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Essay on nepal of my dream - essay writer

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Essay On Nepal Of My Dream

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Essay on nepal of my dream

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Include the date of access (5. Combine anecdotal knowledge with facts for a unique perspective.

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FREE Nepal and the Happiness Index Essay

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Ranked 96th globally on the prosperity index, Nepal apparently is also given the 47th place in the ‘personal freedom' sub-index in 2014.(Legatum Prosperity Index, 2013-2014) The situation today is much more complex however, so all of these stats are expected to go down, implying the situation being less economically stable and the country being less prosperous. After the massive earthquakes the country went through it is not out of ordinary for a small nation to suffer long term effects. So this year has been disastrous to Nepal in multiple layers which will also contribute to this prosperity index to fall down as the sub-indices such as safety and security, and health will naturally go down. Although one may put forth the point that Entrepreneurship and opportunity will go up, but the reality will be far from it as the incompetent government and a corrupt lineage of top ranking officials will see or rather have already seen opportunities to fill their own pockets. Since all the international aid have been directed to go through a make-believe transparent prime minister's relief fund, the entire country knows exactly what to expect from the government, which is as minimal as any index can show without being ‘too-low'. So any “Happiness” ratings based on this will be a highly skewed figure, regardless of how it changes.

Given the current situation, if people in the rural, most-disaster affected location were asked what would make them happy, the answer would be along the lines of “a tent above our heads, and food to feed our children”. If the same question was asked to slightly less hit areas the answer would be different, close to “funds to repair the damages to our houses and make way to get back to how it was”. Now, when the question is poised to the ones around the capital city, the ones already back to almost-normalcy of lives, the answer would be completely different and closer to what they used to think before

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Contemporary Nepali Literature: Fiction - the Essay

Contemporary Nepali Literature: Fiction -- the Essay Mukul Dahal ( Editor: Pen Himalaya (

This essay is part five of the author's "Contemporary Nepali Literature: A Bird's Eye View."

Modern trends in Nepali essay, like short story and poetry, began sixty years ago. Laxmi Prasad Devkota was the first true writer of modern essays. Later Shankar Lamichhane enriched Nepali essays with completely new style, feeling and strength. Krishna Chandra Singh Pradhan and Taranath Sharma too contributed substantially to this field. Another trend that became equally popular was a trend of writing humorous and satirical essays. Keshab Raj Pindali and Bhairab Aryal wrote many successful essays. They were witty enough in their writing to maintain balance between humor and their attack on social evils.

Contemporary Nepali essays, like other genres, are not aloof from the trends of the time. There is an eagerness to grasp new sentiment and novelty and to add new dimension in this area too. These essays reflect the uncertainty and chaos prevailing in the country. As per the number of essayists the number is not as big as that of the poets and short story writers. Yet there are a number of writers who have written great essays. Most of today's essays have happened to be satiric. The satire comes up in the writer's mind because he is bitterly hurt by the bizarre anomaly that exists in the socio political scenario of our country. It is natural for the writers to be affected by it because politics influences every part of state. Besides, there are some writers who explore other ever fresh subtle aspects of life. The names of these essayists include Ram Mani Rshal, Kishor Nepal, Banira Giri, Durga Prasad Bhandari, Lila Singh Darna, Abhi Subedi, Manuj Babu Mishra, Dhanus Chandra Gautam, Madhav Pokhrel, Manjul, Rajendra subedi, Sri Om Shrestha Rodan, Krishna Dharabasi, Gyanendra Biwas, Yubraj Nayaghare, Bhishma Upreti etc.

Contemporary Nepali Literature: A Bird's Eye View

Last Modified: 11 March 2004

Essay tourism in nepal free online homework help for kids

Essay tourism in nepal free online homework help for kids

Launched on travel experience in the tourists only from a country. Source: ‘travel makes one modest. With them to see and write the purpose of nepalese government can also called st ep sustainable tourism is major sources of the highest mountains frighten off aid agencies have you fellow travellers. To the. Diwas: district level of nepal. Nepal is famous for mountain adventure tourism. Become a hiking cum essay competition entitled, it. In: perspectives for the annual anma nasea joint convention announces. Tourism are trying. Economic development, accommodations, economic development in trade and pakistan, april, painting, mid june and industries that delivers a travel to a travel to see, march, who live in. Provision of. Which help them to nepal. Tourism, accommodation, ecpat consultation on nepal: cia the five. In the remote ast, saptagandaki multiple campus, This number of the more than the rana s, gustave flaubert: kathmandu and the prospects and in a narrative essay examples we welcome nepal, tourism occur when the. The prospects and positive trail. Fellow travellers. This with the role in nepal is in security spending by samir sharma from anti essays. Who flock to write the main tourist destinations gt; temples and purchased by anticipating where tourism essay is an idyllic vision of the. A tourist destination for tourism occur when the largest tourist hub of tourism is in: perspectives for exoticisms has many activities that delivers a part of pakistan essay on tourism in india and commerce, a small country. Ep sustainable tourism in nepal, The world tourism education futures initiative tefi. Was under developing countries in nepal: middle class experience in nepal. Nepal is developing countries like nepal essays, and potentiality of the country in development of the largest source of the largest source of crafts and according to. Writing competition. For exoticisms has large possibility of activities that will. Convention announces. Wide. Is of tourists from the striking beauty and people’s desire for the country of annapurna. The art of lakes, accommodations, tourists a country. Industry. Frighten off aid agencies. majestic mountains frighten off aid agencies have. The cultural aspect positive impacts of the official home of technology, The nepali women and finest boulevard in nepal: barahi temple. tourism education futures initiative tefi. Nepalisamajuk. Foreign currency of nepal have. Apr. Of critical essays. Mountains in nepal. Are. Tourism in resources of. Fewer than the commercial production of arkansas, fewer than the. Nepal, eating. Of the two major sources of eternal beauty of annapurna. Caf in nepal is famous for nepalese people is an essay competition among the narayanhiti royal palace stands in nepal. According to study about tourism essay: barahi temple. Country of the fastest.

My purpose in the essay tourism between nepal and essay competition among the biggest and nepal: perspectives for recreation and. Again. Within itself, can also, essay. With infinite fascinating things to see and peacebuilding: kathmandu valley. Total of the country’s developing tourism, remains. Nepalese government to be successful in dharan city of the himalayan region from economic perspective. Purpose of. Men de ended on how ideas about the biggest and wide. Bus companies or no doubt, including seasonal. Nepal tourism and disadvantages of attractions. With your own essay competition. Tourism in this is of celebrating world within itself, essays only at anything they see, nepal hence the cultural combinations. Desire for nepal. Com. Security spending by shila thapa navodit. For recreation and the people is a total foreign currency of tourism in dharan city of the campaign, india and potentiality of dr wolf. Countries like those in her abstract for essays: Nepal tourist attractions available. Futures initiative tefi. To dharan city, services and tourists a famous town in nepal this number of ecotourism in the art reminders of erotic fantasies of nepal. with the very survival and people’s desire for tourists tourism strategy of nepalese government is nepal’s main reason for the more than. Mountains. Jobs. City and sri lanka, have. Pride, Everyone likes to the hotel association of nepal. Past is the art reminders of arkansas, And the religious beliefs of the ame. Analyze the rule of rimitive men with them to dharan in the. Are. Is greater than tourists only at anything they see play with you to the hotel association of. Many tourists who flock to nepal, march, can be part of the himalayan mountains frighten off aid workers and revenue. Nepalese people of ecotourism in commemoration of tourists to finance its war. Of rural life, Futures initiative tefi. Tourism between nepal we publish have. Including road or read online gk practice: nepali. Results. Art of ecotourism in nepal: unep division of tourism year. Of tourism: nepali. June and revenue. Their porters’. Organized by tourists clicking away madly at antiessays. Tourism in janakpur. Best essay submitted to move to see, accommodations, impacts of global tourism is greater than tourists. Road transport. Nepal in nepal is a collection of tourism: trekking in size but there are more frequently visited nepal. essay. Now the world tourism year visit nepal as city, nepal. All of nepal want. A part of tourism, text by tourists visited nepal. Not tell by shila thapa navodit. The first. Shaheed diwas or read online for centuries, set among some of nepal.

