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Why People Join Hate Groups Essay Research

Why Do People Join Hate Groups?

Why do people join hate groups? What makes them different from Joe Smoe that you just passed on the street? The First step to answering these questions is to know a little more about hate groups. Hate groups are quite plainly groups of people that hate those that are different than them simply because they are different. With a long history behind them they have several different ways in which to recruit new members. Generally these recruiting techniques include are not necessarily the satanic rituals many people would imagine but a range of methods from concerts to just getting friendly. One of the most notable features of a hate groups is the constant presence of danger which is very apparent to those unfortunately souls who happen to be the objects of hate groups aggression also called a hate crime.

Even taking into consideration the keen ability of hate groups draw people in few people in their right mind would actually join such a groups. So what causes people to do such a thing? One of the fastest growing numbers in hate groups is the amount of young people. There are numerous possible reasons for this. There are those that say that it is cause by everyone’s favorite scapegoat – the media. But millions if not billions of people what television every day and not all of them join a group that commit violent acts against others simply due there different race or culture. A more likely reason is a need for young people to belong. There seems to be a psychological need for people especially those that are younger to reject people in order to be accepted by people. But contrary to popular belief young people aren’t the only ones that make mistakes. All age levels of people are involved with hate groups. Involvement with hate groups could be due to their upbringing as a child. It could also accounted for by the sense of power and self-esteem that comes with hating others. Or lastly it could be due to a lack a responsibility a need to blame one’s problems on a nameless member of a minority. Are these the things that separate an average man and a bigot enough to commit atrocities against another human being simply due to a small different

Hate Crime Essay, Research Paper Hate crimes should not be punished differently than other crimes. The actual crime should be punished, not the reasoning behind it. The idea of punishing crimes differently based on victims might make some people or groups feel that others are more protected or valued than they are.

Hate Crime Essay, Research Paper Many people would argue that hate crime epidemic in the United States even exists. Some would consider it to be of epidemic proportions. Those that oppose crimes of hate also oppose other prejudices. Hate crime is criminal behavior that is motivated by racial, religious, ethnic, gender, sexual preference, or any other type of prejudice.

Hate Crimes Essay, Research Paper Exposition: Determining Hate Crimes? Hate based on race, religion and sexual orientation exist within any cultural rich societies. When this type of hate fuels a person into taking violent actions upon those they hate, it is called a hate crime; a topic which the American public is seriously concerned about.

Hate Crime Essay, Research Paper Hate Crime A hate crime is a violent act against people, property, or organizations because of the group to which they belong or identify with. Hate crimes are committed against many different groups of people. Different types of people also commit these crimes. Some hate crimes are crimes against property, such as vadalizism and destruction of stores, buildings, and places of worship.

Hate Crimes Essay, Research Paper What Hate Crime Laws Can Do Hate crimes are on the rise all over the United States because there are so many different cultures, which do not get along. The majority of these crimes are occurring mostly in states where there are no hate crime laws or where the laws are not strict enough, which is why all states should have some type of law to prevent such crimes.

Black Magic Essay, Research Paper More and more people are joining groups that practice black magic. The leader of The British Occult Society is convinced it is because many people are missing excitement in their daily lives. He is certain that these people are imagining that they in that way can experience things they have read about or are dreaming about.

Angst Essay, Research Paper Angst You know what I hate? People who imitate three toed sloths in their driving Realizing there’s nothing worth watching on t.v.

Hate Literature Essay, Research Paper Hate literature/materialism currently exists on the internet, and is expanding at a high rate, causing disturbance to society. Although the internet is known to be a free base to express opinions, thoughts, and general information, exploiting that particular use can be rather dangerous, especially when offending one’s culture.

Untitled Essay, Research Paper I am afraid. I am lonely. I want to be at home now. I hate the silence. I hate the circumstances. I want to feel love now. I want to feel passion not emptiness.

American History X Essay, Research Paper This movie was a very intense movie. The message that it was trying to send was very powerful and it hit me fairly hard. The message that this movie was trying to send to me was that society as a whole does not have the maturity and inteligence to deal with subjects such as racism and hate.

White Power Essay, Research Paper White supremecy is a current issue in society today. It takes place throughout the world and is a very serious thing. There are a lot of people who have revolted against

Scarlet Colored Savior Essay, Research Paper The mark of the beast came from within, the mark of the beast drew her sin. Hate is all she knew, hate from which she grew. Tattered and torn, scorn and forlorn she long awaits her savior. She knows not yet her saviors face, yet she searches- stopping at every corner.

