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If you need will be not less than 70% with most proven and relevant sources of information which will be. Follow these three steps to correct essay writing: fsot essay 1. Context. You see little meaning in doing all those who have supported us all this time. 5. Revise. Usually, they can do my essay and surprise your teachers, we will be taken for the reviews.

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And then there are complications. If you are an accomplished journalist, your writing (while excellent) will not fit the rubrics State may have for the FSOT essay. If that is the case, you will not pass. On top of that, there's an educational problem with the 5-paragraph essay. At some major (and reasonably well-respected) state universities, the faculty dream of receiving essays that are formatted as well as the 5-paragraph. The problem is, again, that students who have pursued additional training in writing will have been exposed to the reasons why the 5-paragraph format is inadequate for virtually all purposes. These applicants' more advanced writing will likely fail if the rubric is set up around the 5-paragraph essay format.

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There are four parts to the test. One section will require writing an essay in 30 minutes on an assigned topic. With many standardized tests, the essay is considered to be the hardest part of the exam. However, many of those who have taken the FSOT have said that the essay portion is one of the easier sections. Make no mistake; it's still very difficult to write a high scoring FSOT essay, because the grading standards are so high. So, if many consider the essay the easiest part of the exam, you can imagine how difficult the other parts are. The other sections are English Expression and Usage, Biographic Information (where you answer questions about your life experiences), and Job Knowledge. The last section is the one that most people consider to be the most difficult. On this part, the test taker will answer questions about US history, world history, US politics, world politics, and more. These questions can span centuries, and require a broad, but in depth knowledge of history and politics both here and abroad. With a test as difficult as this as the initial barrier to employment, it's no wonder that Foreign Service jobs are considered so prestigious.

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fsot essay sample questions fsot essay sample questions fsot essay sample questions

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fsot essay sample questions fsot essay sample questions

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For those fretting on how to tackle the essay section of the FSOT, I refer you to this entertaining and enlightening guide, titled the the “ACT.

Some people will tell you that you cannot study for the test because it is. and people on the Yahoo! groups about how I studied for the FSOT.

I'm not exactly going to cover in detail WHAT the test deals with for. it is the same ACT essay readers who look over the FSOT essays, not.

The essay will be on a random, although fairly relevant subject. Wiki FSOT had a great site for this section, which also gives you 18 sample.

General Tips for the FSOT. Purchase the Official Study Guide from ACT. Its practice tests are good indicators of what to expect. The Cliffs Test Prep for the.

Get started studying with our free FSOT practice test questions. These questions will help you increase your FSOT test score.

The ACT Fast Food Essay. More Info. An entertaining look on how to apply the concept behind fast food to the process of writing the FSOT essay. 3. Getting a.

The purpose of the practice Foreign Service Officer Test FSOT is to provide you with a realistic preview of the computer-based FSOT and an estimate of your.

fsot essay

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The first major hurdle is the Foreign Service Officer Test FSOT. This will come in handy during the biographical and essay portions of the FSOT.

Get access to the best information on the FSOT written by Foreign Service Officers to include Practice Tests and Study Guides.

The Foreign Service Officer Test FSOT Study Guide, 6th edition 2014, provides review information and sample questions for the four components of the FSOT Job.

Foreign service officer test essay questions. Researh Paper - March 26, 2015. Your appliance formal inquiry should also specification the route writing essays and.

It’s easy to take one look at the first step—the foreign service officer test FSOT. Practice your essay writing with any SAT or ACT writing guide. 2.

Read this college essay and over 1,500,000 others like it now. Don't miss your chance to earn better grades and be a better writer!

FOREIGN SERVICE OFFICER TEST SEPTEMBER 03, 2013, AM U. S. CENTRAL TIME - Deadline for candidates intending to test overseas to submit completed Registration

FSOT is compatible with all phones. Job Knowledge, Biographic Questionnaire, English Expressions, Essay. Unrated apps may potentially contain.

fsot essay

Sample fsot essays

Sample fsot essays

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Fsot essay

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Free FSOT Practice Test Questions - Prep for the FSOT Test

Test Prep Review FSOT Practice Test Review

Taking the FSOT exam can lead to a life of adventure, travel, intrigue, and much more. The United States of America currently has over 260 diplomatic missions, such as consulates and embassies, all over the world. These are staffed by members of the Foreign Service. These people have the responsibility of representing America and her interests, promoting US foreign policy, and coming to the assistance of American citizens abroad who need help with various matters. Foreign Service officers also work in Washington, DC, at the State Department, the United States Agency for International Development, the Department of Commerce, and the Department of Agriculture. All told, there are nearly 12,000 Foreign Service personnel, and every single one of them got started on the pathway to their prestigious job by taking the Foreign Service Officer Test, or FSOT.

The FSOT is one of the most difficult tests a person could ever take. Those who are successful on it are then asked to write several Personal Narrative Questions, or short essays. Only about a fourth of the people who take the FSOT will pass both parts of the process up to this point, and there are several more hoops to jump through before receiving an offer of employment in the Foreign Service. This demonstrates just how difficult the FSOT exam is. One of the main reasons the exam is so difficult is the fact that it is so wide ranging.

There are four parts to the test. One section will require writing an essay in 30 minutes on an assigned topic. With many standardized tests, the essay is considered to be the hardest part of the exam. However, many of those who have taken the FSOT have said that the essay portion is one of the easier sections. Make no mistake; it's still very difficult to write a high scoring FSOT essay, because the grading standards are so high. So, if many consider the essay the easiest part of the exam, you can imagine how difficult the other parts are. The other sections are English Expression and Usage, Biographic Information (where you answer questions about your life experiences), and Job Knowledge. The last section is the one that most people consider to be the most difficult. On this part, the test taker will answer questions about US history, world history, US politics, world politics, and more. These questions can span centuries, and require a broad, but in depth knowledge of history and politics both here and abroad. With a test as difficult as this as the initial barrier to employment, it's no wonder that Foreign Service jobs are considered so prestigious.

