am server time. First time it was dead on, the second time it was about 4.10am. If you are online early into the morning I'd definately recommend a cheeky look around that time.

Comment by DKkickbutt

one of the best pets ever. i have gotten dozens of carriers from timmy. i have made lots of money sellin them.

Comment by Ehumm05

I actually found him in SW at the AH and was able to buy the kitten at 225 gold.

Comment by Fruhauf

Just a fun fact: your White Kitten is a female.
(source: Lil' Timmy says: "I can't believe dad won't let me keep your sister." to his cat)

Comment by nakedmonk

u cant open allys char in soviet rusia times

Comment by NinjaLooterLoveU

Another fun fact: Maybe rouges shouldn't buy this pet, its footsteps are noisier then yours.
The Sound Editor's Assistant called in sick that day?

Comment by NinjaLooterLoveU

/target Lil sometimes targets Lil' XT now. put a space after the 'l'. (also because of Lil' Aexstrasza; Lil' Deathwing; Lil' Phylactery; Lil' Ragnaros; Lil' smoky (from rare Gnomeregan drop); Lil' Tarecgosa; And, Lil' XT) That crazy Mr. Metzin and his 's.

Comment by cephadex

hahaha, buddy you rock. That's what I would have said if I didn't know about how you rolled alliance once. Son, I am so disappoint.

Comment by cephadex

I got this pet as a reward today, inside “satchel of exotic mysteries” for doing a random cata heroic.

Comment by WeeRyza

I was waiting and I had been there around half an hour when someone comes up and asks me if I was waiting I said yes, then he asks do you want one, I said for free. he says 1G, I take put it in AH make about 150G profit. )

Comment by anisadora

In the current MOP BETA, the pet journal has flavor text for most of the pets. The White Kitten's is epic. It reads: "The queen had three kittens. The first gave her a jucy rat. The second, a tasty hare. And the white, her favorite, presented the head of her rival."

This can be taken one of two ways: A queen is the veterinary term for a mother cat. Or, we have an epic ninja kitten here, that mightve been owned by a royal.

Also, for those of you who dont know this yet, pets will become account wide in MOP. So just roll an alliance, get the pet. and bingo. No using the AH at all. And those of you who HAVE them now. might wanna put them up on the AH while you can, before everyone realizes they can roll an alliance of their own. hehe.

Comment by Dalard

Quick little story

I was just doing some transmog in Stormwind when all of a sudden I see a comment from Lil' Timmy. I quickly run around his spawn location and find him, as luck would have it he still had his one little kitten. I quickly buy him before anyone else could. I told my guild mates I found Lil' Timmy and got the kitten. One of them (Note: Not a big money maker) says So what, is he an NPC or something? We all explain to her that he is the easiest money maker ever. To which she replied, "So he IS an NPC?" To this day we still make fun of her for it.

Comment by mattystep

In the first main human quest in WC3 there was also an optional quest at the bottom of the human encampment to save a woman's son from a few gnolls. Low and behold, her sons name was "Little Timmy" and was short and blonde. like every other male child in the game.

Comment by BTKBrian

Obtained this today on my Horde character via Satchel of Exotic Mysteries through the Dungeon Call-to-Arms as a tank.

Comment by MattP

If you wish to learn this and other Alliance only pets, with the changes to wow with patch 5.0 Simply create an Alliance character, run into Stormwind beg a few gold coins from some lonely Alliance Character Comments like "Hi you have nice eyes, can i borrow ten gold, pretending to be a lost noob who wants to level fishing or waiting for someone to pay you to sign their guild charter is also an easy way.

Once you find the spawn (Its next to the Jetty/Pier which has three kids and an adult fishing). Create a macro "/tar lil"
and just sit there abusing alliance while spamming the macro. Once Lil' Timmy spawns buy the kitten and learn the pet.

Log off your alliance character and back onto your Horde main and bang there's your white kitten.

Tested it this morning and it works. (Thanks Peace)

Comment by Corq

Is it just me, or did this thing get bigger in size after 5.0.4?

Comment by Fiammata

And I dub thee. "Purr O Matic"

Alas, Bliznet does not approve of "Purrrrr"

Cat Carrier (White Kitten)