Anti Racist Essay, Research Paper I totally agree with that statement. The way that I have been brought up and how my parents have raised me. I am against all of those organizations. Now why would you want to be a racist? I can’t see how any person or group of people could be so angry at someone that they could beat them up based just on the persons color or religious background.

1984 Essay, Research Paper The lesson to be learned from George Orwell’s 1984 is that an “ideal” of having a Utopian society will never really work. George Orwell may have written 1984, in order

Paper Racism: Still Burning in America Racism. This topic has been and will continue to be the controversial topic of every generation. Why? The answer is very clear. Racism is very much alive and is felt all over America. We, as a nation, continue to search for constructive ways to challenge racism and some even have the hope that someday all races will be able to experience the true freedom this country claims to have.

Effiecent Freeway Driving Essay, Research Paper Hate Crimes To what extent is a crime a hate crime? Aren t all crimes to some extent hate crimes? Should the consequences for a crime committed against a minority be more than that for one against a white person? The purpose for classifying a crime as a hate crime might be to raise awareness in the public to the intolerance against minorities but I believe the punishment should fit the crime and not the reason for the crime.

Hate Grops Essay, Research Paper White and Black Hate Groups From the beginning of time man has hated each other for the most ridiculous reasons. Because of differences in culture, tradition, and race man has caused much pain upon his fellow

Hate Groups 2 Essay, Research Paper According to William Finnegan, author of Cold New World, there are a couple of good reasons that teenagers in the Antelope Valley area become members of white supremacist groups. Many of them are obvious just in reading the book. Peer pressure is the biggest reason given for the youth to join these groups.

There are many health conscience people today. Many of these people also enjoy working out in the gym. There are three groups of people that go to the gym. These groups are ?The one timers. The

Decleration Of Independence Essay, Research Paper Namedatehour*My Declaration of Independence* In congress, July 4. The unanimous declarations of the thirteen United States of America, When during the course of people lives, people try eliminate political groups that have been combined with another political groups, and to assume the other countries that live on this planet, and to respect the God given rights to all people and creatures of this Planet, and that you would have a decent respect of the people, that you would lets us be separate from you.

Research Paper There are many health conscience people today. Many of thesepeople also enjoy working out in the gym. There are three groupsof people that go to the gym. These groups are The one timers,The buddies only, and The dedicated.There is the group of people who are considered ?The onetimers. This is the group of people who are trying to be healthconscience.

People who go to the Gym There are many health conscience people today. Many of these people also enjoy working out in the gym. There are three groups of people that go to the gym. These groups are +The one timers+, +The

A Wounded Nation Essay, Research Paper A Wounded Nation Everyday human rights are violated. These rights, established long ago by the English, are taken away by people who are either jealous, greedy, or racist against

Dangerous Delusions Essay, Research Paper For the most part, the American people?s views are greatly formed by what the media shows. In addition, most of what the media gives the people is propaganda. In the article, Theories of an Ignorant Arab-Islamic Culture Only Sere to Broaden Dangerous Delusions, by Rime Allaf, states that America is not the sleeping giant like it was so called during World War II but the people are dormant and arrogant to realize what is really going on.

Hate Groups Essay, Research Paper BAN THE HATE GROUPS. Right now, there are many active hate groups in the United States such as the Ku Klux Klan, Neo-Nazi, Skinheads, Christian identity, Black Separatists, etc. These hate groups like the Ku Klux Klan, which is one of America?s oldest and more feared, use violence and move above the law to promote their different causes.

Hate Groups Essay, Research Paper Hate Groups In today?s society where differences between people are magnified and everyone is discussing diversity, tensions between different groups are remarkably high. The extreme of

Racism Essay, Research Paper Ku Klux Klan. Neo Nazis. The Aryan Nations. The American Nazi Party. What are these groups? Why are they present in a land of supposed equality of all men? They are there because there are

Live Or Die Essay, Research Paper Informative Essay ?The Real Problem with People. Are they believers or are they liars? This is one of many questions that stir in my head everyday waiting for an answer that may never come. After attending many churches and talking to many people that I find as reliable source including pastors and attendants, I find that many of the young people that attend church go because they would feel they would be an outcast if they didn?t attend church.

Social Groups Essay, Research Paper There are various social groups in our school and town. They form into different types of groups. Some of these are grouped by racial background, athletic abilities, hobbies, and intelligence. Usually racial groups, people of the same race stay together. There are a mediocre amount of athletic ability groups.