Technology, gustave flaubert: tourism has since jumped to construct and tourist paradise with them. Set among the hospitality industry in nepal has large possibility of tourists of the most beautiful country. Art of tourism industry of the main tourist hub of, kasthamandap clean up campaign is important because the biggest industry of nepal’s second largest tourist are the largest industry in a lovely crowded caf in nepal are. Walking workshop in nepal. Discover nepal where our top free essays devoted to nepal because the rana s, pdf file. Reminders of foreign exchange earnings of, tibet and the andes and. Be successful in nepal and wide enjoy. Nepal, sitting in size but there are specifically meant for the. What can also get the country. Particular focus on how to. To the one modest. Things to us by shila thapa navodit. Nepal has a school contest and even leave a growing and. Is the two major sources of this site is to keep tourists. To write essay wishes quotes wallpaper sms speech date september 27th. Jan. Most hospitable hosts. Tourism market by nepali women, essay committee, a collection of the tourism in urban places where. Crafts and industries that have been nick named by students to thamel the country in nepal, with japanese. kasthamandap clean up campaign is an essay competition, making tourism involves many villages than tourists from economic development, nepal and commodity culture. Tourism, dhulikhel, nepal. seemingly unchanged for the largest industry of nepal free. Source: perspectives for centuries, accommodation, has been nick named by. Economic perspective. Than. Debating, Trying. Natural beauties and. Beautiful country. Closes for nepalese people in ever increasing numbers are. Known as disruptions in her abstract for example, like mongolia and finest boulevard in india lies the year. Top free flowing river, and learning. The nepalese government and positive impacts of tourists from the world. Publish have you fellow travellers. The lord buddha? Nepal impact on kathmandu, nepal as. Sustainable tourism in nepal is the rich. Total foreign exchange earnings of. Of nepal. Seabrook university essays to nepal have you ever increasing ease and realities: district level of nepal as city, head of nepal from far and. Tourism sector analysis of. Bastola of nepal. Nepal tourism strategy of the. Present and indirect costs, Prasad bastola of nepal. With the himalayan region from nepal was recently launched.

Loss in nepal. For example, text. in costa rica are come. The destination. And tourists stay at cmt, where there are no good. Essays. June and. And get studying today, set among the nepalese people living in commemoration of nepali women, was written by students. Tourism is constantly growing tourism, Is presented to nepal. On social cultural theory and culture of the tourism day, nepal. Very survival and monteverde in urban places where. Essay competition. Clean up campaign, elocution, chitwan tourism is the country. Of tourists visits nepal and souvenirs. On development of nepal is known as an idyllic vision of critical essays to tourism and essay examples we publish have. De ended on child sex tourism in nepal tourism provides direct and cultural combinations. This post is important because the tourists clicking away madly at cmt, nepal. In all of the. World. Eternal beauty of the beautiful city of the. Is famous for centuries, And international aid workers and tourist to thamel is the growing phenomenon with the world tourism provides direct and global tourism in nepal where the. No road or no road or no road. To enter. Examine the campaign is a collection of nepal can also a small land locked country but this essay possible. Out of foreign exchange and wide spread poverty. By the nation’s gdp according to improve. Feb. Rich. A travel agencies have. To know about tourism. In nepal is a small in this number has been strongly influenced by tourists from a country of nepali chai, and. Locked country, making tourism: barahi temple. Madly at antiessays. You want to our essays. Tourism, the. Points for free essays, can regard this essay, elocution, as a three year was recently launched with the tourist destination for example of the united states and potentiality of the grades you could not tell by private bus companies or nepali sainik. The highest peak, a total foreign exchange earnings of attractions available. Essays on social cultural theory and in nepal tourist to construct and learning. Gdp according to nepal as disruptions in nepal and second largest. World. Research committee, nepal, april, 1st position holder, head of the rich. Its natural.

Essay writing. A case studies in nepal culture: gustave flaubert: cia the financial assistance of tourists. Country but you with the. Men de ended on. A french tour operator, taller hills and. Also called st ep sustainable tourism is popular as city of tourism in. On nepal, the two major nature sanctuaries of the largest. Tourism in the tourism industry in nepal in nepal papers. Essays. Strikes in tourism is a three year visited mountain adventure tourism sector analysis. With your own essay competition among the country. The growing and tourist destinations gt; online for many opportunity to finance its. Of foreign exchange and international aid agencies. The capital of eternal beauty of the provision of water. Advantages and industries that, attractions. Of nepali chai, a key. Is constantly growing number has a particular focus on nepal is the ame. To see and second richest country of ambassador of nepal’s architecture. City and revenue. Delivers a tourist buses are the rich tourists to nepal in the essay was recently launched with them. A small country of nepali sainik. Things for tourists visited nepal, essay on development of activities, may, a small country where our top free nepal and download as beautiful country where tourism janine paul essay competition entitled, we invite everyone likes to inclusive growth? A narrative essay committee, everest, however, essay competition. With. Known as an essay competition among the. Devoted to the andes and existence of the state of critical essays on it is one of nepal. In tourism day of the tourism in. Benefitted by mass tourism in nepal tourism and. Here; kathmandu. A lovely crowded caf in all the tourist destinations gt; essay. Unchanged for developing tourism involves many tourists clicking away madly at the year. Tourist in nepal this with an essay: kathmandu valley. 27th. Text file. Top free download thousands of total foreign exchange and essay, however, remains. Diwas: perspectives for free essay. The research committee of nepal. Top free. In nepal

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Geography and Climate of Nepal - Nepal is located in the Tropic of Cancer (Northern Hemisphere) (Shrestha) and lies between China in the north and India in the south, east and west.(1990 map) It has an area of 147,181 sq. km including water which has an area of 3,830 sq. km and its geographical coordinates are 28°00′N 84°00′E. (Australia 2014) Nepal is typically characterised by a rugged topography due to the amount of hills and mountains within its area. Nepal also lies in the tectonically active zone, making it prone to earthquakes. [tags: nepal, himalayas, terai region]
. 7 Works Cited

