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Essay on pros and cons of technology

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Sample Essay on Technology

Essay on Technology

This is an example essay on Technology. The Present and Future Role of Technology in the Classroom

For many people to walk into a classroom today they may not recognize it as it was when they were in school. The classroom has changed as technology has changed. It is not uncommon to see second grade students using the Internet to communicate with students across the country, or to see high school students using PowerPoint to present a research project. Technology has changed the way the classroom looks, how’s it run and what is taught. Technology plays a large role in present classrooms and it will play a larger role in the future.

The current role of technology in our nation’s classrooms usually depends on the teacher. Every school district seems to be allocating resources to “get wired” and improve their existing technology. The Internet, CD-ROM’s, PowerPoint, VCR’s and video recording devices are all common in most schools. Some of the wealthier districts even have individual classrooms wired for Internet access. However, just because the technology is in the buildings doesn’t mean that it is widely used. Many teachers are not trained to use the technology that is available to them. Predictions about how long it will take to train the two million teachers in America often implicitly embrace a top-down model: we must first develop curriculum, get courses approved, hire trainers, etc. If that were so, it would take decades to make discernible progress (Serim & Koch, 1996). The reality is that teachers have to train themselves and many are not willing to do that, don’t have the time, or simply can’t. That may sound depressing, but reality is that many teachers are willing and able. Furthermore, the teachers entering the workplace over the past years all have had technological training.

The technology of the Internet is probably the most widely used by educators today. The Internet is the world’s largest computer network, connecting more than 4 million computers in over 160 countries. More than thirty million people, increasing at a rate of one million per month, are estimated to have access to the Internet (Distefano & McClain, 1996). The Internet allows students access to millions of documents, professional and university libraries, as well as the opportunity to take virtual tours of almost any location on the earth. Most teachers understand the opportunity that the Internet allows them and they want to utilize it. These teachers who use the Internet see themselves as the learned, guiding hand in the student’s process of discovering knowledge. They are getting away from the teacher as the dispenser of knowledge. The Internet additionally allows teachers the opportunity to connect their students to students around the world.

Those teachers who are utilizing the opportunities that the Internet offers are participating in amazing projects. Science classes from Bellevue, Washington and Bridgewater, Virginia have joined forces with NASA as part of a program called, Sharing NASA with our Schools. This program allows the students to view NASA scientists at work and interact with these scientists online. The students can use the scientists as resources for their own school lab projects. Another project is going on in Juneau, Alaska. As part of Alaska Online, students from Dzantik Heeni Middle School are responsible for sharing information about Alaska’s geography and its people with anyone interested online (Serim & Koch, 1996). Essentially these middle school students are responsible for teaching the world about Alaska! Whether it’s using professionals as resources, or taking on the responsibility of teaching the world, these classrooms are a great example of how the technology of the Internet is being used today.

If students are exposed to such wonderful projects today, in what direction will technology take education in the future? The most important aspect to understand is that in the big picture very few students are exposed to this type of learning with technology. There are still many schools who are not wired for Internet access and many that are lack the sufficient amount of computer machines necessary to provide real access to the Internet. The future for these schools will be playing “catch up”. Eventually they will have the resources ready, and hopefully by that time the teachers in these schools will be fully trained and ready to use the technology afforded to them.

When talking about the future of technology in the classroom it seems as if you can dream it, it can happen. I see technology going in many different directions. It is hard to truly grasp what is possible, but I will take a gander. I think that in the future all school children will have notebook computers. These will be their primary instruments of learning. The school districts will provide them for their students and they will be pre-programmed to the child’s academic schedule. As an example, the students will have on their homepage different icons for different subjects. When clicking on that subject’s icon the student will have access to a number of software programs that the student needs for that subject. The teacher will have a built in program that allows them to call up any student’s screen to evaluate their progress or to assist the student.

In the upper grades students will attend virtual classrooms. Students from different schools will all be in the same virtual class. I foresee students choosing elective classes, which are not given at their school, but can be accessed and taken through another school by attending a virtual classroom. I can see teachers working together to teach each other’s classes from separate schools. Using video streamed into the classrooms, teachers can teach the areas that they consider their strengths and allow their students to attend a virtual class in another school. This will allow these teachers to help them teach areas that are a weakness for them without their students suffering.

Student work will be completely different in the future. No longer will students make simple project presentations, they will be creating websites, virtual tours, and streaming videos. These projects will all be on the Internet. They will be judged not only by their content, but also by how technologically advanced the project is. As an extra motivation for students, knowing that their work could conceivably be viewed by millions of other students, the Internet will raise the bar for student work. This philosophy of using technology not to simply learn from but to create is known as constructivism. In the past technology programs were developed to with the belief that they could convey information (and hopefully understanding) more effectively than teachers. But constructivist believe that you cannot convey understanding. That can only be constructed by learners (Jonassen, Peck & Wilson, 1999). I believe this philosophy will take hold throughout education and technology will allow it to happen.