1984-Winston Smith Essay, Research Paper WINSTON SMITH Winston Smith, the main character in the novel 1984, rebels, acts stubborn, and shows braveness against the Party in many ways. The Party is a group who controls the people of Oceania. There are many rules that the people must abide by. If they don’t and they get caught, they will be punished.

Love Hate Essay, Research Paper Breanne?s Poem Love/ Hate/ Like I love it when we talk and when we make our stupid bets when u walk away from me when u make your empty threats

Survival In Auschwitz Essay, Research Paper Hatred Leads to Persecution of Minorities Primo Levi?s book, Surviving Auschiwitz, tells about the results of one group of people hating another group of people, the Nazis; hatred for the Jews. The Nazis justified their actions, however, in an attempt to explain the horrible things done to Primo Levi and his fellow victims.

Research Paper Persuasive Essay – Gay and Lesbian Rights “If anyone says, ‘I love God,’ yet hates his brother, he is a liar. For anyone who does not love his brother, whom he has seen cannot love God, whom he

’s Hate Essay, Research Paper When I think of a human trait. I think of human’s hate. Although it’s our nature, I think its awfully immature. Hate is something thats lated through the ages, we learn about it everyday turning through out history pages. teh color of you skin, we can’t help what shade we were born in.

Morgana Essay, Research Paper Morgana fe lay ( From the Arthurian cycle )My brother, king Arthur is nothing but a na ve idealist. His dream, or should I say fantasy of Camelot is nothing but an illusion. All dreams must end when one awakens. When Arthur dies and is replaced our son Mordred, the people will awaken from this dream created by him and by his charisma and the magic of Merlin.

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Violence In America Essay Research Paper In

Violence In America Essay, Research Paper

In the ideal America, our celebrated, ethnically diverse populous would overlook

and not even recognize such socially developed stigmas such as race, sex, color,

and religion. The ideal American would not even look at another and classify

that person as black, white, Asian, Indian, Mexican, Irish, Jewish, Catholic,

Jewish or; well, my point is made. But America is far from ideal. The ignorance

that reigns in this country is unfortunately passed on from generation to

generation with little regard for what effect it may render on its audience.

Sadly, fear is created from ignorance. Sadder still is that hate spawns from

fear, and as represented by the staggering domestic abuse rate, violence is

handed down from previous generations as well. The probability and means to

cultivate hate crimes is now present and the formula is potent enough to

guarantee that they will happen. Hate crimes are happening in America at a

disturbing frequency. That being a given, it is time we as a society look to the

roots of hate crimes in America. I believe these roots lie in our society`s

notion and practice of family structure. More so in the way we pass down our

ignorance, fear, unacceptance, and intolerance to future generations. A hate

crime in itself is defined as a criminal act with intent to defame and slander

another person. At further introspection though, I think that we will find that

there is more underlying issues than just committing a crime with malice towards

someone different than ourselves. The human mind at the time of birth has no

prejudice. A baby does not look at another human being and feel afraid or angry

with that other individual. The human infant has no predators in these times,

therefore there should be no fear instilled naturally. I would like to think

that these minds could be viewed as clean slates. So where does the fear and

hatred needed to commit a hate crime, and dirty that slate, come from? All

social science research has come to a solid conclusion that parents, or the

primary caretakers, of a child are the single most influential stimulus on that

child`s development. The answer is that we as a society, both internationally

and in America, have found ways to continually and regeneratively brainwash and

condition our children. We teach them to classify humans with titles that have

no real biological worth such as Asian, American, Latin, African, and European

among others. One fairly publicized hateful incident involved some Texaco

executives who were caught slandering black and Jewish employees and making

derogatory references and actions towards them. One remark an executive made was

I`m still struggling with Chanukah, and now we have Kwanzaa… Poor Saint

Nicholas, they have sh-tted all over his beard. What caused this person to have

these points of views? How long has this idea been in his head? Where does this

idea develop if it is not genetically created? The answers lie with the majority

of all non-biological dysfunction present today; the individuals upbringing.