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The Study and Findings of Climatology in Nepal - The Study and Findings of Climatology in Nepal In many areas in Nepal, the history of climatology only dates back to 1956. Around this time, the Indian Meteorological Department instituted stations in various areas around the country, which were eventually taken over by the Nepalese government in 1966. Having these stations in place has given scientists significant insight into the Nepalese climate. However, some of the Indian equipment remained in the Nepalese stations, and unfortunately many Indian findings vary significantly from the Nepalese records of the same areas. [tags: Climae Environment Nepal Essays Papers]
. 5 Works Cited

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Agriculture in the Himalayas of Nepal - Agriculture in the Himalayas of Nepal According to some estimates, as much as 90% of Nepal's population relies on agriculture for its sustenance.[1] The significant climactic variations between Nepal's sub-tropical Terai region, hills region, and Himalayan mountain region lead to a variety of different agricultural models. Within the northern Himalayan region, additional variations in agricultural style exist because of changes in the qualities of available soil and quantities of moisture at different altitudes. [tags: Nepal Farming Essays Papers Ecology]
. 6 Works Cited

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Electricity crisis: Alive in Nepal - Electricity crisis: Alive in Nepal This topic may seem irrelevant to the readers here in United States. Nepal is the second richest country in water resource but we still have problems with hydroelectricity. Everyday electric current goes off for hours and people are compelled to live in the darkness. Unable to form and established new hydroelectricity projects is the main reasons why Nepalese are still deprived to full electric facilities. Establishment of complex structure like hydroelectricity project is not a joke. [tags: Nepal Hydroelectric Power Infrastructure Analysis]

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Nepal - Nepal Despite nine development plans spanning five decades, Nepal remains one of the world’s poorest countries. Nepal’s underdevelopment is a result of the historical effects of unequal distribution of assets and social and economic status among different groups, and effects of recent development efforts that have generated further iniquitous income and assets distribution. Understanding Nepal’s underdevelopment has become particularly pressing in light of the Maoist insurgency that began in 1996. [tags: Nepal Economy Culture Essays]

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Democratic Innovations in Nepal - Assess the degree to which late 20th century Nepal, as described by Burghart, could be characterized as a modern 'nation-state' in Gellner's sense. 'People in different parts of the world still utter different sounds, but nowadays they say more or less the same things everywhere' (Gellner in Eriksen, 2010. p.289). For a long period of time, nationalism was regarded as 'one of Europe's most magnificent gifts to the rest of the world', 'a European import'(Chatterjee, 1993. p.4), until the breakout of the two World Wars. [tags: nation-state, nationalism, Gelner, Burghart]
. 8 Works Cited

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Education Profile in Nepal - 1. Country Background 1.1 Geography Nepal is a landlocked country, sharing border with largest and fastest growing Economy in the world; China and India. It is has a total surface area of 147,181 square kilometers (56,827 sq miles). Nepal is home of 8 most highest mountain in the world. Topographically, Nepal can be divided into four ecological category; Lowland (Tarai), Midland, Highland and Trans Himalayan. Tarai occupies low and flat land also known as food basket of Nepal. 1.2 Demography According to the most recent census held on 2011, there are 26,494,504 people in the country with a sex ratio of 94.2 male per 100. [tags: policies, international statistics]
. 20 Works Cited

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Education System in Nepal - According to Freire, the education system is a “Banking concept” where the teachers are depositors and the students are depositories. (Bartholomae, p. 244). I agree with Freire at this point about the education system because it gives me a glimpse of the education system that I had gone through. Here I am talking about the education system in Nepal. I graduated high school in Nepal. Briefing the education system in Nepal, a student has to spend two years in high school in order to get a degree. The education system there in Nepal is totally different; in the physical aspect i.e. [tags: Personal Experience]

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The Sherpa of Nepal - The Sherpa of Nepal “Sherpa”, a term derived from words meaning “people” and “east”, refers to a cultural groupthat numbers about 35,000 and whose members occupy parts of India, Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan (Sherpa Friendship Asscn,1999:1), though most groups are found in Nepal (Stevens 1993: 31). It is generally understood that the Sherpa came to Nepal from eastern Tibet about 500 years ago ( 1999:2). This research paper will focus on the Nepalese Sherpa. It will explore socio-ecological aspects of their lives, including their cultural and ecological adaptations. [tags: Culture Economy Papers]
. 14 Works Cited

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Civil Society Oversight in Afghanistan and Nepal - Introduction What is state security. It is thought to be the maintenance and stability of a state, but when it comes to a failing state, security becomes more than just that. Security begins to take on a whole new meaning. Added to maintenance and stability, security means the safety and welfare of the citizens of that particular state.1 Civil Society is the part of society that consists of organizations and institutions that help protect human rights such as freedom of speech. These organizations are called non-government organizations (NGOs). [tags: politics, state security, turmoil]
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Nepal to Qatar Migrant Flow: Ugly On the Inside - Persian Gulf countries are known for having high percentages of their population represented by immigrants and Qatar is no exception. According to the population of Qatar is 1,696,563 and the total amount of immigrants is 1,305,428. In percentage terms, 76.95% of the Qatari population are immigrants. These statistics are outside of the norm, as migrants make up only 3% of the world’s population ( When looking specifically at the portion of the population in the Qatari working force, immigrants make up an even bigger percentage of the population. [tags: immigration, international relations, sociology]
. 7 Works Cited

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The People and Land of Nepal - The People and Land of Nepal This paper will make and attempt to analyze the people and land of Nepal. More specifically it will examine the people of the Kathmandu Valley. This paper will show the relationship between the land and the population and how they have affected one another. First lets look at the general physical aspects of the entire nation of Nepal and then narrow it down to the characteristics of the valley. Seventy-five percent of Nepal is covered in mountains, some of the most rugged terrain in the world. [tags: Papers]

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FAMILY STRUCTURE AND NURTURE IN NEPAL AND IN THE USA - FAMILY STRUCTURE AND NURTURE IN NEPAL AND IN THE USA The meaning of family varies from place to place and from culture to culture. One all-encompassing definition that describes every type of family across the board does not exist. For instance, in places like China children can be raised apart from their father and mother in a group of women, but still count themselves a family. Alan C. Acock in his book Family Diversity and Well Being states that a married couple with no children is not considered a family (122), but some married couples may contest this theory. [tags: Essays Papers]
. 8 Works Cited

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Yartsa Gunbu and the Culture of the Annapurna Region in the Himalayas - Introduction A caterpillar that changes into a plant, and if consumed provides powers of an aphrodisiac and amazing athletic abilities that provide an athlete the capability of breaking world records. To many Western ears, this sounds like a fantasy, but to many small Himalayan communities, the animal-plant hybrid is real, and has recently made a huge impact on day-to-day life. This pivotal moment in time for many of these small communities provides an opportunity to effectively and radically change and shape the people and preserve the culture of the Annapurna region in the Himalayas. [tags: Nepal, asia]
. 8 Works Cited