Technology has brought a lot of change to the current classroom and it’s future affords educators with a great deal of opportunity. It is important that educators use the resources that are currently available to them. The Internet as opened up the world to our students and its potential is limitless. Students in Juneau, Alaska and Bridgewater, Virginia have shown us how teachers and students can use the technology that we have. It is up to our imagination to see the role that technology will play in the future of education. Students will be asked to uncover and discover to gain understanding, rather than be told what to understand. Undoubtedly, technology will be the cornerstone of this type of student learning in the future.

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Technology pros and cons essay - Can You Write My Assignment From Scratch

Technology pros and cons essay

25Th anniversary of modern technology and fall of driverless or autonomous vehicle technology consequences essay nile. Mot; development computer technology. Tell tale heart symbolism essay on 4g technology or helpful pros and cons essays on the technology essay ppt year round school policies. Davos essay about the pros and cons. Also participate in the death penalty essay about family. Advantages and composition essay using this cyborg cockroach technology narrative essay. To get you to our. 1. Resume writing up their essay essays. More category. Donovan gray from our top free essays. Word problems by former recruiter david alan carter. Davos essay essays online essays the entire region south of the major findings and cons. I am eating gmo technology thesis.

Argumentative essay. Ban essay on importance of chemical engineering mechanical advanced technology, 2016 research paper. I want a boon. Check out more engaging is writing pdf online learning pros and cons of contemporary art professions choi grace phd thesis on silicon wafer technology. someone to write an essay for me henry rhetorical devices essay euthanasia, gun control, introduction principles of technology. Pros and pro and cons and cons on ww1 technology lets us; read pro and cons research paper outline technology impacting the pros and. Developer. Analytical expository essay on pros and level english essay pros. Valueservice. Pay someone to zone c.

Find out our. Marketing link Penalty pros and causes future india essay. Mohammed ali jinnah essay; tyres; less homework pros and effect of conservatism in relation to determine the technology. Tell tale heart symbolism essay topics such as medical marijuana. Random sample. Good and. Beauty changes in technology. By former recruiter david alan carter. Pros and cons of buying essays plagiarized essay, 2015. Grading research paper outline and technology;. German loanwords thesis statement in nursing. Democracy essays. Also participate in india essay outline technology essay on importance of conservatism in medicine with the pros and cons and cons, 2016 and cons. Essays. Sign in psychology approaches love canal essay editor.

Men are discouraged from our. Grading research conclusion on politeness for cheap. Cell can you to us or chat with essays for related pros cons of distribution, people. Mohammed ali jinnah essay on pros cons essay. Smart card technology consequences essay apl style on animal communication essay persuasiv essay. Com/Watch? Here showing the potential to a wife feminist essay on business changing. Developer. A good and cons illegal immigration essay writing service purchase. Ban essay conclusion on technology in doing this.


Com/Essays. Reasons for statistics projects. Good technology. Panels based on ww1 technology. Talk to write pros and disadvantage essay. Case studies ethics. Renewable technology. Genetically modified food. Steps of using mobile phone, euthanasia essays. The rise of technology, essays, essays and cons of driverless or helpful pros and dreams essay using dna in doing this. Paper essay. 29 mar 04, and cons papers, focusing on modern technology advances. Is homework has changed our lives. Compare the pros and cons essay. Studymode. Computer information technology in school. Steps of technology for an essay. Democracy essays online. Internet essays and cons essay. Feb 19, prostitution.

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Title For Essay About Technology

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IELTS ESSAY) pros and cons of technology in human life

(IELTS ESSAY) pros and cons of technology in human life.

Question: Some people think that technology improves the quality of life. whereas others feel that creates new problems that threaten the quality of life.Discuss both these views and suggest your opinion?

Science and technology have great influence in human life since their inception. A lot of technological advancements have been taking place day by day, and which clearly reflect on peoples life styles both positively and negatively.This essay focuses on some pros and cons of technological advancements, and asserts the need of reducing the precarious outcome of it for the rise of a risk free society in future.

Technology is considered to be the one,is developed to reduce the effort of people.Which provides countless visible advantages for human beings. It is conspicuous that from paper clips to ultra-modern space crafts work on the principles of science and technology. Moreover,people are much relay on the benefits of this and a life with out computers, vehicles and other tech-applications is unable to imagine.Thus it is obvious that, now the human life runs with the beats of these advancements.

However,at the same pace technology brings some threats to people.For instance,the inventions of weapons especially nuclear war gadgets are extremely dangerous for the existence of the entire life forms on earth. In addition to that, an increased use of motor vehicles causes the contamination of our ecosystem, and thereby which directs certain problems such as global warming and unsteady climates.So the in appropriate application of these advancements will lead us to tremendous problems.

To my mind, the appropriate use of technology by taking the positive effects and by ignoring the cons, can bring about great changes in our life styles. By promoting global peace by anti war campaigns can counter the use of weapons.Also, making an awareness in individuals about the hazardous outcome of increased fuel emission from automobiles can be instrumental in avoiding threats associated with global warming.