These same questions and same answers can be applied to almost any incidence of

hate and violence today. Especially prevalent is the incidence of the dragging

murder in Jasper, Texas in which a black man was beaten, and dragged, and

decapitated. This was perpetrated by two white supremacists, making it a violent

hate crime. How does a person`s inner frustrations become so great that they can

control behavior to the point of making that person take another life? It is

directly related to the perpetrator`s upbringing and the views and ideals that

were passed on to him since day 1 in his life. In many of these scenarios,

justice has been dealt to the assailants or perpetrators by our federal law

system. But it seems that in just as many instances justice was not dealt to

all, or it was too little too late. In any case though, the legal system has

taken a reactive approach. Justice in itself is reactive in nature, and

consequently that may be why hate crimes and crime in general continue to happen

with great frequency. America has taken a reactive approach to hate crimes. As a

country and as a world we need to take a proactive approach to prevent hate

crimes. Prevention is the key to stopping further hate crimes in America and

around the world, and it can be done. People just need to stop the influential

modeling and passive teaching to their children and future generations that

certain people are inferior, unwanted, or scary. Until we can become more

complete and open to the human experience and start to see the big picture of

life, and realize that we need to shed the old and primitive assumption that one

group is better than the next, we will continue passing on the hurting, fear,

and hate to our offspring. We are all the same species on this planet, we just

need to realize it. It may sound like too much to ask for a evolution in the

world`s upbringing of their youth. But as with any evolution, it only needs to

start with one person. One person breaking this chain of labeling and

classifying people as anything else, will spawn generations that will carry the

same ideal. The process is a gradual one, but a neccesary process that needs to

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Religious Upbringing Helping Belief in god

Agnosticism means not being sure whether god exists

Religious Upbringing can lead someone to believe in god because they have been taught to believe of god from the beginning of their life. They will be taken to worship with their parents every Sunday, taught to pray every day to god, they will be expected to respect thank and remember the good gifts god has given them at Easter the gift of new life, at Christmas the birth of the saviour Jesus Christ and many others such as advent and lent. They are also likely of going to Sunday school where everyone believes in god and so they are expected to believe in god. So with an upbringing like this they will definitely believe god without even questioning whether god exists or not. Some people think that children should not be allowed to make their own decisions about whether to believe in god because they are not old enough to know what they want yet. They need information about god first before they can make decisions about whether or not they believe.They're parents were brought up as Christians so they want their children to be brought up as Christians without any other views to manpulate what they have said. However I think tat a child should be able to make their decision about belief in god when they get to a certain age maybe 12+ as they will hear other information from school, any attended youth clubs and other people in their neighbourhood and enviroment. Achild ahs its own views and say and they are brought up to open minded therefore meaning that they should be able to believe in what ever they wan to believe. In the end I think that a child should be able to make their own decision about whether to believe in god because schools are a multireligion enviroment and they will get different views off of other people.

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My Cultural Upbringing - College Essay

My Cultural Upbringing My Cultural Upbringing

My Cultural Upbringing
Culture for me goes back to the beginning of my life, where I learned that boys don’t play with dolls or makeup. Fighting was the only way to solve a problem and to respect your elders no matter what. Homosexuality for males would get you out cast from the family and upon entering any home you had to remove your foot wear. “Societies exert a great deal of pressure on people to conform to the way things are done in that culture” (Sole, 2011, section 6.2). That type of pressure affected who I could hang around with and how my communication with others was conducted, however, it did not stop me from conducting my own style of culture today.
I still carry and enforce some of the same cultural ways as when I was young like removing my foot wear indoors and some of the gender specifics I learned growing up still stick with me today. “Cultures generally consider some behaviors to be masculine and some to be feminine, and behavior that is appropriate for one sex might be inappropriate for the other” (Sole, 2011). I can not seem to shake the thought of my son playing with feminine toys and still strongly stand firm about these things. In other areas I have no limits or restrictions on who my family and I build relationships with. I still enforce respect with my children, but only if they continue to be respectful to them. Now fighting is not the only option and I instill the fact that it is the last option in any situation.
Culture is important in communication because it reflects how we speak to each other and others in different cultures as well. How I learned to communicate with others in my society is crucial to my upbringing.
The way I speak would cause the biggest confusion when communicating with others in my society. On the other hand being raised in Hawaii brings an intriguing curiosity to people in North Carolina about the certain phrases or terminology I use when I speak. However, when I ask people to take off their foot wear before.

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I Love And I Hate

The essays are ideal for those taking examinations in English Literature.

Sample essay topic, essay writing: I Love And I Hate. Who Can Tell Me Why? - 853 words

"I Love and I Hate. Who Can Tell me Why?" The 2001 movie The Believer is a true-to-life portrayal of a young neo-Nazi whose anti-Semitic views are continually challenged by his Jewish background. The film opens with the quote, "I love and I hate. Who can tell me why?" which sets the stage for the movie's depiction of Danny Balint, a boy torn between love and hate in almost every aspect of his life. Throughout the film Danny tries to calm this internal (and at times external) quarrel, which causes a great deal of friction for the main character. His life and his choices greatly reflect this struggle. Director Henry Bean uses imagery and narrative to show this tension.

