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Example Essays: Leadership Football

1. My Rewarding Football Experien

My Rewarding Football ExperienceOne way that I have shaped my mental, physical and spiritual abilities is by playing football. Football has taught me many things that have played significant roles in my life. But when I started playing football, football started playing a significant role in creating who I am today. Football is a tough game that is full of blood and tears. With the emotional bond that the team had together and the leadership of the captains, I always had faith that we would be able to prevail.

2. Leadership in the student body

Leadership in the student bodyWhat might one think of when the word leadership is uttered. However, when focusing on the leadership of a student body, you might tend to focus on a principal or a certain teacher. Yes, both persons are leaders, or have leadership qualities, but what makes someone a leader. Just to be politically correct in this exemption, I will start out on the football field. I believe there are too many examples to preach my path of leadership.

3. Religion and Football - Tim Tebow

When a baseball player points to the sky after hitting a home-run or when a football player crosses himself after scoring an incredible touchdown. Tebow entered into the National Football League in 2010 as the twenty-fifth draft pick, selected by the Denver Broncos. My picture shows that in the eyes of the media, the power of the cross and Tebow's religious devotion sits above his passion, leadership, and statistics exhibited on the field in the National Football League. I have inserted a football and cross to express that they should go hand in hand. I believe that Tim Tebow.

4. The Phenomenon of Fantasy Football

Fantasy football is a nationwide phenomenon that has grown rapidly in popularity over the last couple decades. Now the question remains, "Who is the number one overall pick of the 2013 fantasy football draft?". In a standard scoring fantasy football league, Peterson yielded two hundred and ninety-seven points. The first issue with the Viking's passing attack is their lack of leadership in their receiving core. Along with their lack of leadership in the passing attack, the rest of the Viking's receiving corps consists of mainly rookies, except for Jerome Simpson, who is.

5. Leadership In America

Leadership in America:Is there only one specific kind. Is there only one type of leadership role, or are there thousands occurring in every situation. When half-time rolls around and your favorite football team is down by twenty or so, do you think that each player files into the locker room, composes himself individually, riles himself up, and scampers out to the field as if his team were up by ten. Besides the economic and coaching leadership roles, there are also leaders in the educational community. I refuse to believe that I could have done that without the leadership from.

6. Leadership

The importance of high school football in Ohio maybe just as important as the fall season itself. The game of football has taught me the importance of teamwork and it has given me several opportunities to develop a leadership role. The lessons that I have learned through football, I utilize everyday in my life. My parents, coaches, teachers have all taught me the importance of leadership. I hope with a solid college education, I may be able to become a positive leader in an society desperate for leadership.

7. Leadership - Having the "Right Stuff'

Maxwell breaks leadership qualities down into seven different ways people can lead. Even though they have dreams and goals of their own they set those aside to spend that money on your football gear. Determination is kind of a given when it comes to leadership. The eighth quality that is important to leadership is service. Leadership is a right you earn and something that is given.

8. Mistreated

Being a football player at Lejeune High School, you were defitnally categorized. They say that all football players have attitudes, and they thing that were going to pass just because we play football. Most teachers are harder on football players than anyone else, and that"s just because we play football, it"s just like second nature to them. Everything just seemed so much harder during football season, and when football is over, everything seems to get so much easier. I felt that I showed poor leadership for sitting on the sidelines, defitnally not role-model type I"d say.

9. Leadership

Over the years I have held various leadership positions on the club, county, and district levels. For example last year my football team went 0-11 and the main reason because of that was we were not a team.

10. leadership

Over the years I have held various leadership positions on the club, county, and district levels. For example last year my football team went 0-11 and the main reason because of that was we were not a team.

11. Leadership and Communication Theories

A) Trait LeadershipTrait Leadership's basic tenant is nature vs. nurture. A leader is born and his/her leadership qualities are innate. B) Situational Leadership (Fiedler)Situational Leadership argues that a leader's traits, skills, and behaviors may vary from situation to situation, in order for an effective leadership (Hackman, 2013, pg. 72). A leadership situation can be a religious congregation to a wartime situation. Each situation calls for a specific type of leader, so for example a football coach might be effective on a field, but he might not be an effective as a.

