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Achievement Hunter

Achievement Hunter
  • michael: "fucking cock now you have to get to the next u-turn which is like a bajillion miles away. "
  • michael: "well done, idiot"
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  • ryan: "there's a hole 12 yards ahead, you should drive into it"
  • ryan: "you are now edgar"
  • ryan: "always. edgar."
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Achievement Hunter at RTX 2014

Friday: RWBY Panel (x)(x) - Lindsay GTA V Patch - Ryan Saturday: Achievement Hunter Panel Prop Hunt Trials - Jack & Gavin Age of Booty - Jack & Gavin Game Grumps & RT play Cards against Humanity (x)(x) - Ray Sunday: Achievement Hunter Panel (x)(x) Internet Box Podcast (x)(x) - Michael.

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Achievement Hunter

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Achievement Hunter is a gaming website and Rooster Teeth division created by Rooster Teeth Co-Founder Geoff Ramsey which focuses on demonstrating how to earn achievements in various video games. Since its launch on July 28th, 2008 [2]. the site has gain a massive following with its official Youtube channel gaining more than 3 million subscribers as of 2015.


On [6] July 28th, 2008, Geoff Ramsey created Achievement Hunter [3] under the interest to create an achievement based gaming community. Alongside fellow Rooster Teeth employee Jack Pattillo, The two regularly release achievement guides and easter egg videos, usually with the help of the Rooster Teeth Community. By 2009, Achievement Hunter began accepting freelance work from the Rooster Teeth Community. Unlike other Achievement based sites, Achievement Hunter is highly dependent on feedback and contributions from their Community.
Thought originally only posting their videos on their main website as well as the Rooster Teeth Youtube Channel as early as July 29th, 2008, Achievement Hunter began uploading videos on their newly launched Main Channel titled “Let’s Play” on April 15th, 2013, and has since uploaded many videos that focuses on the Let’s Play series.

Staff Members Cast

- Geoff Ramsey. 2008–present
- Jack Pattillo. 2008–present
- Gavin Free. 2008–2011 (recurring), 2012–present (cast)
- Ray Narvaez, Jr. 2010–2011 (recurring), 2012–2015 (cast)
- Michael Jones. 2011–present
- Ryan Haywood. 2011 (crew), 2012–present (cast)
- Lindsay Jones. 2013–present


- Caleb Denecour. 2011–present
- Lindsay Jones. 2013–present
- Kdin Jenzen. 2013–present
- Matt Bragg. 2014–present
- Jeremy Dooley. 2014–present
- Steffie Hardy. 2014-present
- Trevor Collins. 2014-present

Related Series Achievement HUNT

Originally called Achievement HORSE or Achievement PIG. Achievement HUNT is a series where the crew would play in any competitive game in which whoever accumulates 4 victories wins the game. The game that they are playing can be change each round to add variety and challenge. The scoring system is that one point will equal one letter from the word “ HUNT .”

Fails of The Weak

Fails of The Weak is a series that highlights flaws, glitches and fails found in various Video Games that are submitted by the Rooster Teeth Community.

Rage Quit

Rage Quit is a series where Michael Jones is subjected to very hard or low quality games which will usually cause him to yell out in rage due to frustration or confusion.

Let’s Play

As the name suggest, Let’s Play is a series where the team would play games while doing commentary. Due to the popularity of the series, an official youtube channel dedicated to Let’s Play was launched on April 15th, 2013 with many spin offs such as Let’s Build, Let’s Fail, Full Play, etc.


VS is a series where the winning participant is challenged by another player to a game of their choosing. Whoever wins in that episode will get to keep a wrestling Belt and a Golden Rooster as a trophy for a whole week before the next episode starts and the winner is challenged again.


GO! is a series where competitors are challenge to perform a task or achievement in any game the player chooses. The winner pf each episode of would receive a sticker and the one to collect all 5 stickers are awarded a pizza party by Geoff and a friend.


AHWU (or Achievement Hunter Weekly Updates) is a weekly series that highlights the latest releases in video games. the hottest news around the gaming world as well as announcing upcoming episodes by Achievement Hunter and other changes around the site.


Countdown is a series that compiles the top list of certain instances in video games.


Megacraft is a series that showcases some of the best minecraft creations that are on the community.

Five Facts

Five Facts is a series that highlights 5 interesting facts surrounding a chosen video game.

Things To Do in

Things To Do In is a series where the team would find random things to do in video games.

Game Night

Game Night is a series in which they play custom made games in various video games alongside the community. The series is notable for having Gavin Free yelling out “What is Game Night?” in each episode that has become a joke amongst the community (Shown right).