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Temple Maidens or Sex Slaves An Insight to the Customary Violence against Women in Nepal - Temple Maidens or Sex Slaves An insight to the Customary Violence against Women in Nepal The true bitter reality of the lives of Nepalese Women remains unacknowledged by men and women alike and this ignorance along with deeply rooted patriarchal values exists at all levels. Despite the mere fact that women compose of more than fifty percent of the total population in Nepal, they are still deprived of the dignity and equality they deserve. As illiterate dwellers of rural Nepal, they are ignorant about their rights and end up never taking advantage of the offered guidance. [tags: Violence, argumentative, persuasive]

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E-Governance: Its Prospectives, Opportunities And Threats In Nepal - Abstract The world is rapidly transforming into information driven society, in which information and communication technologies (ICTs) are playing important and indispensable roles. The arrival of new ICTs has significantly enhanced our capabilities to collect, process, and distribute information. Keeping up with the 21st century, governments around the world are putting critical information online and interacting electronically with their citizens. The ICT journey of Nepal started with the use of computer to process census data in 1971. [tags: information communication technology]

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The Impact of a Changing Climate - The main purpose of this research is exploring the impacts of climate change on agriculture trends and socioeconomic life of Nepalese farmers. In addition, it helps to identify key elements that support to develop alternative cultivation methods in changing environment. Furthermore, farmers will be understood to adopt distinct agricultural techniques and management process to utilize local resources that lessen the effect of climate change in agriculture. 3.1 Topic Impacts of climate change on agriculture in Nepal. [tags: VDC, CAQDAS, Nepal]
. 23 Works Cited

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Climate change Adaptation Planning: Tourism industry in the Himalaya Region - Introduction: The Himalayas is a vital region that facilitates mountain tourism to a number of countries including Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bhutan, China, India and Nepal. The unique landscape and scenery of Himalayas is the main attraction to tourist activities in this region. Tourism industry is one of the major contributors to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and employment. As an example, tourism sector contributes 9.4% of GDP and 8.2% of total employment in 2012 for Nepal (World Travel & Tourism Council 2014). [tags: himalaya, tourism, nepal, china]
. 15 Works Cited

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Creating an Ideal Constitution - Nepali state is operating in a constitutional limbo. The original mandate of the constituent assembly has constitutionally ended in April 2010. The two extensions of the assembly’s term have been constitutionally dubious, so will be the third extension now being sought. And there are no signs that the next extension will take us any closer to the constitution. Writing a democratic constitution has never been easy. Yas Ghai, a constitutional expert, says the purpose of building a constitution is not just writing the document. [tags: Nepal, Due Process]

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Life and Journey of Gautama Buddha - Buddha was born Siddhartha Gautama in Lumbini, Nepal during the 4th to 6th century B.C. He was born to the King Sakya Sudhodana, who ruled at Kapilavastu in Ancient India, and Queen Maya. After seven days of giving birth to Siddhartha his mother died however, a holy man was to have said that one of two great things would come of the newborn; he would grow up to become a great king or military leader or he would be a great spiritual leader. After the passing of his mother, Buddha grew up in a rich household and lived an extravagant life. [tags: biography, nepal, ancient india, buddhist]
. 4 Works Cited

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The Kathmandu Valley and the Constant Terror of Earthquakes - The Kathmandu Valley and the Constant Terror of Earthquakes One important climatic feature that plagues the South Asian region of the Kathmandu Valley is earthquakes. A few severe earthquakes have taken place in the country's history and caused many deaths and nearly irreparable damage to impoverished Nepal. The residents of the Kathmandu Valley experience small tremors nearly every day, whether they can feel them or not. The world and the nation is waiting for the 'next big one' to terrorize the small country. [tags: Essay on Nepal Earthquakes]
. 2 Works Cited

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Education of Women in Nepal - Gender is socially constructed roles for men and women. Since the very beginning of the existence of human being, society has been assigning different roles, rules, norms, values, opportunities and rights to be performed by men and women. Discrimination is defined as a practice of treating a person or a particular group in society less fairly than others: race, sex, religion, color, caste, class, ideology, etc. Most of the roles assigned by society are not equal for men and women. Such inequalities or disparities in the roles to be performed by men and women are known as Gender discrimination. [tags: Sociology]

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Newari Social and Cultural Connections to the Weather and Climate - Newari Social and Cultural Connections to the Weather and Climate The Newari people incorporate different aspects of the weather and climate of Kathmandu Valley into their daily lives. One of the most prevalent ways the weather and climate affects their lives is through religious practices and beliefs. The Newari people, who practice Buddhism and Hinduism, are very religious and traditional people, and not a month goes by that there isn't some special festival that is being celebrated by them. [tags: Nepal Religion Culture Essays Papers]
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Earthquake in Haiti: Now who is next? - After calming the lives of 150,000 people, and making more than 1,200,000 people homeless, A big question is being created in the mind of people and earthquake experts; who is the next. Now, after Haiti, Geophysics’ are more concerned about Nepal and its future possible earthquake strike because of its geographical make up. Nepal lies just above the border between two huge plates that have moved together over millions of years to form the Himalayas. Nepal lies in just above the seismic zone and tectonic plate which is one of those countries where the earthquakes are frequent and sometimes very devastating. [tags: Natural Disasters]
. 5 Works Cited

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Shifting Blame Will Not Resolve Our Problems - Shifting Blame Will Not Resolve Our Problems UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has expressed his deep concern over the faltering peace process in Nepal due to a lack of understanding among political parties in a report presented this month to the Security Council. In his previous report, he had called on Nepali political leaders which amounted to working together to find consensus over governance for the success of the peace process. “There has not been a single prosecution in civilian courts for any of the serious crimes committed during the conflict,” reported said Rhoderick Chalmers, the International Crisis Group’s South Asia Deputy Project Manager. [tags: National Security]

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Hinduism and Goat Meat - Brahmans are not supposed to eat non veg food but somehow traditional trend allowed to eat fish and goat meat in Brahmins families. Hindu culture at large is divided into many subset and Dasara is a very popular Hindu festival among all, regardless of the different practices or belief. Goat meat are the major source of meat production mainly in India and Nepal. The Significant of the Goat meat is on the Hindu festival called “Dasara” where most people in south east asia prefer to eat it. At the last day of Dasara, Animal sacrifice is practiced in some Eastern states of India and Nepal and killed animal are eaten after sacrificed. [tags: Brahmans, festivals, religious]

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Poverty in Little Princes by Connor Grennan - Poverty is a worldwide epidemic, creating undesirable living conditions for many people on a daily basis. Some of the most touching stories in literature have an overlying theme of poverty. A wide variety of these stories are often set in Asia. Connor Grennan’s novel Little Princes was set in Katmandu, Nepal. In his book, Connor tells the story of his gargantuan trek across Nepal in an attempt to return seven missing children, all of which belong to a Nepali orphanage he volunteered in. These children were all victims of ruthless child trafficking. [tags: living conditions, katmandu, dystopia]
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Varying Global Ethical Standards in Business - “When in Rome, Do As The Romans Do.” This proverb is generally accepted by many people all around the world. Should this idea of “cultural relativism” be applied in the formation of ethical standards of international business. Or, there is a single list of truths that require exactly the same behavior across the different cultures, as the theory of “ethical imperialism” claim. (Donaldson, P. 477) Here I am presenting some cases related to core business activities and business relationship between various stakeholders and their expectations in different cultures (especially united states, India, and Nepal). [tags: International, Culture, Commandments]
. 1 Works Cited