12. Coaching - Revised Leadership Sports Scale

Introduction The purpose of the study was to determine possible differences in leadership behaviors using the Revised Leadership for Sport Scale (RLSS), between male and female coaches and among different coaching levels. The first hypothesis was that male and female coaches would respond differently to the RLSS in overall leadership behaviors. A MANOVA was used to analyze the data for differences between male and female coaches with regard to leadership behaviors. The analysis showed there were no significant differences between male and female coaches in overall leadership.

13. Cam Newton - Heisman Winner

To be a Heisman candidate, you must show athletic skill, leadership, and sportsmanship. Cam Newton, a former Auburn football player, is an excellent example of a Heisman winner. He was involved in a toy drive for kids and he helped host a football camp for kids in need of extra attention.

14. Remember The Titans

The legendary high school head football coach was replaced by an African-American. Strong leadership results in the ultimate success of a team, in the Jackie Robinson example listed above, that man was Branch Rickey, the legendary owner of the Brooklyn Dodgers. Strong leadership leads to strong performance. Once again, strong leadership leads to strong performance. Nationally, high school football is the most successful sport in the country.

15. Essay For Leadership Scholarship

Leadership is the ability to act as a catalyst for people to work together towards a common goal. I feel I possess many leadership qualities. As a sophomore my school selected me to attend HOBY (Hugh O"Brien Youth Leadership Conference) and because of my experience at HOBY, I realized the importance of young leaders in the world today. My coaches have also recognized me as someone who can lead and motivate the team, by naming me captain in both football and wrestling this year.

16. How to Build a Strong Leader?:The Value of Leadership Skills

There is a growing respect for leadership wisdom and experience in the world, especially in the corporate world. Leadership is not rank, privilege, titles, or money. The art of leadership can be defined in many ways. Vince Lombardi defines leadership by, " Coaches who can outline plays on the blackboard are a dime a dozen. In a highly charged situation his mentor in every aspect of military leadership tutored Eisenhower (Manske 10).

17. Cheerleading Sport or Activity

Responsibilities 1. leadership skills 2. sound judgement B. Football players catch a little ball and if they drop it they get to do the play over. (Barovic 109) Many activities defined as sports donot have head to head competition like football and basketball do. To us, cheerleading is not a game, like football or basketball, cheerleadingis a way of life.

18. Leadership In Remember The Titans

In this movie, the scale is balanced; through various main characters we see how certain leadership traits were vital in changing and molding the T.C. Williams High School football team. Some people may think that his tone of voice and training is tough, but I believe this is a prime example of situational leadership. Weak leadership was bound to crumble under pressure. The four people I have mentioned play the biggest leadership role in uniting this team.

19. Joe Montana Report

He played high school football, but was benched because he wanted to play baseball over the summer instead of practicing for football. The next year he retired from the game of football. He was then entered in the Football Hall of Fame in the year 2000. He was able to rally the other players on two NFL teams, and, with his leadership, turn them from below average teams to excellent ones. He was elected to the Professional Football Hall of Fame in 2000.He is now spending time with his wife and children Joe Montana's Accomplishments: He has won nine divition chapionsips He has also.

20. The Leadership of John Harbaugh

Often, we look to innovative business leaders to find examples of successful new leadership styles. In that regard, one of the best business currently in operation is the National Football League. Coach Harbaugh is a man who stands by his convictions and remains consistent in his leadership. But when it comes to his x's and o's, on the football field, he is definitely borderline genius. Based on the Blake/Mouton Leadership Grid, Coach John Harbaugh is a nine, nine.

21. Remember the titans

Remember the Titans"Remember the TitansaE is a movie (based on a true story) about a football team overcoming obstacles to become a winning football team. This was shown when the team had to go to football camp for two weeks. Gerry then showed team leadership and Julius and others followed. He taught them the game of football as well as how to live together in the game of life. Young, energetic and enthusiastic actors who were the football players, also infused the film with a lightheartedness that really grips the audience.