Online Popularity

Since its launch on 2008, Achievement Hunter has gathered a massive following online. The official Let’s Play Channel has gathered more than 3 million views as of 2015 [8]. The Achievement Hunter Twitter page has gathered more than 379.000 followers [4] while the official Facebook page has gained more than 310.000 views [5]. Typing the keyword “Achievement Hunter” on the Deviantart search engine would yield more than 7.300 results worth of fanart [7] .

On August 9th, 2010, the AH Community Youtube Channel was launched. Managed officially by Achievement Hunter, the channel uploads videos of Achievement guides that are submitted by the community. As of 2015, the channel has gathered more than 348.000 subscribers [9] .

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Achievement Hunter interview

Achievement Hunter: The making of a YouTube legend

The entire Rooster Teeth team © Brian Huynh

It hasn’t been an overnight success though – anything but. Alongside long hours with regular daily work for Rooster Teeth’s main productions, Ramsey worked with Jack Pattillo, who would become the first full-time Achievement Hunter employee, to make two or three videos a week, and this would continue for a year and half until Ramsey wanted to make it his full-time priority: “After about 18 months, I went to Burnie and Matt [Hullum] and said ‘I think this is doing well enough, and I think it’s got enough legs to stand on its own, and I’d like to focus my full attention on it’ and I did – now we have 12 employees.”

Pattillo, also well known among Rooster Teeth fans for his beard, originally started off at the company doing contract work for commercials, and he eventually transitioned to become Achievement Hunter employee number one. Pattillo tells us, “I was Rooster Teeth employee number nine – and now we have 12 with just AH – which is pretty crazy for me. Geoff has been around since the beginning, and then I came in, and now we’ve grown our little section of the company to what it was when it started, so it’s pretty surreal.”

The success on YouTube isn’t just down to making weird and wacky videos and throwing them out to see how they do – that does happen on occasion though – but it’s also down to knowing exactly what the audience wants. Ramsey tells us, “the AH videos have done really well, especially in the last year or so, when we started making Let’s Play videos – that’s really taken over what we do, as they’re more accessible. Let’s say you’re playing Call of Duty . and there’s a hard achievement you want to get, so you make the achievement video, put it out on the internet, try to be funny or whatever, but you’re making content that’s only going to appeal to a niche – only COD players are going to watch it primarily, and then, COD players who need help getting that achievement. We’ve tried to expand AH into much broader entertainment that would appeal to larger audiences, which is why we do Fails of The Weak and Let’s Plays and Things To Do In. ”

The Things To Do In segment, typically a clip showing weird, wacky, or downright hilarious things to do in a specific game isn’t just down to coming up with a single idea and running with it – usually, it’s the sum of a larger project, and for the AH crew Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto V is the gift that just keep on giving. Ramsey tells us “Things To Do In, was primarily Minecraft before GTA came out, and then it’s really, like, I don’t know – we do a Let’s Play each week, and a lot of times we’re just playing, screwing around, waiting for it to start, and something happens that seems like a fun idea.”

“We just did one the other day – Mike [Michael Jones] and I were screwing around, and found out you can get motorcycles on the rollercoaster, so we did a race – and it really comes just from playing the game, and loving the game – it’s the same as with RvB, you know. It takes the mindset of picking up the controller and the game telling you to move forward, so the first thing you think of is, ‘Oh cool, I’m going to go backwards’, just to see what’s behind me or to do the exact thing I’m not supposed to do. Luckily, a game like GTA is so large, it’s a sandbox game, and when they make it, they really encourage you to explore and screw around in the game, coming up with as many wacky ideas as you can, so really the game does all the work.”

“It’s kind of funny now,” Pattillo grins, “We’ve slowly become more and more friends with a lot of these people who actually make the games – so we have friends at Rockstar, and they’ll email me, saying ‘How did you you figure that out – how did you land a Titan on the side of a mountain, you’re not supposed to do that!” – so we’re playing in the sandbox they’re making, and they respect that – that’s cool.”

With an open world like Grand Theft Auto V having almost unlimited possibilities, how do you even begin to experiment with such a huge game? Ramsey tells us that Rockstar’s Creator Tool helps a lot, “I spend a lot of time in that – I try to block out, like, a day or just two hours a week for me to sit and screw around, and that’s where we come up with a lot of dumb races.” Sometimes ideas will even come to Ramsey in his dreams. “A lot of the time I’ll have an idea in the shower, or I’ll have a dream – I actually wake up a lot at 4am in the morning, and go ‘oh, we need to do this, but with a tank’.”

“Achievement Knievel was one of those 4am dreams in GTA that did really well – I suck at sleeping,” Ramsey explains, ”so I really do wake up between 4:00 and 5:30 every day and I just can’t sleep past that, so that was one where I just woke up and typed the idea into my phone and tried to get back to bed.”