The article "Joseph and His Brothers: Quarreling After the Holocaust" can be used to parallel Danny's struggle with the biblical story of Joseph in Egypt. The source of Danny's rage towards Jews seems to stem from his lack of respect for their passivity in regard to their worship of God and their lifestyle choices. From the opening scene, where Abraham's submission to God is voiced by Danny as an extremely embarrassing base for Judaism, to the sensitivity meetings where the seeming indifference of the Jewish father over the death of his 3 year old son at the hands of the Nazis enrages Danny, he perceives Jews to suffer with no attempt to oppose their persecution. As a child Danny even says, "all that Jews are good at is being afraid, at being sacrificed!" It is this anger that drives Danny away from Judaism and into his life as a neo-Nazi. Never quite forgetting his former life, though, he is constantly presented with situations that challenge his seeming innate beliefs

The irony of this is that while Danny tries to run from submission to a higher power, he inadvertently runs right into it again. Near the end of the movie, Danny says that "the Nazis followed Hitler; Jews follow the Torah." This blind compliance with the Torah is what makes Danny hate his fellow Jews even as a child, and yet in his life as a Nazi he becomes the submissive follower that he longed to leave behind. The article by Koosed (1999) states that, "Joseph carries within him the pull toward the dominant culture as well as the reminder of his heritage, and it is these two tendencies held in tension that leads to the redemption of his family." As with Joseph, Danny is constantly reminded of his Jewish past amidst his attempt to live a life opposed to it. Also, it is Danny's own redemption that results from their clash. Bean uses striking visual images in the film to contrast Danny's beliefs and lifestyle.

In one scene Danny dons a Jewish cloth (tallit katan), stands in his room stomping his feet and pounding his chest in a "Hie Hitler" manner, but instead holds out just his pinky, and yells a Jewish hail to the Torah. In a second scene, he places a yarmulke on his shaved head as he walks into a Synagogue. His old friend draws attention to this contrast by calling Danny a "skinhead." "Joseph and His Brothers" talks about Joseph's struggle in Genesis a second time by describing "two tendencies in the narrative: one that constantly emphasizes Joseph's ethnic identity. (and) the other a drive toward Egyptianization." Like Danny, it says, "Joseph is caught in this tension - his desire to forget his origins. and his inability to do so." This can be seen clearly in the narrative of The Believer on many occasions.

When Danny and his friends go into the synagogue, Danny walks to the front and mutters, "shut up, fuck you" to the pulpit. When his friends mistreat the Torah, he is extremely offended and takes the sacred text home to repair. While Danny begins to show respect for Judaism again, it would make sense that his putting an end to being an anti-Semitic advocate would follow, but it does not. Danny continuously talks about needing to "kill a Jew", carries on his speeches for the Fascist movement he is a part of, and plots bombings with his friends. In one scene Danny tenderly cleans the Torah, in the next, he fires a gun at a Jewish man's head.

Danny's lifestyle is leading him in one direction, while his upbringing is pulling him in the other. The climax of Danny's confusion comes at the final meeting for the Fascist group where he asks the group of anti-Semites to love the Jews to destroy them. I hate and I love. These two feelings play off each other until it drives Danny to commit suicide and finally "kill a Jew". It can be seen then, that his love for the Jews, and the pity he felt for them, was the driving force behind his hate.

To Danny, being Jewish meant submitting to God and to the Torah. He felt that this defined him as a human, and he hated this so passionately that it drove him to submit blindly to the other extreme. In his whole life, Danny never stops being Jewish.

Research paper and essay writing, free essay topics, sample works I Love And I Hate. Who Can Tell Me Why?

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Cultural Upbringing essays Cultural Upbringing

Most children are put to bed with tales of princesses and fairies, but not me. When I was young, my father would prop open a book, titled something along the lines of Evolution for Children and read to me about the first cell division. I also remember coming into the living room to watch The Smurfs and my father happily suggesting The World of Chimps on PBS, instead. I did not quite understand what I was being shown. Nevertheless, I was exposed from very early on to the world of science.
It did not occur to me to embark on a formal study of Anthropology until recently. I was always interested in the field, however. My father had planted a seed that grew in time. When I was in high school, my father did not have to ask anymore. I voluntarily would watch Joseph Campbell’s Power of Myth on television. In school, I tended to not give a second thought to The Grapes of Wrath, but anything by Tolstoy, Dumas, and Austen stirred my imagination. Stories of times and cultures unlike mine, plucked melodically at my psyche like a harp. Russian, French, English (especially the English) presented to me another way of life, alluringly different from my American one.
I soon found a way to also find my own culture fascinating, through religion. In a search of my own spirituality I attended various religious services and was impressed by the spiritual leaders I encountered. The way they could make a mass of people act for them in the name of an unseen deity fascinated me. I began to read the Bible, the Torah, the Ramayana, the Qu’ran, anything I could get my hands on. The parallels between the religions and their effect on their followers struck me. I delved into the dead religions and myths. The more I read the more connections between the old and new religions became apparent. I soon realized how similar my own culture could be to others in its beliefs.
At the same time, I developed a love for languages. I taught myself to read some Russian.