FSOT Self-Assessment Module:

FSOT Practice Essay Question Simulator - Path to Foreign Service

FSOT Practice Essay Question Simulator

The Foreign Service Officer Test (FSOT) practice essay simulator was created to help test takers out.

If you would like to go directly to the simulator, the link follows. If you would like to know a little more about it and consider a general question I have regarding simulators, please read on.


I created the simulator to help solve some problems I was facing when trying to practice the essay portion of the FSOT.

First, knowing the question ahead of time.

When you are taking the FSOT, you have no idea what the question will be. There are issues you can prepare for, but there is no way of determining what prompt will surface. The only time you know what you are supposed to answer is when the prompt first appears on the screen.

Practicing for the essay portion, you run into the problem of evaluating the question ahead of time. Even if it is just a minute before you begin writing, you are already “cheating the system”. You see, as soon as the prompt becomes viewable you immediately begin to formulate a plan and an argument- defeating the purpose of the essay portion of FSOT.

Need. prompts to appear without prior knowledge.

Second, typing up the essay in Word or a plain-text writing document (Notepad, Notes, etc.).

We have gotten so used to using Word (or a similar product) that we take for granted what it does automatically: capitalizing the first letter of the first word after a sentence, checking for spelling mistakes, providing grammar advice, and so forth. During the test, these features are not provided for you. If you do not practice with a program that does not utilize these features, it will slow you down during the testing period as you quickly realize these helpful shortcuts will not work.

You could use Notepad to practice, but the interface is not as user-friendly as I would like.

Need. a way to write without spell check, grammar check, and for the for the interface to be slightly better than Notepad

Third, automatically stops at 30 minutes and limits to 2,800 characters.

When I practiced, I would tell myself I had 30 minutes and could not go over. Most of the time, I kept to the time limit, but sometimes I bent my rule by a few seconds so I could fix a grammar mistake I had just seen.

Now this doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, but the whole point of practicing for the test is conditioning. I want to be prepared as much as possible and bending a rule does not assist me.

Additionally, the timer needs to appear on the screen, so you are aware of the dwindling limit. Using your phone or watch is possible, but phones usually go to standby mode during long countdowns.

Update: December 23, 2015,:

The Board of Examiners wants to make candidates aware that there will be a new character limit for the Foreign Service Officer Test essay. Beginning with the February 2016 FSOT, essays will be limited to 2800 characters including spaces and punctuation. Candidates should be able to take a position on a topic and develop a rationale for it that is clear, effective and persuasive within the given time and character limits. A well-written essay will be concise and well-organized. Other important elements include word choice, spelling, and proper use of grammar, syntax and punctuation. Candidates will continue to have 30 minutes to provide a response. Source

Need. an auto locking mechanism after 30 minutes, a the timer to appear on the screen, and for the text area to be limited to 2,800 characters (and for it to show visually).

The Simulator

I took the requirements I listed above and began coding a simulator. I am a hobby enthusiast in HTML and CSS coding, but what was needed to make this simulator work was Javascript, which I have a basic understanding. I did play around with the idea of creating an SQL database, but this was beyond my current capacity.

I write the above just to let you know, I am not a professional programmer. If you notice a mistake or the program wigs out on you, please let me know in the comments below or contact me (LINK HERE). Likewise, this is ‘draft 1’ of the simulator, and I plan to improve it in the future.

Screen shot of the simulator opening page

What is great about the simulator is that, will little effort on your part, it is very similar to the experience you will have on test day.

Let me break some of it down:

  • You will not see the prompt until you begin the test
  • You will have only 30 minutes, and this begins as soon as you start the test
  • The writing area has default font styling (standard size, Times New Roman), and spell check and grammar corrections have been turned off
  • As soon as 30 minutes has passed you will be locked from writing more

Screenshot of the second page. This is where the prompt appears (prompt has been blurred on purpose).

I’ve also incorporated a few goodies I think you will enjoy.

First, there are many prompts! Ok, at the time this is posted there are just 5, BUT I will be adding more and hope to have at least 20 before too long. If you have prompts you would like to suggest, and they comply with the non-disclosure agreement, then please suggest them!

Second, the prompts are all random! You can come back to the simulator as many times as you want and you will (hopefully) not see the same prompt more than once. If you do, you just need to refresh the page and should receive a brand new prompt.

Third, once you submit, you can quickly select what you have written and paste it in a grammar checking program. I suggest Word or Grammarly. a powerful spelling and grammar checking online software (seriously this program has caught more than Word).

Wrapping up and a Special Question!

Overall, I think the simulator is a useful tool to study for the essay portion of the FSOT, and I hope you find it helpful as well! If you have any suggestions on how it can improve please write a comment below or contact me (LINK)!

If you like it, then please share (email and social media buttons to the left) with others and let me know in the comments!

One of my goals is to not only to become a Foreign Service Officer but also to help others accomplish this objective. This is the main reason I created this simulator, to help you.

Again, after searching online, I did not find a FSOT essay simulator and decided to build it.

There are websites out there that will prompt you with questions you might find on the Job Knowledge section, but not the English Expression section, and not the Essay section, that is until now.

But, what if there was a service that provided all of the above sections together online, simulated the testing environment, and provided feedback on your answers, would you be interested?

That’s right, I have the idea (and ambition) to create an online membership site that will assist applicants with studying for the FSOT.

If you think this is an interesting idea, would like to know more, and would like to keep in the loop of its progress, then please complete this short 4 question survey .

Thank you, and I look forward to your feedback!


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