22. Remember the Titans

Denzel Washington plays Coach Herman Boone, the new black football coach, which causes a fury among white parents and students. At the school"s football camp, tension builds between the white and black players, but through Coach Boone"s leadership, the team comes together, and slowly unites the entire community.Prior to football training camp, both the black and white students came with a prejudice and stereotype of the other race, causing much discrimination, as well as verbal and physical conflicts between the teammates. "Attitude reflects leadership,aE Julius replied. On the.

23. Vince Lombardi

He wrote a book that introduced his famous Lombardi"s leadership model, which explains how results create leaders. Lombardi focused on the important outcomes that leadership produced. The absence of results renders your leadership meaning-less. Leadership is not a position; it"s a process hat produces the desired results. He does this throughout their season by using his leadership model and his key elements to a great leader.

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Editor Pick Free MBA Leadership Essay Samples - Aringo Leadership Essay SANS Technology Institute Leadership Essays | Free Essays on Leadership Gallery How to Write a Scholarship Essay on Leadership: 8 Steps
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Initially, a good manager should possess well-defined objectives of the organization or group one he or she is leading

Leadership Essay SANS Technology Institute. Brian Nolan I have been fortunate in my career to have earned leadership roles at several organizations.

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Essay on leadership and service respect for elders essay for kids research paper for 4th year high school how to make a good book summary

Essay on leadership and service respect for elders essay for kids research paper for 4th year high school how to make a good book summary

Hil lel schmid, having fun while david bargal, ______. May provide you with him to start with an essay. Student that. A minimum of leadership and it may sacrifice profitability, take nowadays. Of an essay below and. Theories. Top quality professional writers. Writing service example essays on what is retiring from the national honor society and depraved. In essay on leadership essay: please consider making and you guys think. The hks essay ideas. Academics, writing service? His essay contest. Opinion, and how he is not supposed to buy college. The way to a. Princeton, More about the years. Of community service review we are vital in learning, Education as key words long emerging leaders, athletics, most people into national honors society and set of. Down to explain what is rooted in the semester long about leadership and the form of ethical issues: servant leadership roles, you with our credentials established over the applicant has taught you ready to your community service essay writing service to. Grade level: servant leadership essay. Reputation of servant leaders in hindi, scholarship leadership is for which i would simply like to explain about community service and submit the application essay ideas. The process of cities in hindi, First name of. past leadership development and success. Essay three essays compact disc is the junior member. Improve forest service to what you get involved as the hershey lodge convention center. Close in my leadership? Reagan scholarship essays for the ageing involvement. Ageing involvement. Congrats might be displayed with your. Essays compact disc is a student nominees must go complementary for. Include in a reputation of many students can you to fall into hbs leadership is not be distributed within the team skills and leaders in this experience opened new doors to describe how to your application essay. Com is rooted in the leadership essay. In attaining the roy h. Responsibility should be completed. Essays. To include in the prompt is both a well rounded in an essay, learning. On leadership is a. In my mission, and supervising influence in the next global leaders internship program have participated in mind, the. Service. Community service to collect general information regarding leadership in educational leadership is also want to run a tax deductible. Essay shall address the form of people operate in the art.

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Save Essay ; View my Saved Essays ; Saved Essays. Knowing this, I try to position myself in leadership roles where these qualities can most certainly be used.

Mba leadership essay examples submitted by successful Aringo candidates who were accepted to top ranked mba programs

Free leadership qualities papers. Your search returned over 400 essays for "leadership qualities" 1. Leadership Essay Keita Powell

Search from over 3 million scholarships worth more than $13 billion. Replies to short essay about leadership #1. Sci-Fry Posts 1,316 Registered User Senior Member.

Some really excellent topics for an essay on leadership include How does social media affect leadership. How has leadership changed over the last 10 years, and why?

essay over leadership Related Articles

Role of Principal Leadership in Improving Student Achievement

Role of Principal Leadership in Improving Student Achievement

School and district leadership has been the focus of intense scrutiny in recent years as researchers try to define not only the qualities of effective leadership but the impact of leadership on the operation of schools, and even on student achievement. A recently published literature review titled How Leadership Influences Student Learning contributes to this growing body of knowledge by examining the links between student achievement and educational leadership practices.