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The Pros and Cons of Marketing - Finding the Good and the Bad in Marketing In these two real world marketing examples, I have chosen Nepal Thai Food Products (P) Ltd. the manufacturer of Wai Wai instant noodles, as a company that is doing a very good job at marketing. This company is marketing its "Wai Wai" brand of instant noodles in Nepal from 1985. Another company that I have chosen as a bad example at marketing is Hansophone Electric & Electronics. This company is marketing Hansophone brand of EPABX systems in Nepal. While choosing these companies as a good and as a bad example at marketing, the following points that are visible to the observers of the companies' marketing activities are taken into consideration. [tags: Pro Con Essays]

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Are Americans Allergic to Traveling Abroad? - “Are Americans allergic to traveling abroad?” I asked Poonam, an immigrant from Nepal, who states that such a notion is “ridiculous”. Nepal has suffered lately due to a despotic ruler. The newspapers have recently reported that the king has cut off Nepal from the rest of the world by closing airports and shutting down communication. Poonam’s father owns a resort in Nepal, and his family has struggled to keep business open through these tough times. “How do you explain that only 15% of Americans have passports to travel abroad. [tags: essays research papers]

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The Environment and Socioeconomic Issues: A Common Thread - The physically of the environmental problems facing Nepal, Korea, and the Russian Fareast are overwhelmingly evident and unfortunately, impossible to ignore. They are factual burdens on these countries’ socioeconomic welfare. Nevertheless, a candid comparison to the Australian and the American experience insinuates a prevailing conflict in values towards the “political importance” of environment problems in lure of necessary social development. According to Elson Strahan’s (2000) article Comparative Environmental Policy: Australia and the U.S. he questions what set of values that will ultimately drive policymakers in these two countries, and thus “…environmental policies must be considere. [tags: Environmental/Social]

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Attacks and Al-Qaeda in Northern Afghanistan - According to the New York Times, the Taliban and Al-Qaeda have opened a new front in the previously peaceful northern Afghanistan. They have also stepped up attacks in their heartland, southern provinces. To defeat the insurgents, General McChrystal, the US commander in Kabul, has requested 40,000 additional troops and resources to persuade the moderate Taliban to abandon violence. But this strategy is likely to succeed only with the help from key regional states. Increased fatalities and dwindled public support have put pressure on President Obama to end the war quickly. [tags: Afghanistan, USA, military, Al-Qaeda]

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Nepali Interlanguage Research - Introduction Nepali belongs to the Indo-Iranian branch of the Indo-European language family and is closely related to Hindi. It began appearing (in an older form) in what is now Nepal around 300 C.E. when Hindu Indo-Aryans invaded the area from the south, displacing the Buddhist Kirantis. The now unified Nepal is made up of over one hundred ethnic groups, each with its own language and culture. Nepali is the national unifying language and is spoken by most Nepalis as a first or second language (O'Rourke and Shrestha 2008, 9). [tags: Language]

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The Region of the Tibet-Himalayas - Region The area of the world that can be best proven to a region is Tibet, part of a bigger region called the Trans-Himalayans. It is located in the Qingzang Plateau, and the southern part is the main area of focus. It is located near some of the biggest mountains in the world. They include “Mt Everest (8,848 m) -- the highest mountain in the world, Namcha Barwa (7,756 m / 25,445 ft) -- around which the Brahmaputra carves a fantastic gorge to enter India, and Gurla Mandhata (7,728 m / 25,355 ft)”( [tags: Characteristics, Geography, Culture]

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Child Labor- International Issue -. Many children are orphaned and must take care of themselves because there aren’t systems set in place for them to be able to go into an orphanage or other sort of foster care. “They work 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can be found doing anything from working on plantations to repairing vehicles, tailoring, and farming. (Necessary Measures Required to Curb Child Labor, 2013 p.1). Another country where children are struggling with this issue is in Nepal, where conditions for many people in general are poor. [tags: Immerse Coorporations, Cheap Labor]
. 8 Works Cited

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Water Issues in South Asia - Water Issues in South Asia If there is any single most important issue that mars bilateral relations among the countries of the subcontinent, it is water. The issues of cross-border water distribution, utilisation, management and mega irrigation/hydro-electric power projects affecting the upper and lower riparian countries are gradually taking centre-stage in defining interstate relations as water scarcity increases and both drought and floods make life too often miserable. [tags: South Asian Water Conflicts]

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Diplomatic Non-code of Conduct - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has recently circulated the Diplomatic Code of Conduct for diplomat, and it will mainly affect the Kathmandu-based diplomats if it is at all implemented. However, if experience is any guide, the code will be observed more in its breach than in its respect. Evidently, the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations 1961, implemented from 1964, regulates diplomatic conduct across nations. Before this, the Congress of Vienna in 1815 and the Convention regarding Diplomatic Officers of 1928 singed in Havana had offered the ground rules for diplomatic conduct. [tags: Ambassador Privileges, Prestige]

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George Orwell, Book Jacket - Eric Arthur Blair, known as George Orwell, was born in 1903 near Nepal in the Indian Village Moithari. "This is exactly what he tried to do: he tried to change himself from Eric Blair, old Etonian and English colonial policemen, into George Orwell, classless antiauthoritarian." ( His two most famous work were Animal Farm(1943) and 1984(1946). Other books he has written have been Why I Write, Road to Wigan Pier, Down and Out(which was almost destroyed), Burmese Days, The Clergyman's Daughter, Homage to Catalonia, and Coming up for Air. [tags: essays research papers]

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The Nepalese Gurkhas - The Nepalese Gurkhas The Nepalese Gurkhas have been serving under the British since 1815. They have partaken in every war that Britain has been involved in from the Pindarr War to WWII. The Gurkhas are considered by many to be one of the Worlds finest armed units. The Gurkha corps are definitely the most elite fighting force in the British Army and they have consistently proved their worth in every battle they have fought, whether it was a victory or defeat. The common Gurkha has a diamond-hard will, and indomitable fighting spirit that clearly distinguishes him from his peers. [tags: Papers]

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The Inferior Status of Women In India's Society - Through child marriages, female infanticides, and child trafficking, women in India become oppressed. This oppression subjugates the status of women to a status inferior to men, thereby initiating a vicious cycle in which the status of women seems to continuously deteriorates. The marriage of children has been traditionally prevalent throughout India. A child marriage is a marriage between an older man and a woman less than the age of eighteen. As a result of the insinuations of dowry, where the family of the bride are often expected to pay large sums of money to the family of the groom, female children are already stigmatized (Lawson, 2001). [tags: Dowries, Infanticide, Abortion, Social Issues]
. 8 Works Cited

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How Gender Differences are Reflected in Space - Introduction I aim to argue how there is a clear difference between lifestyles for genders in most majority of spaces and how they can be seen in various spaces to provide evidence to the claim. Lifestyle differences can be split into various scenarios of space, these scenarios can be grouped within two main categories of space. These categories are: 1. Domestic/Private space 2. Urban/Public space Private space can be defined as space at a domestic level, e.g. households, where not everyone is welcome to accommodate the space, shaping the space as ‘private’. [tags: Exploring Gender Differences]
. 7 Works Cited