© Rockstar Games

The result, and really if you’ve not seen it you need to hit play in the video above right now, sees the Achievement Hunter team sending various vehicles sailing over buses in the style of Evel Knievel, and has racked up a staggering five million views. Of course, you make your own luck, and Ramsey’s flashes of genius are down to lots of hard work too.

“The majority of it really is just sitting down and focusing on coming up with an idea for six people to do today, and putting it on the internet. It really helps to have a special game like Minecraft or GTA which allows you so much creativity. A lot of the best stuff just comes from when we’re all based in the office and talking – and just someone will have a nugget, we’ll jump into a game, and an hour later, we’ll have something awesome that’s totally different to the initial idea anyway.”

Having an open-world game doesn’t make for instant viral video success though – not all sandboxes are made equal, nor are all game genres. Ramsey explains, “I beat Watch Dogs . and I’m going through it again, collecting all the achievements, but it’s like the same thing as GTA – there’s some stuff in there, and we filmed quite a bit, but it doesn’t have the same freedom that GTA does, you can’t do as much stuff in the game as you can with GTA, which kind of limits it.”

Not all sprawling open world RPG titles are comedy gold mines either, despite the viral hilarity of Skyrim’s Arrow to the Knee . “RPGs don’t really lend themselves well to the Let’s Play style we have,” Pattillo explains, “I equate our Let’s Plays to being like sitting on the couch with your buddies playing a video game, that’s what we are – so you’ll see more sports-type games, open-world games. RPG games, stuff that takes a bit of time to get into, or if someone says that you can’t really get into a game until you’re like, 50 hours in, that just doesn’t work.”

Sometimes, the team will stumble on a gem though: Bossa Studio’s rock-hard Surgeon Simulator 2013 is known across the internet for its frustrating and punishing gameplay, but that all made for one of the team’s most viewed Let’s Play Rage Quit videos of all time. “We saw a trailer for the game, and we were like, Michael this would be perfect for you, and he was like, ‘Gavin [Free], come in here and work this with me’,” says Pattillo. “And so the two of them worked on it together, and it was. well, we all stopped what we were doing and watched those guys film it, as it was so goddamn funny – it was one of the things where we like, yeah, this is something special. And they made three videos of it, and each time, it was pretty much like 'okay, let’s watch this happen in front of us.’”

© Bossa Studios

“I think the latest one is the current number one most viewed video on our Let’s Play channel. And the guys who made it,” says Ramsey, “They actually named the alien character, Gworb, after something Michael said.” There’s even an achievement in the game named after one of the videos, and even a surgery for Gworb, called The Gavichal, named after Gavin.

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Stunt School: Watch Dogs

When it comes to making videos that rely on games and puerile humour from the whole team, you can bet that there’s no such thing as an average day in the office. For Geoff, it’s become what he likes to call a “a scheduling nightmare”, all thanks to the sheer amount of content the team puts out. “We’ll do like 40–50 videos a week, and some of them are easy, like I’ll sit down and we’ll film Trials Files in like 15 minutes, but a Let’s Play requires six or seven people’s attention for two hours – and because of conventions, events and all other productions, it’s really rare that the core six of us are in an office together, so when we are, we film constantly. Yesterday, for instance, we filmed nine videos. Somedays it’s non-stop, other days you’re just trying to catch up, edit and do admin stuff.”

Of course, filming 40-50 videos each week means there’s plenty of footage left over that didn’t make the cut, but there’s plans in motion for unused tidbits to resurface. Eventually. “Let’s say your average Minecraft video is two hours to film, we’d cut that down to 45 minutes. And thats the same for almost everything. We actually have a show that we’re going to launch at some point, when we have the manpower and time to do it,” Geoff tells us.

“Say there’s a GTA video for instance, there might be a 15 minute segment that we have to cut out, but there’s three minutes in there that are really funny but we don’t have anywhere to fit it in – so we’ve been pulling all those clips from the past two years and setting them aside, and we’re going to start sandwiching those clips together into a show called GrabBag and releasing those. It’ll get some good content out of the extra funny stuff that has never seen the light of day. And then sometimes, we’ll do a Lets Play of a game like Magic: The Gathering that’s so terrible, we refuse to release it. There’s a few of those.”

“The audience and the fans, they beg and beg for that kind of stuff,” Jack tell us, “but seriously, you don’t want to see it – it’s not good.”

The future of gaming looks bright, especially with the likes of VR from the Oculus Rift and Sony’s Project Morpheus . which sounds perfect for the Achievement Hunter team to document on video, but it looks like the team’s going to be plenty busy with just good ol’ fashioned gaming – they just somehow managed to miss it. “Apparently, we had an Oculus in the office, but we never got our hands on it.” Pattillo tells us, “We absolutely want to check it out – it seems like something that’s screaming for Michael and Gavin to get their hands on – well, heads on. But there are plenty of games we’re looking forward to.”

