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Essay On If I Were A English Teacher

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If i were an english teacher essay

If i were an english teacher essay

By: BorisP On: 10.11.2015

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How would I use my assignment not in the UK if i were an english teacher essay better to the

if if i were an english teacher essay were an write teacher taecher collections of internationalisation. They encounter the conflict between knowledge and time?.

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Any english language professional teacher?

i am on vacations rights now.can any professional english language teacher help me by checking my essay for english general paper of advanced level through email.i will be thankful to him.write ur email address

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I m an English teacher

I'm an English teacher. What are your biggest struggles when learning English. Ask me anything?

Hi Ron, firstly I want to thank you for opening such a nice thread. You are really appreciated.

Can you give me suggestion regarding English fluency in English speaking? I really need to be fluent in English but since I do not have anyone known to talk in English with, I am badly struggling in this case. Waiting for your suggestion.

lastly, can I have your skype ID please or would you kindly add me on skype. My skyep name: IZ Djoy

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Hello, nice to meet you. Can you help me. I have studied English a long time but I always feel my ability is so bad. It makes me confuse and worry when speaking English. Perhaps, my grammar is not good. I really worry about it. Thank you so much.

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I do know what to follow in the sentence during conversation. I also want to learn english.

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Thank you so so much. I'll will try right now and if I have any trouble, I will tell you.

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Hi, I always have the worst problems when I talk about my past, because I never know when to use. have been/have had'' or just. was/had''. I try to learn this from many textbooks again and again, but I still don't understand it and it is still difficult for me to think quickly what to use while talking. Thank you for any help.

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Hi, I am a new member I have been learning English for a long time and I try to practice it almost every day, but I cant speak English very well,and most of time I make a lot of mistake when I am talking to a native they can understand me but when they are talking it is difficult for me to understand them. How can I make less my problem and how can improve my speaking. Best regard

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Hi my teacher main problem in learn english i think its we dont learn in order 4 skills and we attempt to learn the skill that we are very good on it

If I were an English teacher

If I were an English teacher (0) Lõik materjalist

If I were an English teacher Being a teacher is not an easy task. Teachers have many problems with students who does not know how to behave. Some of them even make fun of teachers and I find this kind of behaviour disturbing, because it is not fair that urchins have more fun in school than decent students have. Yes, teachers can throw the rebels out or punish them in other ways, but that usually agitates the students against the teacher. Firstly, I would like to say that if I were an English teacher I would variegate the classes with subjects, which students would actually find interesting. I would find it exciting to let them think and explore more about politics. social issues. world news and of course other subjects that they really find interesting to speak about. I believe these subjects need also considering because the majority of youth actually has no idea or interest who represents them or how politics work for that matter. I find having a dialogue with students is a good opportunity for creating good relationships between the two parties in question. Secondly, I find it necessary to make sure that understood the system. If I were an English teacher I certainly would not be an epicene, sterile and clinical „toad”. On contrary, I would make the best out of me to forbid all final exams and tests because I find final exams


If i were an English teacher, If i were a teacher, kui ma oleksin õpetaja,
english teacher. inglise keel



Almost everyone more than once thought of the teaching profession. I have been pondering over the importance of this noble job and have drawn a conclusion that much effort is required of a person who works in this line. Probably the majority of students repeatedly saw themselves in the teacher’s place, trying to imagine this role…

What can a teacher be like indeed? What does it mean to be an equitable teacher, a good educator and a wise preceptor?

I see eye to eye with the German poet Goethe who once said '' Those who educate us are appropriately called our teachers, but not everyone who teaches us deserves to be called so''. As for me, I consider this profession the most significant because, in my opinion, the teacher is the chief supervisor in everyone's life. That is the reason for which I am eager to devote my life to this occupation. I could have been engaged in many other things, but I feel vocation for teaching despite the modest salary and being busy all the time. In a certain period, I made up my mind that my calling is to educate and form the personality using the ideals of morals, kindness and setting a good example through my own behaviour.