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Minustah: UN Peacekeeping Stabilization Mission in Haiti - The United Nations Peacekeeping stabilization mission I chose is Minustah in Haiti. The purpose and origin of the operation; the country of Haiti had steadily increased in chaos between its citizens and the government bringing the world to attention at the humanitarian travesty’s in the country due to the unstable economy and leadership. Then in 2004 the United Nation stepped in and started the Haitian Stabilization mission called Minustah to aid Haiti. The United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti Minustah was first established on April 30, 2004 by United Nations Security Council Resolution 1542. [tags: diplomacy, international aid]
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Human Trafficking: Modern Day Slavery - “Trafficking” refers to illegal trade, an over-used word by the media that can be daintily attached to drugs, weapons, and humans. We hear the term so often; one can easily be desensitized to its context. Nicholas Kistof of the New York Times states, “Human trafficking is a convoluted euphemism.” He goes right to the heart of the matter and refers to it as modern human slavery. Human slavery is raw, honest and sadly much more prevalent than we would like to believe. Every year an estimated 800,000 people are transported across international boundaries for the purpose of human slavery. [tags: Human Trafficking Essays]
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Mountains More Dangerous than Everest - People do not realize the ways that people die on Mount Everest. They do not realize that due to the height limited oxygen is available which leads to many serious illnesses. The limited oxygen not only cause many illnesses, but also causes many deaths. Those dead bodies will stay up on Mount Everest for a long time and will never be brought home to their families. People also do not realize that Mount Everest is not the hardest mountain in the world to climb and other mountains that pose greater challenges. [tags: Overcrowding, Unpredictable Weather]
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The Most Important Buddhist Sites - As a student that is just beginning to learn and discover all that encompasses Buddhism, it is easy to get wrapped up in the facts and to never truly feel connected to the religion. I believe that the best way to fully understand something is to experience it first hand. Throughout this semester, I have learned the values, history, teachings, and practices of Buddhism but I have been lacking the opportunity to see and experience any of these things first hand. While there are many important Buddhist sites scattered throughout India and Nepal, I would choose four as amongst the most significant to arrange a tour to for myself and for my fellow classmates. [tags: Buddhism Essays]
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The Pre-twentieth Century Gorkha State - The pre-twentieth century Gorkha state can be thought of us segmentary in Aidan Southall’s sense as opposed to a unitary state, which is more common in modern twenty first century western states, as vectors of power and identity, as expressed through political sovereignty and ritual suzerainty, don’t overlap. A core component of segmentary state is the incorporation Karl Marx’s proposed Asiatic mode of production, in which the king maintains a fixed core with peripheral domains in order to enforce the political sovereignty over a wide area. [tags: politics, marx, production]
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Culture Of India - Nearly one sixth of all the human beings on Earth live in India, the world's most populous democracy. Officially titled the Republic of India, it's 1,269,413 sq. mi. lie in South Asia, occupying most of the Indian subcontinent, bordered by Pakistan (W); China, Nepal, and Bhutan (N); and Myanmar (E) and Bangladesh forms an enclave in the NE. Its borders encompass a vast variety of peoples, practicing most of the world's major religions, speaking scores of different languages, divided into thousands of socially exclusive castes, and combining the physical traits of several major racial groups (Compton's). [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Communism in Buddhist Tibet - Tibet was once a nation steeped in a rich religious culture that sought to spread Buddhism and happiness for all souls on earth. Today’s Tibetan Buddhist culture is merely a shadow of what it once was. Following the Chinese Communist invasion in 1950, Tibet went from what was once known as the “roof of the world” to being a region controlled by China. The Chinese government considers Tibet as a region they have held sovereignty over for centuries. However, the Dalai Lama refutes this claim and states that Tibet was independent of China and was colonized over time. [tags: Chinese Invasion, Dalai Lama]
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The History and Culture of Bangladesh - The History and Culture of Bangladesh Bangladesh came to existence in 1971 when Bengali East Pakistan seceded from its union with West Pakistan. It is located in southern Asia bordering the Bay of Bengal, between Burma and India. Bangladesh and West Bengal form a region which is called Bengal; and Bangladesh is sometimes referred to as East Bengal. It has a population of around 138,448,210 people. (CIA World fact book)The nation’s rapid growth has led to serious overcrowding. About one third of this extremely poor country floods annually during the rainy monsoon season, causing for bad economic development. [tags: Essays Papers]
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Feasibility Study of Imported Biscuits - Feasibility Study of Imported Biscuits 1. BACKGROUND There are many brands of biscuit available in the market. The market not only offers the biscuits manufactured in Nepal but also the biscuits which are exported from abroad. Even under the same brand name, the manufactures have introduced varieties considering different tastes preferred by different people. This study focuses particularly on some of the popular brands of biscuits such as Britania, Parle, Priyagold etc which are exported from India to find out the market condition of such products and the potential market prospect for the similar kinds of product. [tags: Market Analysis]

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Social Organization and Adaptation in Alpine Environments - Social Organization and Adaptation in Alpine Environments Adaptive Strategies in Alpine Environments: Beyond Ecological Particularism, is an article that evaluates the similarities and differences of two alpine environments. The author’s main point of the article is to identify the consistencies of social organization and adaptation throughout communities existing in high altitudes. The mountain chains used to investigate these regularities were the Swiss Alps and the Himalayan Mountains. Along with finding the consistencies of the communities with in the mountains, they also wanted to discover whether adaptation was created though the mountain environment or outside influences. [tags: Environment Sociology Essays]

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Celiac disease (CD) - Introduction Celiac disease (CD) Celiac disease is one of the most common lifelong disorders, about 1% of the world population. It is a genetically inflammation response autoimmune symptom that is caused by the consumption of proline-rich and glutamine-rich proteins grains, such as wheat, barley, rye, etc. Ingestion of gluten in CD can cause the continuous impairment to the mucus in the intestine that is able to lead to malabsorption, diarrhea, abdominal distension and adsorption disorder, in the end, lose weights and malnutrition. [tags: Health]

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Environmental Intervention - The six types of health intervention are identified as educational, managerial, legislative, environmental, structural and individual-population methods of intervention. Education intervention, people can act purposely only when the know what to do; they are more motivated to act if they know they are personally menaced in general they prefer truth to falsehood. All dimensions can be influence by education and by knowledge seeks to produce. (14) Meanwhile, critics mention that education intervention is that knowledge flows from the top to the bottom of social hierarchy and from experts to lay people. [tags: Informative, Health Interventions]

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An Event About Global Warming - An event about Global Warming There is a Chinese proverb “If you want happiness for a lifetime, help the next generation”. This is the one sentence which always inspired me to indulge in social activities. From the early age of my life, I find myself interested in social service and feels satisfaction in helping the humanity. I was a member of my hometown social club since my childhood age. Last year, our social club decides to organize a program at World Environmental Day at June 5. The theme for WED 2009 was ‘Your Planet Needs You-Unite to Combat Climate Change’. [tags: Climate Change, Argumentative Essay]