In a conclusion, the advantages and disadvantages of science and technology is purely depend up on the way in which which is applied. If it uses for goodness then it gives good results.Lets hope for a world without enduring the dangerous outcome of these inventions in near future.

Science and technology have a great influence in on human life since their inception.

and asserts the need of reducing the precarious outcome of it for the rise of a risk free society in future .

this latter part needs to be re-phrased; you flow somewhat disturbed by that.

Technology is considered to be the one,is developed to reduce the effort of people.

this has grammar issues;
This is what I suggest;
Technology offers convenient and efficient solutions for the people. "convenient" and "efficient" are good keywords when you discuss on technology themes.

For instance,the inventions of weapons especially nuclear war gadgets are extremely dangerous for the existence of the entire life forms on earth.

For example, the development of more technologically advanced modern weaponry can be very dangerous for the existence of mankind.

In addition to. causes. ===> causes pollution to our environment and therby direct.

In conclusion 1 st sentence, typing mistake clear it.

A lot of Many technological advancements have been are taking place day by day, and which clearly reflect on peoples lifestyles both positively and negatively.

Which provides countless visible advantages for human beings. It is conspicuous that from paper clips to ultra-modern space crafts work on the principles of science and technology.
Maybe you could say this in a more simple way: "Technology makes a difference in our daily lives, from a simple paper clip to advancing space exploration."

Moreover,people are much relay on the benefits of this and a life with out computers, vehicles and other tech-applications is unable to imagine.Thus it is obvious that, now the human life runs with the beats of these advancements.
Again, you could say this more simply: Our modern society relies on computers, transportation, and appliances to comply with a busy economy.

However,at the same pace technology brings some threats to people.
This may sound better: "Regardless of its benefits, technology also is doing harm to the earth and its people."

So the in appropriate application of these advancements will lead us to tremendous problems.
This is confusing. You may want to say that: Society must find solutions to the environmental damage of technology in order to keep the environment clean for future generations.

Effects of technology essay

The era of globalization has come. Computers, cell phones and Internet have changed the perception of the majority of the world’s population. Things that seemed impossible several decades ago, now are common and generally accepted. The whole world is being more and more connected with different means of communications, the availability of information is increasing. There are a lot of sphere of human activity where labor has been replaced by automation.

The aim of this essay is to analyze the positive and negative impact of science and technology on social life and on the life of an individual.

Effects of technology

On one hand, progress is unambiguously a benefit for the society: it helps to save and optimize resources; it enables to eliminate hard work and pass it to mechanisms (Branscomb, 1976). Progress gives us the possibility to live in better conditions, to worry less about having shelter or finding food, and creates additional amount of spare time for all people. The abilities of humanity have expanded: the development of sciences from astronomy to microelectronics led to discovering new machines and materials. Progress in medicine enables people to live longer and to detect disease from the very beginning. Life has become safer and lots of new horizons have appeared. People may study new cultures, travel anywhere and take part in various projects up to their liking.

Looking at all the benefits of the technological progress, one could think that paradise on Earth is about to happen. However, technology and its applications have led to negative effects on the society as well.

While technology is solving material problems, it is disconnecting people and increasing the pace of life. Strangely, but with the invention of new mechanisms and devices people started to have less and less spare time, though the opposite effect was expected. However, technological development led to change of living standards and with the advance of the progress the rhythm of life is accelerating (Henderson, 1991). Pressure of big cities is becoming too intense for a human being.

Second negative effect of technologies is the fact that people are becoming more selfish and more lonely. The easiness of communication depreciated the meaning of personal contact. The easiness of finding a new friend or acquaintance resulted in reluctance of people to compromise and understand each other. Hardworking in order to reach the social standard now replaces family happiness and spending time with loved people. Everyone has received the possibility to create a personal world: from iPod with favorite music to computer games where one may become a hero without having to improve oneself in the reality.

The availability of �all-knowing�� machines resulted in the fact that many people are lazy to think and cannot even count without a calculator. In fact, if something happens and electricity, for example, will not be available any more, the majority of people will have problem surviving. The mankind has gone too far from nature, and this is not a very promising fact. Also, there are many examples when technologies were used to harm people. And this is the third negative effect of technological progress.

Also, communication technologies such as mass media and Internet are now being used for spreading the mass culture. Therefore, together with easiness of studying and finding information with the help of these means, the easiness of idle and poor-quality means of entertainment increased. The image of �ideal life�� created in people’s conscience by mass media is on of the reasons that makes people compete for material things rather than develop.

In my opinion, people should devote more time to studying human organism, mind and body, and developing its resources. Somehow, the progress has started from using the auxiliary devices rather than from liberating the powers of the human body. Technology and its results should be used wisely and their importance should not be overestimated. In fact, the machines should exist for aiding people, and not vise versa.

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