Evolve . GTA:V for next-gen is gonna be pretty cool, we’re going to try playing Destiny later, Assassins Creed Unity,” continues Pattillo, “The big thing about E3 this year is that it seems there’s a lot of co-op games, four on one games, like the new Fable where it’s three heroes and one villain, and it’s the same with Evolve. That sort of stuff lends itself perfectly to what we do, so we've got a big fall ahead of us.”

“It’s like every single video game coming out has like, some kind of four player co-op coming out,” says Ramsey. “Which is perfect for us.” And us viewers too.

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Achievement Hunter - The Rooster Teeth Wiki

Achievement Hunter

Achievement Hunter is an ongoing series created by Rooster Teeth staff members Geoff Ramsey and Jack Pattillo. in which staff members and contributors from the community demonstrate how to earn achievements in various games and enjoy them in various ways.

Achievement Hunter was born from Pattillo and Ramsey's interest in gaming achievements and the realization that there wasn't a community-based achievement website. In turn Achievement Hunter was created, which shares the design, user profiles and forums of the main Rooster Teeth website. The site regularly releases achievement guides, Easter egg videos, and select volunteers from the Rooster Teeth community to help moderate the website. The official Achievement Hunter Twitter handle is @AchievementHunt.

In 2008, Geoff Ramsey's interest in gaming achievements resulted in the realization that no community-based website related to achievements existed. As a result, Ramsey approached Burnie Burns, then CEO of Rooster Teeth, about creating a website based on achievements; Burns agreed, and Ramsey created Achievement Hunter, which shares a similar design to the main Rooster Teeth website. Alongside fellow Rooster Teeth employee Jack Pattillo, Ramsey regularly released achievement guides and Easter egg videos, often receiving assistance from select volunteers from the Rooster Teeth community. David Dreger also assisted in the founding of the site.

In mid 2011, Achievement Hunter hired Ryan Haywood as an editor, behind the scenes crew tech guy and as a recurring contract host after Ryan left the animation department of Rooster Teeth; Haywood later began being featured in videos as a main host in March 2012, becoming one of the main cast members. Here is how Ryan became a part of AH. Ryan was actually hired by Geoff sometime in the summer of 2011 (before Michael). He was running Rooster Teeth's Game Fails as a part time job at Rooster Teeth then hired full time shortly after Michael on March 2012, but due to him actually being talented, his skills were needed elsewhere in the company (such as Red vs Blue). Now they finally had him 100% in AH. In other words, Ryan initially worked for Achievement Hunter it was to handle Game Fails when he was originally hired part time via a Craigslist ad because Geoff had a bunch of ideas but not enough time to do them all (such as Game Fails. During that time, Rooster Teeth was in Red vs Blue production and need help animating. Ryan knew how to animate so they brought him in to help out. After Red vs Blue wrapped up, he went back to Achievement Hunter and is now more involved full time. His degree was actually in Computer Animation, so when Red vs Blue rolled around, he was "loaned" to the production team for what was supposed to be 20% of his time. It ended up being more like 200% Red vs Blue of Rooster Teeth, so he was gone from Achievement Hunter for about 6 months. Once Red vs Blue finished they started Monday Let's Plays which he would usually setup and edit (and sneak in PC games when he could).

Later, four new shows were introduced to Achievement Hunter in 2011 and one of them, Rage Quit. led to the official hiring of Michael Jones as a full time Achievement Hunter staff member cast on August 15, 2011.

In December 2011, Achievement Hunter also began creating Let's Play videos. The success of the videos resulted in a weekly sub-series in 2012, in which the main hosts play Minecraft. Weekly Let's Play videos focusing on Grand Theft Auto games are also released.

Achievement Hunter hired Gavin Free in early 2012, after he had assisted with the company for many years. Free joined Achievement Hunter in 2008 as a contract host before becoming one of the main six hosts in early 2012. In March 2012, Achievement Hunter debuted Game Night, in which Ramsey and Caleb Denecour play games with community members; the series switched to a live stream format in 2014. Community member Ray Narvaez, Jr. was hired in early to mid April 2012, having worked as a contract host for a year from 2010 till 2011. Narvaez flew down to Austin, Texas to complete his hiring on April 26, 2012 and he became a fully fledged Rooster Teeth employee by April 30, 2012 after making community videos to Community Hunter from November 14, 2008 until March 2012. Later, on September 11, 2012, former contract editor Franco Scarcello created Five Facts a day after he was hired which was generally hosted by Pattillo and Ramsey and it focused on little-known facts about various video games. However, it was not renewed for a sixth season in May 2016.