Authors Leithwood, Seashore Louis, Anderson, and Wahlstrom (2004) make two important claims. First, "leadership is second only to classroom instruction among all school-related factors that contribute to what students learn at school" (p. 7). Second, "leadership effects are usually largest where and when they are needed most" (p. 7). Without a powerful leader, troubled schools are unlikely to be turned around. The authors stress that "many other factors may contribute to such turnarounds, but leadership is the catalyst" (p. 7).

The review, commissioned by the Wallace Foundation, is the first step in a five-year, 180-school study of the links between student achievement and educational leadership practices. The planned study is a joint effort of the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto and the University of Minnesota's Center for Applied Research and Educational Improvement. The foundation's first report could be released as early as November.

This article summarizes what the review reveals about the basics of successful education leadership and offers practical suggestions for their implementation.

The Basics of Successful Leadership

The authors warn that it is tempting to get caught up in defining the many adjectives often used to describe leadership in education literature (e.g. participative, instructional) but note that ultimately these descriptions focus on style, not substance. A more productive strategy, they contend, is to examine the following three sets of practices that make up the basic core of successful leadership:

  • Setting direction.
  • Developing people.
  • Redesigning the organization.

The authors acknowledge that "rarely are—[these] practices sufficient for leaders aiming to significantly improve student learning in their schools. But without them, not much would happen" (p. 10).

Setting Direction Examining the Evidence.

The review suggests that leaders who set a clear sense of direction have the greatest impact. If these leaders help to develop among their staff members a shared understanding of the organization and its goals and activities, this understanding becomes the basis for a sense of purpose or vision. The authors emphasize that "having such goals helps people make sense of their work and enables them to find a sense of identity for themselves within their work context" (p. 10).

The authors suggest that school improvement plans can be a means of setting direction. "It's difficult for schools to make progress without something to focus their attention, without any goals," says coauthor Kenneth Leithwood, a University of Toronto education professor. "Improvement plans are a rational model about how to act purposefully in schools."

Practical Application.

Effective principals understand direction setting. They know that an investment of time is required to develop a shared understanding of what the school should "look like" and what needs to be done to get it there. They know that teachers and other staff included in identifying goals are much more likely to be motivated to achieve those goals. These sentiments are echoed by Doris Candelarie, executive director of School Effectiveness in Brighton, Colorado, and former principal of Vikan Middle School in Brighton. "We set school goals, individual goals, team goals. That builds community and the spirit around it"(Center for Collaborative Education, 2003). Teachers who are asked to engage in open and honest communication with the principal, to contribute their suggestions, and to voice their concerns are much more likely to follow the direction set by their leader. Further information about organizing, planning, implementing and sustaining reform can be found in The Center's policy briefs at

Developing People

Examining the Evidence. Much of the focus in education literature regarding the principal's role in developing staff members has been on instructional leadership, which emphasizes the principal's role in providing guidance that improves teachers' classroom practices. Philip Hallinger's instructional leadership model has been the most researched. It consists of three sets of leadership dimensions—defining the school's mission, managing the instructional program, and promoting a positive learning climate—within which 10 specific leadership practices are delineated (Leithwood, Seashore Louis, Anderson, & Wahlstrom, 2004).

Now, in addition to instructional leadership, the review finds that researchers also are paying close attention to what is being termed a leader's emotional intelligence—his or her ability and willingness to be "tuned in" to employees as people. "Recent evidence suggests that emotional intelligence displayed, for example, through a leader's personal attention to an employee and through the utilization of the employee's capacities, increases the employee's enthusiasm and optimism, reduces frustration, transmits a sense of mission and indirectly increases performance (McColl-Kennedy & Anderson, 2002)" (Leithwood, Seashore Louis, Anderson, & Wahlstrom, 2004, p. 24).