As a student I encountered different teachers at school and lecturers at the university throughout my life. There is no doubt that they are remarkable people. A model of respectability for me is my school English teacher. She had great influence on my choice of profession. She had possessed immense knowledge of the subject, spared no effort to arouse our interest and explained everything in a creative way. Each of her classes was a small performance in which every pupil felt at ease and participated in the discussion with pleasure. She is not only a good teacher, but also an adorable person. She was always on good terms with us. If I had a personal problem, I could confide in her. I knew that in any trouble I could rely on my teacher. Now I look back on her lessons as a very happy time in my live and I miss her very much. I often call her to learn how she is doing and hear a dear voice of a close person. I have a great desire to take after her in my work and I hope my dream will come true.

Would you like to know what will happen when I become a teacher? Well, first of all, I am going to create a relaxed environment in which it will be comfortable for students to participate in the educational process. I think that teachers should treat students with respect, love, understanding and unruffled calm. It is very important, when a teacher remembers what it was like to be a student and manages to be on the wavelength with pupils.

I will try to implement my own language teaching methods. Vivid presentations, videos and movies will enrich and relive my lessons. To maintain interest to the subject some grammar, dictation and discussion will be combined in my lessons. I will check knowledge not only with the help of written tests, taking an oral quiz, but also in the form of competitions, project work and other creative activities, where children will demonstrate their skills and master the language. In addition, I need to know the inner world of every student, be able to put myself in their shoes, explain their behaviour and help to solve any problems.

More than that, I am going by all means to involve pupils in extracurricular activities. For example, a foreign language can be taught through songs, poems and even origami. My main goal is to instill love and interest to the subject, English traditions and customs. I’ll also arrange theatrical performances in the original, which, in my opinion, will enable children to develop individual talents in the field of dramatic art, singing and painting.

Another integral part of my teaching activities will be a close relationship with colleagues. We may give the integrated lessons, combining English lessons with the lessons of literature, history, social studies, music. On the one hand it will be exciting both for teachers and students, on the other hand it will help to broaden their mind and learn a lot of new, useful and informative things.

One more important aspect of the teacher’s profession is to get on well with students’ parents. I will certainly try to find a common language and mutual understanding with them, as I consider that teachers and parents should strive for the same goal and results.

Working as a teacher, I would like to improve my skills, share experience with foreign colleagues, adopt elements of their training and education and take part in various competitions and conferences.

In conclusion, I should say that I aspire to become a good teacher with infinite knowledge of my subject. It will obviously demand a lot of time and effort. To realize my ambitions, I should read a lot of special literature on the methods of teaching foreign languages. Science of education instructs us to juggle such personal qualities of the teacher as:

- impeccable teaching techniques;

- a talent for discipline;

- a sense of humor;

- a sense of tact;

- a talent to find the answer to the most complicated questions;

- a talent to be hard-working, put a lot of effort into work;

- a talent to be well-organized, creative, intelligent and witty, sociable, caring and calm.

All things considered I must say that only in this case I’ll be a real master and have the right to impart my knowledge and experience to students.

How to make an english teacher happy at

There are many things that motivate me to strive harder to do what I need to do…

My family has always pushed me to try harder and never quit.

I have always been a very busy person. I have many extracurricular activities that I do to push my self and make myself busy. I want to be a well rounded person.

I know that if I work hard now, it will pay off in the end. I want to be successful in the future and the only way is to be successful in my education. I know that my future is in my hands and that thought pushes me to work harder.Michelangelo showed his means of expression in his paintings, and they were equally shown also in his poetry, architecture, and sculpture. Through his amazing work, he often seems the ultimate embodiment of the achievements of his age. In Michelangelo's, "The Creation of Man", Adam shown at the moment of creation already displays the vigor that Michelangelo gave to every human body. This is also true in Michelangelo's version of David, showing his potential power in his massive, oversized head. In all of Michelangelo's work, every one of them conveys the sense of latent strength of striving which was Michelangelo's signature.