In early 2013, Achievement Hunter introduced a competition series titled VS. in which the employees challenge each other to compete in games. On February 20, 2013, Free announced that The Slow Mo Guys had been adopted and picked up by Rooster Teeth and further future episodes of the series would be released on Rooster Teeth's website, as well as the series' existing YouTube channel. A best of compilation was released by Rooster Teeth Productions for home video on September 10, 2013. In April 2013, Achievement Hunter launched their own channel on YouTube, which hosts a variety of their videos. Later in October 2013, the company retired Achievement HORSE. replacing it with Achievement HUNT. in which a variety of employees challenge each other until the word "HUNT" has been spelled.

Also, October 2013, Pattillo hosted a 24-hour live stream benefiting Extra Life, a charity benefiting hospitalized children. With appearances from other Achievement Hunter members and various Rooster Teeth employees, the live stream managed to raise $340,000. This charity live stream has become an annual event, with 2014's Extra Life live stream raising over $442,000 for Children's Miracle Network. At RTX 2014 on July 6, 2014, community members Matt Bragg and Jeremy Dooley were hired as editors and secondary hosts at Achievement Hunter.

On January 16, 2015, Jose Jones Castillo departed from Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter in order to pursue a career as an independent film maker focusing on virtual reality technology. He now serves as the founder and CEO of Viewer Ready, working on producing and releasing Virtual Reality gear and 360 content. He also departed from RWBY and no longer voices the character Mercury Black and was replaced by Yuri Lowerthol>However, Castillo attended RTX 2015 for one day. On February 5, 2015, Funhaus joined Rooster Teeth becoming a part of the Lets Play family and also started competing against Achievement Hunter in various videos. Later, on February 2015, Achievement Hunter hosted the first Let's Play Live at the Moody Theater in Austin, Texas. Let’s Play Live in an on-stage event orchestrated by Rooster Teeth, which puts the Achievement Hunter members in front of a live audience to play games and entertain their fans. The first such performance was on February 20, 2015, at the Moody Theater in Austin, Texas. On April 17, 2015, Narvaez quit and left from the department of Achievement Hunter in order to focus on self employment and working independently, primarily consisting of Twitch live streaming video games, although he still fully continues to participate in Rooster Teeth projects he has worked on such as X-Ray and Vav and the Internet Box Podcast. He still continues to portray his character and reprise his role for the company's X-Ray and Vav animated series and fully continues his role on the Internet Box Podcast, still attend RTX and every future RTX in Austin, Texas (except that he is now a VIP Special Guest instead of a Staff Member for Achievement Hunter) as well as continuing to make recurring guest host appearances in Rooster Teeth videos from time to time. Narvaez stated that he would continue to remain a part of the Rooster Teeth family and community as a part-time employee of RT.

On July 2, 2015, Achievement Hunter launched a new YouTube channel, named after themselves, thereon they upload series of videos that were previously uploaded to the Rooster Teeth channel. Additionally, they moved out of Rooster Teeth's Stage 5, Austin Studios office into their own office nearby.

As of July 6, 2015, the Achievement Hunter channel was created, and is the new home of most non-Let's Play videos. Previous to this, Achievement Hunter videos appeared on the Rooster Teeth and Let's Play channels.

The most frequent videos come from the six, most prolific employees and top golden Achievement Hunter cast members: Geoff Ramsey (Rooster Teeth co-founder/Achievement Hunter co-founder, co-host of Off Topic), Jack Pattillo (Achievement Hunter's first employee and co-founder), Gavin Free (Red vs Blue Season 7 director/Host of The Slow-Mo Guys/former Creative Director of Rooster Teeth), Michael Jones (Host of Rage Quit and the Off Topic Podcast, voice of Max in Camp Camp, Sun Wukong in RWBY, Sting Eucliffe in Fairy Tail and Mogar in X-Ray and Vav), Ryan Haywood (Animator, editor, producer, technical director of the 10th season of Red vs. Blue and Rooster Teeth's Game Fails YouTube channel manager) and Jeremy Dooley (creator of Imaginary Achievements/Community Hunter turned full-time employee, Rooster Teeth rapper), who replaced Ray Narvaez, Jr. (Community Hunter turned full-time employee turned full time streamer) as of October 16, 2015 in Lets Play Minecraft Episode 177: Blocking List (Part 2), almost 6 months after Ray left Achievement Hunter with his last Achievement Hunter video in Lets Play Minecraft Episode 151: Brown Out uploaded to YouTube on April 17, 2015 on Ray's last day.