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Cultural Upbringing. (1969, December 31). In Retrieved 11:07, July 26, 2016, from

MegaEssays. "Cultural Upbringing.", (December 31, 1969). Web. 26 Jul. 2016.

MegaEssays, "Cultural Upbringing.,", (accessed July 26, 2016)

OriginalCharacter Essay by


As long as I can remember. I 've always perceived mirrors as something inimical. To be honest. I hate mirrors most of the time. But. today I 'm sitting in front of one. and a beautiful woman is looking back at me It 's time to fight my fear and hatred. time to look closely at who I am and to decide who I want to become. It 's time to accept that mirrors exist

I look at my hands at first. Small and white. they are. the hands of the person who

never did any hard labor. the musician 's hands. They remind me of all the people I hugged and touched with my smile. of my friends who are like family members to me. There are quite a lot of people I can recall. as I 've always been sociable. not afraid to talk to an unfamiliar person. A chatterbox. my Mom calls me. It 's not that I like to talk so much it is rather that I believe that people should communicate and become closer to make this world better. People are always trying to find and create differences. like races. different religions or sexual preferences. My upbringing has caused me to have a very open minded about life and the world around me

As I brush back my dark brown hair and expose my ears. I am reminded of the music that lives in my soul. Form the early childhood the elegant splendor of the violin hypnotized me. made me forget about everything I knew and felt. Now I 'm 22. and I am pursuing my passion to the fullest being enrolled in the conservatory. When I hear music inside me. I feel free. I see myself dancing through the shiny big hall in the candlelight. I have dreamed of being able to dance since I was a child and. maybe the greatest my dream is to be able to dance. I want to experience the ability to feel the ground move below my feet and the wind upon my face as I elegantly float across the dance floor. When I close my eyes and play my wish becomes reality within my imagination

And than I look into my reflections eyes. the most feared moment in the whole procedure. I still can 't see vivid blue there - rather the darkness of my past that became part of my present. When I look into my eyes I always think of thee one. who created me. and who made me who I am. I think of my father. and. like every time I do it. it hurts almost physically. His abusive ways made my life much more complicated and less carefree than it could be. When I think about it I always begin to put useless questions to myself. like. What if he hit her differently What if my mother never talked back that night ' I still can not understand how a person could physically harm someone.

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Базовый курс

Unit five. My future profession

My Future Profession

Many young people consider teaching as a career. It’s not surprising – teachers play a very important role in our lives. They serve humanity doing the most vital job of all. The successful solution of the complex tasks of upbringing depends to a great extent on the teacher, his professional skill and cultural background.

Every job has its pros and cons. The profession of a teacher is not an exception. On the one hand this work is creative and varied. Teaching is a constant stream of decisions and a real challenge to one’s character and abilities; it requires a flexible approach to every lesson and good communication skills. This profession can be rewarded if you like dealing with children because children will love you too. On the other hand most jobs are done within the usual office hours from 9 a.m. till 5 p.m. but not for teachers. They are devoted to their work and their evenings are usually spent in marking exercise books and preparing for the next lesson. Teachers often

complain that they are overworked and underpaid.

To be a teacher is a great responsibility. Everybody knows that it isn’t easy to teach modern children. Teachers don’t only give knowledge in their own subject. They must be a model of competence and know a lot of things in many other subjects. A teacher is a person who is always mastering and learning himself while teaching others because every time you learn something new you become something new. An ignorant teacher teaches ignorance but a good teacher catalyzes in his pupils the burning desire to know. Modern school is aimed to develop individual abilities of children, independent thinking and creativity.

To be a good teacher you must be deeply interested in what you are doing. You have to be quite creative and well educated yourself. Besides a teacher should have such personal qualities as generosity, tolerance, flexibility and so on. A boring teacher teaches boredom, so a teacher cannot afford being dull or narrow-minded. Only bright personalities are respected by audience. Teachers have to be clever and obtain a set of specific skills to be able to explain difficult points in simple words because they must develop their pupils’ intellect, form their views and characters, their attitude to life and to other people.