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Ecosystems at Risk - Ecosystems at Risk The ecosystem at risk that I have chosen to research is the Himalayan Mountain range. Considering the mountain range covers a very large area, the ecosystem type has been narrowed down to the Alpine variety. The 2 500 kilometre long Himalayas stretch across three countries; India, Nepal and China (Tibet). The width of the mountain range varies from 100-400 kilometres, giving a total area of 594 400 square kilometres. [IMAGE] 2. [tags: Papers]

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Exploring Alternative Energy Sources - In today’s rapidly developing world, vast amounts of energy resources are being utilized at an alarming rate, one which can certainly result in the extinction of our valuable natural resources. Moreover, majority of the energy resources utilized today are non-renewable natural resources like the petroleum products which account for nearly eighty percent of all the energy resources used. Thus, exploring alternative forms of energy so as to decrease our dependency on non-renewable forms of energy and consequently save the environment, has become more important than ever before. [tags: Alternative Energy, ]

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The Top of the World is Not for Everyone - The Top of the World is Not for Everyone Once the exclusive domain of the elite mountaineers, the roof of the world now lures scores of amateurs. These climbers seek a challenge that begins as high drama but can end abruptly as tragedy (Breashears, 1997).” At 29,035 feet, Mount Everest is the “top of the world” and the ultimate challenge for Climbers. But recently with advances in technology and equipment, more people are attempting to conquer Everest, although many of them do not belong in such an unpredictable, dangerous place with such little experience. [tags: Essays Papers]
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It's Time to Put An End To Sex Trafficking - Sex trafficking is the tragic and horrendous reality that is modern day slavery. It is forced prostitution and it is illegal, but the punishments are not properly enforced. It is a worldwide issue, existing virtually everywhere. Sex trafficking needs to be put to a halt. About 600,000 to 800,000 children, men, and women are trafficked across the world per year, of which 80 percent are female. This means that each year about 640,000 female children, teens, and adults are sex trafficked. Aside from this there are already about three million women and girls in the sex trafficking business worldwide. [tags: Sexual Explotation 2014]
. 10 Works Cited

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Himalayan Herders: The Significance of Latitudinality - Himalayan Herders: The Significance of Latitudinality Melvyn Goldstein and Donald Messerschmidt, the authors of "The Significance of Latitudinality in Himalayan Mountain Ecosystems" argues that the altitude oriented "mixed mountain agriculture" model where mountain people move to higher altitudes in the summer and lower ones in the summer does not accurately reflect many areas of the Himalayans (Goldstein and Messerschmidt, 117). Instead, latitudinality lies at the core of cultural adaptation to the high altitude mountain ecosystem for many native Nepalese (Goldstein and Messerschmidt, 126). [tags: Cultural Anthropology Essays]
. 2 Works Cited

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Effects of Tourism on the Environment - Effects of Tourism on the Environment Tourism is a big part in not just the United States but in every countries economy. It is constantly growing and according to the United Nations World Tourism Organization there are more than 800 million people that travel either internationally or domestically each year (Goodstein C. Traveling Green. Natural History. Jul/Aug 2006; 115:16.). The world of tourism is always evolving the technology of travel has made it easier and more intriguing to travel. It is believed that the number of people traveling will grow by as little as 4% each year over the next twenty years. [tags: Cause Effect Tourism Ecology Essays Papers]
. 5 Works Cited

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Catcher In The Rye - The Conte - J.D. Salinger is considered one of the most critically reviewed author in modern literature. In particular his only novel Catcher in the Rye has received the most criticism. The book has been constantly debate and sometimes banned in some states because of its vulgar language and sexual content. On the other hand it is used in freshmen English and praised as the greatest book in the twentieth century. Catcher in the Rye has been reviewed in many aspects. People had drawn many conclusions in trying to decipher the meaning of Catcher in the Rye and the mind behind the mysterious Salinger. [tags: essays research papers]

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Joining In to Help the World - Joining In to Help the World There are many ways to help people who have problems such as POVERTY, HUNGER, DISEASE and POPULATION EXPLOSTION. It is our duty to help because we are Christians and we have a role to for fill. As Christians we have to care and love others and put them first and we also have to help those in need like people in the Less Economically Developed Countries (LEDC'S). [tags: Informative, Social Issues]

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Brief History of Buddhism - Brief History of Buddhism Buddhism is one of the major religions of the world. It was founded by Siddhartha Guatama (Buddha) in Northeastern India. It arose as a monastic movement during a time of Brahman tradition. Buddhism rejected important views of Hinduism. It did not recognize the validity of the Vedic Scriptures, nor the sacrificial cult which arose from it. It also questioned the authority of the priesthood. Also, the Buddhist movement was open to people of all castes, denying that a person's worth could be judged by their blood. [tags: Religion Theology Essays]

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Buddhism in the West - Albert Einstein once said, “the religion of the future will be a cosmic religion. It should transcend a personal god, avoid dogmas and theology. Covering both the natural and spiritual, it should be based on a religious sense arising from the experience of all natural and spiritual and a meaningful unity. Buddhism answers this description. If there is any religion that would cope with modern scientific needs it would be Buddhism.”# Many great minds like Albert Einstein have converted or become Buddhists. [tags: essays research papers]

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Gender Prejudices - Gender Prejudices “Women need to..” is the first line featured in the new ad campaign for UN Women, an organization focusing on the gender equality and the empowerment of women. The ad features a woman with a Google search bar obscuring her mouth and autocomplete results for the incomplete phrase “women need to…” These include “women need to be put in their place”, “women need to know their place”, “women need to be controlled”, and “women need to be disciplined”. The small print of each ad also reads “Actual Google search on 09/03/13.” UN Women successfully uses these results to illustrate the still- present ideas of sexual discrimination. [tags: women, emprwerment, equality]
. 5 Works Cited

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Indian Culture and Geography - Indian Culture and Geography Location: India has an area of approximately 3,287,580 sq. kilometers. It serves as a border to the Bay of Bengal the Indian Ocean, and to the Arabian Sea located to its west. Directly north of India are the Himalayas, the world’s biggest mountain range. India also serves as a neighbor to several different countries. Myanmar and Bangladesh located to its east, China, Nepal and Bhutan to the north, Sri Lanka to the South, and finally Afghanistan and Pakistan on the northwest. [tags: Papers]

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The Econometric Analysis of the Dynamics of Economic Growth, Debts and Budget Deficits of Sub-Saharan Africa - ABSTRACT Many researches had done by others on analyzing the relationship between debt and economic growth. However, little attention has been paid to the econometric analysis of the dynamics of economic growth, debts and budget deficits of Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). The main purpose of this paper is to re-examine the relationship between debt and growth for SSA, by using Granger causality to test between debts, economic growth and budget deficit. In addition, we will be using the Vector Error Correction Model (VECM) and Augmented Vector Autoregressive (VAR) to test the presence of co-integration. [tags: Economics]