A new Achievement Hunter weekly podcast titled Off Topic was announced in October 2015 by Michael Jones, and Michael wrote a Rooster Teeth journal entry on October 28, 2015 to explain the new show The podcast was created by both Michael Jones and Geoff Ramsey. Four test episodes aired live and were only available to "FIRSTs" on their website. The first official episode aired to the public after the initial tests. Jones serves as the main host of the show and makes the most frequent appearances and Ramsey makes the second most frequent appearances alongside other Achievement Hunter and Rooster Teeth employees and special guests. The first episode, starring Michael, Geoff and various other AH and RT staff debuted on October 30, 2015. On October 26, 2015, Gavin Free was promoted to the Creative Director of Rooster Teeth replacing Burnie Burns who was promoted to the chief creative officer, however, Gavin recently resigned to focus more on the Slow Mo Guys and Achivement Hunter. Also, October 2015, Larry Matovina was hired as an employee of Rooster Teeth. Larry was officially hired as a member of Achievement Hunter in January 2016, working as an editor for Achievement Hunter, mostly editing Let's Plays. Also, in late 2015, Max Bernard joined the team working as an editor and contractor host based in Philadelphia in charge of the community videos titled Great Levels in Gaming, which debuted on December 29, 2015.

On February 2016, Lindsay Jones was promoted to the general manager of Achievement Hunter, having worked as a editor and recurring guest host for 3 years from 2013 until early 2016. On March 19, 2016, Kdin Jenzen departed from Achievement Hunter as a content creator, editor and recurring guest host but Kdin still continues to work at Rooster Teeth. Kdin changed departments and now works at The Know. On April 12, 2016, a new show titled VR the Champions debuted, starring Ryan, Michael, Gavin and Jeremy. On April 28, 2016, Kent Cook and Neal Werle were hired as editors. On April 29, 2016, a new show titled Theater Mode aired starring various Ah staff. On May 16, 2016, Mica Burton was officially hired at Achievement Hunter working as an editor and recurring host. On May 17, 2016, contract editor Franco Scarcello departed from Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter following the end of the series Five Facts, hosted by himself along with Ramsey and Pattillo after the series had not been renewed for a sixth season and after 188 episodes. One month later, on June 15, 2016, wrote a goodbye journal entry on his Rooster Teeth profile to explain his departure. On May 27, 2016, Andrew Blanchard was hired and joined Achievement Hunter working as a part time worker, and an editor after formerly working as an intern for them.

On June 17, 2016 they had their second rendition of their Let's Play Live event by the group, this time at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. In addition to the Achievement Hunters, there were be other YouTube creators that are part of the Let's Play and Rooster Teeth family. These included: Funhaus, ScrewAttack, Kinda Funny, CowChop, and The Creatures. The entire Let's Play family would also be at RTX 2016, which was held from July 1 till July 3.

It was also announced via Twitter post and here by Rooster Teeth hat a third rendition of the Lets Play Live concert will be held on Friday, August 19, 2016 starting at 7:30 PM at the Chicago Theatre in Chicago, Illinois powered by Chase. It will once again feature Achievement Hunter, Funhaus, The Creatures and Kinda Funny.

From late 2015 onwards, Achievement Hunter would feature celebrities as guest collaborators in some of their Let's Play videos such as Rahul Kohli, Laura Bailey, Travis Willingham, Dante Basco and pop punk band Neck Deep.

Unlike any other dedicated-achievement website, Achievement Hunter is highly dependent on public contributions and has guides across different games and platforms, allowing the site to expand its focus from Xbox 360, and Xbox One games to those on PC, PS3, PS4, Steam, iPhone, and Windows Phone 7. Along with the main Rooster Teeth website, Achievement Hunter has achieved great popularity since its inception.

The Achievement Hunter offices have mostly been in the same building as the rest of the Rooster Teeth departments, The first being the Congress office, the second was at 636, the third was inside of Stage 5. The only office that has not been directly connected to the rest is the current one, based in Stage 4.

Contents Series Edit Fails of the Week Edit

Fails of the weak DVD

Later that same year two new series were introduced, Fails of the Weak in Halo Reach being one of them. This series highlights mistakes and glitches found in Halo: Reach ; most of these videos are submitted to Achievement Hunter by the community, depicting themselves failing. Each Friday, Jack and Geoff upload a video with at about ten fail clips showing the fails with both of them commenting on the fail's humor. "Fails" met with great success and even spun off its own YouTube channel, GameFails. They have recently shown their 100th Fails of the Weak video and made a montage of fails to celebrate. Upon its release, this series moved into Halo 4. Since episode 200 the series has included fails from any game.