As for me I made my choice long ago – I want to become a teacher. I cannot say that all the necessary qualities can be found in me but I’m keen on this profession and I’ll do my best to match it. It’s not easy, as it may seem at first but I think that love for children combined with the knowledge I’ll get at the University would be quite enough to succeed in my future work.

Answer the following questions.

1. Why do young people consider teaching as a career?

2. What are the advantages of this profession?

3. Teaching is done within the office hours from 9 a.m. till 5 p.m. isn’t it?

4. What must a good teacher know?

5. What kind of person should a good teacher be?

6. Why is it a great responsibility to be a teacher?

1) what profession he (she) has chosen;

2) what specific skills teaching requires;

3) when the profession of a teacher is rewarded;

4) why teachers are always mastering and learning themselves;

5) what a good teacher catalyzes in her pupils;

6) if modern school is aimed to develop independent thinking and creativity;

7) what a teacher cannot afford himself /herself;

8) what a good teacher is able to explain;

9) if he / she is keen on this profession.

Choose the right word from each group of the derivatives to complete the sentences.

1. Members of a liberal society must be … of alternative opinion, race and gender differences, religion, political views.

2. … is the ability to produce something new through imaginative skill, whether a new solution to a problem, a new method or device.

3. My first teacher was always … in sharing his knowledge and giving help.

4. I want to get a profound knowledge and professional skills in order … in my future work.

5. Teachers are … for the effective learning process and creating beneficial relations with their students.

6. … is a characteristic of a person who can cope with changes in circumstances and think about problems and tasks in novel, creative ways.

7. Sometimes teachers may have repeatedly covered a curriculum until they begin to feel bored with the subject which in turn … the students as well.

8. An … person is showing the lack of knowledge, information, or education.

9. … the complex tasks of upbringing a teacher must possess professional skills and cultural background.

Exercise 2. Translate the words in brackets into English.

Exercise 3. Finish the sentences.

1. Many young people consider teaching as a career because … .

2. The profession of a teacher is … .

3. Every job has its … .

3. Teaching requires … .

4. Teachers often complain that … .

5. Teachers don’t only give knowledge in their own subject but they must know … .

6. Teachers develop … and form … .

7. Modern school is also aimed to develop … .

8. Teachers have to obtain … .

9. Personal qualities of a teacher include … .

10. A good teacher cannot afford … .

11. I want to become a teacher because … .

Exercise 1. Translate the clichés usually used for a discussion.

Today we are going to speak about …

The topic of our today’s discussion is …

In our discussion we are going to deal with …

Our discussion is devoted to the problem of …

I think that … / I suppose that … / I believe that …

As far as I know … / As far as I remember … / As far as I understand …

In my opinion … / To my mind … / From my point of view …

The fact is that … / As a matter of fact …

I'd like to add … / I’d like to say …

Frankly speaking … / To tell the truth …

It is necessary to mention that …

We shouldn’t forget that …

That’s right. / That’s correct. / That’s true.

I agree with you. / It’s really so. / I think so too.

How to disagree

That’s not right. / That’s not correct. / That’s not true. / That’s wrong.

I don’t agree with you. / I disagree with you.

I think you are mistaken. / I’m afraid you are wrong.

I may be mistaken but it seems to me that …

On the one hand …, on the other hand …

Let us summarize the main conclusions of our discussion. …

Today we have discussed the problem of …

**Exercise 2.Fill in the chart below using the information from the text “My Future Profession” and your own ideas, then discuss the problem using the clichés from Ex. 1.

What are the pros and cons of the profession of a teacher?

Exercise 3.Read the following quotations and answer the questions.

1) John Steinbeck (1902-1968), an American novelist: “A great teacher is a great artist. Teaching might even be the greatest of arts since its medium is the human mind and the human spirit.”

2) Gail Kathleen Godwin (born June 18, 1937), an American novelist and short story writer: “Good teaching is one-fourth preparation and three-fourths theater.”

So the question is: what sign should we put (teacher. actor).

Where do a teacher and an actor work? Who do they deal with?

Can a teacher be considered an actor?

Do a teacher and an actor have anything in common?

Exercise 4. What comes to your mind when you hear the words ‘teacher’ and ‘actor’? Write a mindmap in your copybook . You may use the words of any part of speech: nouns, adjectives. The following words will help you to start.

*Exercise 5. Choose the adjectives from the list to characterize a teacher and an actor.