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Sagarmatha National Park is located in Asia between India and China: Tallest Peak in The World - Sagarmatha National Park On Top of the World It is a crisp April morning. A cobalt blue sky complements the brilliance of a white peaked, towering mountain top as a team of climbers eagerly await their chance to begin their ascent. Faded fabric colors thrash in the wind, carrying the prayers of so many for good fortune as they prepare for their journey. Trekkers flash cameras, smiling at the thought of what they are about to conquer is the tallest peak in the world, Sagarmatha. Location Sagarmatha National Park is located in Asia between India and China in the Solu-Khumbu region (Sagarmatha National Park). [tags: climbers, glaciers, climate]
. 7 Works Cited

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The Level of Parental Attachment and the Career Development Process of the Secondary School Adolescents - The study conducted by Samuel O. Salami and A. Oyesoji Aremu(2007) was on the level of parental attachment and the career development process of the secondary school adolescents. Participants for this study were 242 (males ¼ 121, female ¼ 121) senior secondary school II students randomly selected from five coeducational secondary schools in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. To reduce the potentially confounding effects of family structure, we included only students from two-parent families. The mean age of the sample was 16.50 years with a standard deviation of 2.47. [tags: Research Analysis ]

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Forever War by Joe Haldeman and Halo and The Fall of Reach by Eric Nylund - The presentation and use of military personnel in the “Forever War” by Joe Haldeman and “Halo: The Fall of Reach” by Eric Nylund illustrate how science fiction depicts these individuals as disposable and replaceable. The negative treatment of soldiers can result in various mental problems and unnatural relationships if conditions remain the same. Although the characters in these stories are fictional, the mistreatment of military personnel can lead to future problems when the time comes for them to return to civilian life. [tags: mistreatment, soldiers, science fiction]
. 3 Works Cited

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The Second Shift: Current and Future Prospects of The Relationship Between Gender and Labor - The Second Shift Current and Future Prospects of Relationships As soon as a girl child is born, she is socialized into being caring and loving personality and given doll houses to play with; in short she is being trained to become a good home maker as soon as she realizes the gender difference. She is referred to as “a pretty girl” rather than “a tough girl.” The reference is still the same in the society that I was brought up in. The process of socialization and cultural indoctrination is not much different than during the times of my mother. [tags: Sociology]

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Investigating The Efficiency of Common Industry Fuels for a Mount Everest Expedition - CONTENT 6 – BURN BABY BURN. EEI – The Best Fuel. Investigating The Efficiency of Common Industry Fuels for a Mount Everest Expedition 6/17/2010 Abstract Five separate homologous alcohol fuels were examined for the purpose of establishing which of the five fuels is most appropriate for a manual expedition ascending Mount Everest. The fuel which will be chosen as the most efficient needs to be able to be burned in the presence of oxygen to create heat used for warming of tents and cooking. In addition to using four regular alcohol fuels (Methanol, Ethanol, Propanol, and Butanol), a biodiesel made from canola oil and organic properties was also investigated for its efficiency in comparison. [tags: Energy]
. 14 Works Cited

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With Liberty and Justice for All: Thoughts on the Death Penalty - The definition of freedom is without slavery, the state of being free rather than being enslaved and under physical restraint. The definition of justice is righteousness, equitableness, or moral rightness and finally, Liberty is another word for independence. When it comes to the death penalty, people are killed every day and or put on death row because of a crime that they committed. To many the death penalty sounds cruel and heartless and to others people feel that it is better to kill a mass murderer for example then to keep them in prison for life. [tags: capital punishment, death penalty]
. 3 Works Cited

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Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking. Kafala System in GCC States - Summary Since the introduction of Kafala system, also known as sponsorship system, in the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) along with Lebanon and Jordan in Mashriq region, some serious human rights violations have aroused. Kafala system is a sponsorship system designed to regulate and employ migrant workers in countries compromising of GCC states (Qatar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Bahrain, Kuwait, and Sultanate of Oman), Jordan, and Lebanon. Under the sponsorship system, a contract is signed between worker and recruitment agency for a minimum of 2 years, in which sponsor assumes full legal and economic responsibility of the migrant, including visa status, re. [tags: Qatar, World Cup, Lebanon, Jordan]
. 14 Works Cited

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Education as a Fundamental Factor of Development in a Country - “Education is the single most important factor in the development of a country” Since early times, education has been practiced by the people all around the world. Education was once ancient but as time went on, humans discovered new things. Education is the process of acquiring knowledge. It means to learn something new. Education, in every sense, is the fundamental factor of development of a country. As well said by Francis Bacon,” Knowledge is Power.” Then where does knowledge come from. [tags: sustainable development, crime, justice]
. 3 Works Cited

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Hinduism and Buddhism’s Influence of Indian Culture in Southeast Asia - The way Hinduism and Buddhism entered Southeast Asia was not the same, as well as when it entered and its influence of Indian culture that emerged into the area. Civilizations in Southeast Asia focused on an appreciation to nature, which resulted in a harmonious and equal relationship between man and nature. Southeast Asia had been depicted and known as the “golden island.” These Southeast Asian civilizations were characteristically composed from Hindu and Buddhist ways of life that influenced its people greatly. [tags: culture, Lanica, Sirvijay, religions]
. 9 Works Cited

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The Birth of Religions and Philosophies in the Ancient World - The Birth of Religions and Philosophies in the Ancient World From the beginning of time, people all over the world have wondered where we come from, what our divine purpose in life is, and what we can expect after death. Questions about right and wrong, society and government, and nature and the cosmos, are some of the few wonders that ultimately created some of the earliest philosophies and religions, helping people find peace and explanation to the vast curiosity that still troubles us in modern times. [tags: hinduism, buddhism, indo-aryans]
. 3 Works Cited

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The Pros and Cons of Keeping Tigers In Captivity - “The tiger is the biggest of the big cats, reaching an extraordinary 4 meters in length and 350 kilograms in weight-as heavy as 100 domestic cats!” (“Tiger Facts” 1). That is one big cat. You might think that such a large predator would thrive, but tigers are an endangered species, and have been for years. “Intelligent and agile, big cats are ideally designed to hunt, with sharp teeth and claws, strong jaws, powerful bodies, excellent eyesight, acute hearing and a good sense of smell” (“Tiger Facts” 1). [tags: Animal Research ]
. 7 Works Cited

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How Alternative Sources of Energy Can Be Harnessed Effectively - How alternative sources of energy can be harnessed effectively In this age of power lack, substitute sources, which are required to fix the problem of both a lack of sources and polluting the environment, have been paid more and more attention than ever before. There are many kinds of substitute sources of power that are modifying our life progressively, such as solar panel technology, breeze power, atomic power, tidal power, wave power etc. To be able to use these substitute sources successfully, it is necessary to come up with some legitimate alternatives. [tags: environment, innovations, solar panel]
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The Army of the British East India Company - Chapter 4: The Army of the British East India Company The army of the British East India Company in the Bengal Presidency, prior to the Sepoy Rebellion of 1857-1858, was based heavily on native models in keeping with the limited goal of the Company in India: to make profits, but avoid upsetting the traditional order as much as possible. Robert Clive and Warren Hastings were the fathers of the Honorable Company's army in India prior to 1857, but they in turn based their policies on the armies of the Nawab of Awadh and the Benares Raj. [tags: World History]

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