HORSE and PIG/Achievement Hunt Edit

The other series that aired in late 2010 was Achievement HORSE with Jack and Geoff, also featuring exclusively Halo: Reach maps. Similar to the basketball game of H-O-R-S-E, the players win rounds to give the other player letter (e.g. Jack wins round 1, Geoff gets a letter H) until one player has spelled out "horse" and wins the game. In this version of Horse, the players (typically Geoff and Jack, but more recently other Rooster Teeth employees have been playing as well/in their stead) compete in an obstacle course until one of them reaches the objective and wins the round. The obstacle courses are Forged in Halo: Reach and are sent to Jack and Geoff by fans. Occasionally they will play a shortened Achievement PIG due to time constraints. So far there have been two company-wide tournaments with employees from Achievement Hunter and Rooster Teeth. Additionally, there is Achievement Pig for Trials Evolution. which also features fan sent obstacle courses, alongside with the Halo: Reach Horse series. Upon its release, this series moved into Halo 4. In October 2013, the HORSE series was replaced with Achievement HUNT. which is the same basic concept, except a different game is used every round.

Rage Quit Edit

In 2011, a new series debuted, called Rage Quit. in which "test subject" Michael Jones, is subjected to difficult or exasperating games until "he eventually has an aneurysm and we have to rush him to the emergency room," as described by Geoff Ramsey. Michael often plays smaller, lesser-known XBLA games of low quality, adding to the level of frustration. Since its creation, it had become a hit weekly series. Beginning on May 1, 2014 however, the show now airs every other Thursday, interchanging with Play Pals. The show went on a hiatus starting October 9, 2014 due to Michaels absence because of the Lazer Team filming project, but has returned as of January 2015, airing every other Thursday as before.

2011 Smaller Series Edit

Also in 2011, four new series were created by the Achievement Hunter staff for their audience. The first series is "This is. ", which introduces new video games that came out recently. The game presented in "This is. " typically is released a day or two prior to the "This is. " video and is often accompanied by some achievement guides from the Achievement Hunter staff for the new game. The second series is titled "Things To Do In :" and presents its viewers with alternative ways to play and interesting things to do in video games like Saints Row 3. Modern Warfare 3. Skyrim. and Minecraft. The third series made was called "A Look Back At " and was a spin-of from the "This is. " videos. In "A Look Back At," former Achievement Hunter employees Fragger and Ray re-introduced old XBOX 360 games that might have been overlooked in their release but are now considered classic games.

Let's Play Edit

The final series that aired that year is called "Let's Play ". The "Let's Play" videos are some of the most viewed and liked videos from the fans of Achievement Hunter. The first "Let's Play" videos are from Michael Jones and Geoff Ramsey when they were playing Saints Row 3 together with live commentary. Eventually more videos were made from the staff of Achievement Hunter, varying from Saints Row 3 to Assassin's Creed to Trials: Evolution. however the most popular videos are the "Let's Play" for Minecraft with Geoff, Ryan, Jack, Michael, Gavin and Jeremy (who replaced Ray). The Minecraft videos receive millions of views each week and, since fans like them so much, the Achievement Hunter team decided to "upload new Minecraft Let's Plays each week until we die," as stated by Geoff Ramsey. Due to their huge popularity, the "Let's Play" videos received their own dedicated Youtube channel, Let's Play. which is updated every weekday with videos. This includes GTA V on Monday, GO! on Tuesday, a series Let's Play on Wednesday, VS on Thursday, and a Minecraft Let's Play on Friday. Bonus Let's Plays have also appeared on the weekends or as extra videos during the weekday. During the time between Ray left and Jeremy took over as the new 6th host at Achievement Hunter, various members of the AH crew such as Matt, Lindsay, Mica, Caleb, and Jeremy were appearing in Achievement Hunter Let's Plays from time to time.

VS Edit

This show is a competition show, where a champion is challenged by the challenger to

a game of their choosing. The trophies are two wrestling belts and a golden rooster. Whoever wins in an episode gets to keep these for a week or until at least the next episode, where they get challenged. Starting in episode 52, Lindsay officially joined the VS line up. The challenger rotation was initially the order of their desks clockwise (Gavin, Ryan, Jack, Geoff, Ray, Michael), then determined by the results of a Go Kart race in VS Episode 52. The new rotation was Jack, Ryan, Michael, Gavin, Ray, Lindsay, Geoff. In VS Episode 104 Geoff stepped away from the lineup to be full time host of the show and the rotation was reset again. The new rotation was determined by the results of Mini Golf, resulting in an order of Ryan, Gavin, Matt, Michael, Jack, Lindsay, Ray, Jeremy. With Ray's leaving, he has been since removed from the lineup, with his last VS being VS Episode 111. Following this, he was replaced by Jeremy in the VS series.

GO! Edit

This show is a competition to get a visible achievement or perform a certain task (assigned by Geoff) in any game the players choose. The winner is awarded a sticker to be placed on a crude paper board that (originally) Gavin Free and Geoff Ramsey made.