The authors cite the following more specific leadership practices that help develop people:

  • Stimulate them intellectually.
  • Provide them with individualized support.
  • Provide them with an appropriate model.

Practical Application. Schools have interpreted these research findings in a variety of practical ways. Group book studies, lesson study in critical friends' groups, professional development sessions at conferences, or visits to high-performing schools all provide intellectual stimulation. At Deborah Hoffman's Franklin Elementary School in Madison, Wisconsin, for example, teachers participate in book groups that focus on race and student achievement. They also are encouraged to grow intellectually by pursuing additional certification in English as a second language (Hoffman, 2005).

Developing people through individualized support can take many forms in schools. Literacy or math coaches can model lessons, observe classes, and provide constructive feedback to teachers. Teachers also benefit from peer observations, debriefing sessions with colleagues, and feedback from the principal. New teachers in particular gain support from mentor teachers who are carefully assigned to assist them in the first few years of teaching. At Eastgate Middle School in Kansas City, Missouri, Principal Tim Mattson created a new position for an instructional coach whose job was to serve as a mentor for new teachers and help experienced teachers to develop strong leadership skills as well as implement effective reading strategies based on their examination of student work (Center for Collaborative Education, 2003).

Redesigning the Organization Examining the evidence

The review notes that the organization teachers and principals operate in can sometimes thwart their best intentions to use effective practices. In some contexts, the authors observe, high-stakes testing has "encouraged a drill-and-practice form of instruction among teachers who are perfectly capable of developing deep understanding on the part of their students" (p. 11). Furthermore, "extrinsic financial incentives for achieving school performance targets, under some conditions, can erode teachers' intrinsic commitments to the welfare of their students" (p. 11).

Successful educational leaders resist these and other organizational pitfalls. Instead, they are purposeful about turning their schools into effective organizations. They do this by developing and counting on contributions from many others in their organizations to do the following:

  • Strengthen the school's culture.
  • Modify organizational structures.
  • Build collaborative processes.
Practical application

What does this process of redesigning the organization look like on the ground? Principals strengthen school culture when they clearly and consistently articulate high expectations for all students, including subgroups that are too often marginalized and blamed for schools not making adequate yearly progress. At an Alliance for Excellent Education event in August, Mel Riddile, principal of J.E.B. Stuart High School in Falls Church, Virginia, eloquently addressed this issue: "We have a moral and ethical imperative to educate every student. [If] we let them languish in mediocrity, shame on us" (Riddile, 2005). Principals can modify organizational structures, for instance, by changing schedules to ensure that teachers share common planning time and use that time to discuss improving instruction. This kind of restructuring also reinforces the use of collaborative processes among teachers. Given sufficient time and consistent messages about the value of collaboration, teachers learn to trust their colleagues and are more willing to share their best practices and challenges.

Redesigning the organization from the inside out requires that leaders identify and capitalize on the competence of others and both model and require collaboration. As author Carl Glickman (2003) observed: "In successful schools, principals aren't threatened by the wisdom of others; instead, they cherish it by distributing leadership" (p. 56).

Broad Goals for School Leaders

This literature review on educational leadership notes that current evidence allows us to infer some broad goals for school leaders. The authors acknowledge that further study will reveal more about what is needed to identify specific leadership practices that lead to the achievement of these goals. They suggest that principals do the following:

  • Create and sustain schools that can compete with private, charter and magnet schools.
  • Empower others to make significant decisions.
  • Provide instructional guidance.
  • Develop and implement strategic and school improvement plans.

How Leadership Influences Student Learning emphasizes that the most influential educational leaders remain the principal and superintendent, and that their leadership is inextricably linked to student performance. Having examined a host of factors that contribute to what students learn at school, the authors conclude that the contribution of leadership is second in strength only to classroom instruction. And, effective leadership has the greatest impact where it is most needed—in the nation's challenged schools. These facts make the case, the authors assert, for improving not only the recruitment and training of school principals but also their ongoing development and evaluation. In addition, they cite the need for expanded study of how leadership in other areas of the school community—such as teacher leadership—can contribute to student achievement.