Raphael used ancient styles and mastery of perspective to produce works of perfect harmony, beauty, and serenity. His paintings give an impression of relaxation through scenes that are balance and at peace. Raphael's "The School of Athens", was his tribute to the ancient world. Raphael seemed to be saying that the artists are the crowning glory of the Renaissance.

Titian is the most famous Venetian painter. His paintings depicted rich velvets, lush nudes and stormy skies which almost seemed real. Titian was Europe's most sought after portraitist. Titian's "Bacchanal", represents the different stages of.

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"how to make an english teacher happy." Jul 26, 2016

Essay - Parents are the best teachers

I express my point of views.I hope it will be helpful!

"Edu a cation is very important in a person´s life; education makes you became an adult."

I think 'became' is wrong for this situation and you must use 'become'
If i were you, i would write this sentence:
"Eduacation is very important in anybody's life;it distinguishes humans from animals"

"Children can learn from many different parts"

I think instead of "from", it's better to use the word 'through' and also use 'ways' instead of 'parts'.

"I agree with this belief "

"in my case this statement became true"
"has become"
"this idea has interpreted true in my case"

"I learnt from them so much that I´m probably almost as my parents are."

"I learnt/(have learnt) so much from my parents that i almost behave the same way as they do"

"what they did and how they did it"

You are talking in general not something happened in the past; so you must use the simple form of the verb 'do'.

"therefore I just learnt watching her cook."

"therefore i have learnt it unconsciously just through watching her cooking"

"They are an example"

Use the word 'pattern' instead of example!

"he´s going to copy you ( on ) many things"

you need an 'on' after you

"they are going to imitate your doings.Actually We are a mirror for our children!"

" Don´t ever forget that your the most important teacher for your child."

"Never forget that you're the most important teacher for your children."

My favourite teacher essay

My favourite teacher essay

Introduction: Mr. Johnson is my favorite teacher. He is our English teacher. He is an M.A. in English. I love him, respect him and like him best. He has left a permanent impression on my mind by his conquering qualities of love and affection,convincing power, high personality and admirable teaching method. He is our friend,
philosopher and guide.

Reasons of my being favorite: Mr. Johnson not only observes dutifulness but also combines in him a number of other qualities. He is endowed with scholarship, love for teaching, capacity to create interest in his subject, inherent earnestness to see his pupils really educated and improved in character. He carries out his responsibilities fully without fear or favour and strictly enforces the rules of study and conduct. For all this these he is disliked at first by some students but before long they change their opinion about him and make themselves diligent,attentive and regular in doing the task assigned by him.

Qualities: Mr. Johnson has many virtues of an ideal man with a high sense of humanity. So he has easily earned the genuine love and admiration of all right-thinking boys. He and his students are bound much by the ties of the same relation as between a father and his sons. He not only teaches but also tends them.That is to say, he is a tutor, a father and a friend to his students. He takes loving care of his students in all matters of importance. As for example, he looks after their education, helps them in distress, gives them his edifying association and always keeps them on the right back. If a boy is backward in his class, he is sure to get help from Mr. Johnson. If any poor boy can not buy a book, he will no doubt get a book from Mr. Johnson. Many a night he spends by the sick bed of ailing students living in the hostel. He checks and reforms a student who may have fallen
in evil company. Such is his love and kindness to students. He never hesitates to borrow money to help a needy boy. But he dislikes people talking about his charities.

Method of teaching: His method of teaching is very easy and lucid. He has a strong,clear and pleasant voice. Everyday he teaches us in a new style. He can make any grammatical problem easy. He knows well how to increase the curiosity of the students. His pronunciation is very good. In his class he creates an English environment. We never feel boring in his class. Rather we feel encouraged in his class. If any student fails to understand any grammatical problem, then he helps the student to understand it.

Conclusion: Mr. Johnson is a born teacher and affectionate friend. He finds delight in working with us both in the classroom and outside. He is always ready to help us in all possible ways. So I appreciate and like him most. Such a teacher is liked not only by me but also by all sensible students.