The first player to fill up their section of the board (five wins) with stickers will be awarded a pizza party with Geoff and a friend. In GO. Geoff is the host, while Gavin, Ryan, Jack, Michael, and (formerly) Ray are the competitors. Lindsay and Kerry are also on the board though their appearances have been very few. So far only Ray and Jack have won pizza parties.

Full Play Edit

This show is simply full playthroughs of older games, like Resident Evil: Revelations. This series is usually only hosted by Michael, who sometimes has guests with him. There have been 2 full playthroughs so far, Resident Evil: Revelations and State of Decay, as well as an ongoing series in Banjo-Tooie.

Cast & Crew Edit

The Achievement Hunter line up from RTX 2014. From left to right: Matt, Jeremy, Kdin, Lindsay, Michael, Gavin, Geoff, Ryan, Ray, Jack, and Caleb.

Cast Edit Crew Edit Recurring Guests Edit Community Hunter Edit Rooster Teeth Edit Former Staff Edit
  • David Dreger (Rooster Teeth contributor; 2008; died in June 2013)
  • Brandon "Fragger" Light . 2011–2013 (recurring contract host)
  • J.J. Castillo . November 2012 - January 16, 2015 (crew, editor, producer, shooter)
  • Ray Narvaez, Jr. . 2010–2011 (recurring contract host) April 6, 2012 – April 17, 2015 (cast) 2015–present (recurring guest)
  • Kdin Jenzen . 2013-2016 (editor, secondary recurring host) 2016–present (The Know host)
  • Franco Scarcello . (contract editor; September 2012–May 2016)
Shows Edit Current Shows Edit Past Shows Edit Trivia Edit
  • All the Achievement Hunters have edited videos during their time at Rooster Teeth.
    • Gavin (formerly) edited Minecraft Let's Play, Things To Do In, and Let's Plays. He (currently) edits Slow Mo Guys episodes.
    • Michael edits Rage Quits and Let's Plays.
    • Ray (formerly) edited Achievement Guides.
    • Geoff (formerly) edited Trials Files and Red vs Blue. He runs the Game Kids channel.
    • Jack (formerly) edited Achievement HUNT and AHWU.
    • Ryan edits Let's Play GTA and was previously in charge of the Game Fails channel.
    • Lindsay (formerly) edited Minecraft Let's Plays, Let's Plays, Let's Builds, and (currently) edits Things To Do In and Versus.
    • Caleb (formerly) edited Game Night. He runs the Community Hunter and Game Kids channels.
    • Kdin (formerly) edited Countdown/Top Five, Coming Soon, Let's Builds, Minecraft Let's Plays, Let's Plays, and any other bonus videos.
    • Matt (formerly) edited MegaCraft and Let's Builds, and (currently) edits Let's Plays.
    • Jeremy (formerly) edited Imaginary Achievements, Minecraft Let's Plays, Let's Builds, and (currently) edits Let's Plays and music videos.
    • Trevor edits Game Kids Let's Plays as well as runs the Community Hunter and Game Kids channels.
    • Fragger (formerly) edited Retro Active/A Look Back At.
    • Franco (formerly) edited Five Facts.
    • Kerry (formerly) edited Go!
    • JJ (formerly) edited Let's Builds.
    • Larry edits Let's Plays.
    • Mica edits and runs live streams.
    • Kent edits Let's Plays.
    • Neal edits Let's Plays.
    • Max edits Great Levels in Gaming.
  • Let's Play - Surgeon Simulator 2013: Alien Transplant. uploaded on Jan 31, 2014, is currently the most viewed video on the YouTube Let's Play channel.
  • Let's Play Minecraft. uploaded on May 11, 2012, is currently the most viewed let's play on the YouTube Rooster Teeth channel.
  • Matt Bragg (Axialmatt) and Jeremy Dooley (Jerem6401) from the Community Hunter Channel were officially hired by Achievement Hunter at the second AH Panel at RTX 2014. The two joined the group in the panel.
  • Fails of the Weak. Five Facts. Trials Files. Let's Play Minecraft. Versus. Rage Quit. Achievement Hunter Weekly Update. Halo Achievement Horse. and Things To Do In are the only Achievement Hunter series to reach at least 100 episodes.
  • Ray is the first Achievement Hunter of the main six to leave in order to pursue streaming full-time on Twitch. However, he still continues to remain as a part of the Rooster Teeth family as a part time employee by fully returning and continuing to participate on Rooster Teeth projects he has contributed in such as X-Ray and Vav and the Internet Box Podcast, still attend RTX and definitely still show up in Rooster Teeth videos, podcasts and other shows every now and then.
  • Six months later after Ray left Achievement Hunter, Jeremy was officially promoted towards the new main 6th host/cast member replacing Ray.
Team Names Edit

Most of the Achievement Hunters who have recurring pairings end up giving themselves team names.