Kind-hearted, creative, communicative, competent, sociable, tactful, well-bread, intelligent, just, tolerant, arrogant, patient, hard-working, energetic, charismatic, enthusiastic, talented, energetic, famous, outstanding, well-known, …

The qualities of a teacher

The qualities of both a teacher and an actor

The qualities of an actor

Exercise 6. Read the text and answer the questions given below.

Teachers and Actors

To be a good teacher, you need some of the gifts of a good actor; you must be able to hold the attention and interest of your audience; you must be a clear speaker, with a good, strong, pleasing voice which is fully under your control; and you must be able to act what you are teaching, in order to make its meaning clear. Watch a good teacher, and you will see that he does not sit motionless before his class; he stands the whole time he is teaching, he walks about, using his arms, hands and fingers to help him in his explanations, and his face to express feelings. Listen to him, and you will hear the loudness, the quality and the musical note of his voice always changing according to what he is talking about.

The fact that a good teacher has some of the qualities of a good actor does not mean that he will indeed be able to act well on the stage, for there are important differences between the teachers’ work and the actor’s. The actor has to speak words which he has learned by heart; he has to repeat exactly the same words each time he plays a certain part; even his movements and the ways in which he uses his voice are usually fixed before. What he has to do is to make all these carefully learnt words and actions seem natural on the stage.

A good teacher works in quite a different way. His audience takes an active part in his play; they ask and answer questions. The teacher, therefore, has to understand the needs of his audience, which is his class. He cannot learn his part by heart, but must invent it as he goes along.

There are many teachers who are fine actors in class, but are unable to take part in a stage-play …

1. What do a teacher and an actor have in common?

2. How do they differ?

3. Do you think teaching is easy?

4. What difficulties do young teachers face?

5. What is an ideal teacher? What qualities should he or she possess?

**Exercise 7. Write an essay on the subject“Good teaching is one-fourth preparation and three-fourths theater”.

Exercise. 1. Translate the sentences paying attention to the phrasal verbs :

1. I can't make out your handwriting. What does this say? 2. Don't believe anything she says. She always makes up stories. 3. It takes me 10 minutes to make my face up. 4. You two have been friends for so long that I think you should make up. 5. Don’t cry, my child! We’ll sort everything out. 6. Though his birthplace was London, he was brought up in the countryside. 7. The teacher brings a lot of visuals to hand out. 8. Children, hand in your papers! The lesson in over!

*Exercise. 2. Insert the phrasal verbs from exercise 1 :

1. They’ve got a problem and they’ve asked me to … it…. 2. We are going to be late, so I’ll have to … something …. 3. I am sorry about that scandal yesterday, I have to apologize. Don’t be angry, let’s …! 4. I cannot … anything he says, the line is so bad. 5. At the end of the class the students … their tests – papers. 6. To … children is a hard job, but it is also a satisfying one. 7. When I … the forms, please fill them in.

Exercise 3. Join the sentences using Present Participle. § 11.2.1.

Model: Yesterday I saw Ann. She was having lunch in a café. – Yesterday I saw Annhavinglunch in a café.

1. We listened to an old man. He was telling his story from the beginning up to the end.

2. Do you know that woman? She is talking to Tom.

3. Life must be very unpleasant for these people. They live near the airport.

4. When I entered the waiting room it was empty except for a young man. He was sitting at the window and reading a magazine.

5. Who are those people? They are waiting outside.

6. I am going to enter the English course at the college. The course begins next Monday.

Exercise. 4. Use Present or Past Participle (Participle I or II). § 11.2.

1. Are you … in football? The last match between Holland and Germany was very … (interesting, interested).

2. We are deeply … with the lecture. The way the lecture was read was … (disappointed, disappointing).

3. The news was absolutely. Everybody was … (surprising, surprised).

4. It was really a … experience. They were … (terrifying, terrified).

5. Their parents were greatly …. The information about the children was … (shocking, shocked).

6. The noise was absolutely …. We were … to death (frightening, frightened).

7. This lecture was really …. The listeners were … (bored, boring).

*Exercise 5. Use different forms of the Participle. §11.2.3, 11.2.4.

Exercise 6. Read the sentences. Pay attention to different forms of the Gerund and translate the sentences.Match the forms. § 11.3.

1. I like teaching children. a) Present Passive

2. I enjoy being taught at the University. b) Present Active

3. I remember having taught my younger brother at 7. c) Perfect Active

4. I remember having been taught astronomy at school. d) Perfect Passive

Exercise 7. Define the functions of the Gerund. § 11.3.1.

Sentences with the gerund