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Research paper on aids

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Essay on Parochialization

Essay on Parochialization

Here is your Essay on Parochialization:

The word ‘parochialism’ means being provincial and narrow in one’s scope of thinking. When used in a negative sense, it signifies the opposite of what is known as universalism. The term originates from the Latin word, parochia, meaning a parish, that is, one of the smaller divisions within a church.

Events, groups and decisions within a parish were often made locally, taking little heed of what was good for the church as a whole. Thus, a parish could sometimes be excessively focused at the local level, showing little interest in a more universal approach.

This term is sometimes used in politics, when for instance; a State Government takes a decision based on solely local interests that do not take into account the effect of the decision on the entire country. Thus, the government of the State of Texas may take a decision or pass a law which is beneficial to the citizens of that State, but not necessarily so to other citizens of USA as a whole.

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Parochialism is to be found all over the world and has sometimes been acknowledged openly by local institutions. For example, when the Harvard University changed its curriculum in February, 2007, it openly said that one of the main purposes of the major curriculum overhaul (the first in thirty long years) was to overcome “American parochialisms”.

If parochialism is found to exist in excess, it can cause hindrance to the formation of a strong state, nation or country. India is particularly susceptible to this evil. If an inefficient peon is suspended, the debate is why an employee of a particular caste or community was suspended – and not why an efficient employee was given this punishment. Likewise, when a cricketer is excluded from the Indian team on account of his recent performance, the debate is not whether he was in good form or otherwise, but as to why a player from West Bengal or Maharashtra was dropped from the team!

One can find several sects and sub-sects of the Protestant and Roman Catholic groups within India. Indian Christians are heavily influenced by the caste system and social stratification of India. Parochialization brought with it Christian ideals of faith, hope, charity and equality before God. These ideologies facilitated social mobility and brought about social change in India.

McKim Marriot, a researcher and a disciple of Robert Redfield of the Chicago University in USA visited India and studied a village by the name of Kishangarhi in U. P. In the course of his research, he has advocated two useful concepts which are always to be kept in mind when studying Indian civilization: universalisation and parochialization.

Universalisation is a process by which cultural traits of a relatively small tradition are absorbed into a great tradition. In other words, a local phenomenon becomes univeralised. Parochialization is the process which is the opposite of universalisation.

According to him, these twin concepts are operating simultaneously in the socio-religious system of Indian villages. The two processes are complimentary to each other, and the study of either one of them in isolation will never enable a person to understand Indian civilization as a whole. He strongly feels that our civilization can be understood only with the help of these processes.

Universalization and Parochialization - Mckim Marriott

Universalization and Parochialization -Mckim Marriott

Mckim Marriott in his "Little Communities in an indigenous Civilization" gave the concept of universalization and parochialization. He examined the socio-religious organization in an Indian village Kishangarhi in Uttar Pradesh. According to Marriott, an indigenous civilization is one whose Great Tradition originates by universalization or a carrying forward of materials which are already present in the Little Tradition which it encompasses.

Such an indigenous Great Tradition has authority in so far it constitutes a more articulate and refined restatement or systematization of what is already there. He explains the concept by giving examples from the festivals of Little Tradition in Kishangarhi village. He refers to the Festival of Lights in which the local goddess of prosperity and wealth is propitiated. Marriott comments that Saurti of this Little Tradition could have been universalized into the goddess Lakshmi of the Great Tradition who stands for prosperity and wealth also.

The reverse of universalization is parochialization .It is a process of localization of limitation upon the scope of intelligibility of deprivation of literary form, of reduction to less systematic and less reflective dimensions. The process of parochialization constitutes the characteristic creative work of little communities within India's indigenous civilization. He explains the process through examples from Kishangarhi, the festival of Navarathri in which Nine Durgas are worshiped for nine successive days. In Kishangarhi a female deity Naurtha made of mud is worshiped for nine deities. Marriott points out that Durga has been parochialized into Naurtha the name also being parochialized deriving from nava ratra or nine nights.

Marriott concludes that seen through its festivals and deities the religion of the village of Kishangarhi may have originated as resulting from continuous process of communication between a little, local tradition and great traditions. Since both Great and Little traditions exist within the religion of little communities and these communities study of the religion of a little community can contribute to the understanding of processes of universalization and parochialization.

Cтатья, копирайт, эссе, essay, history, culture, people, art, time capsule, капсула времени, история, культ

We, people who live in the very beginning of the 21 st century greet you, the generation of the 22 nd century. We sent this message to you in order to show you our life, to share our values with you and to remind of some things that were very important and valuable for us.

The 20 th century was filled with different events. Some of them were terrible, sanguinary and disastrous. Other events were happy, glad and joyful. But all of them were meaningful and crucial for life of future generations.

At every time whatever regime exists, there are some very important concepts that determine people’s life. They are morality, decision-making, freedom, happiness and many others. These concepts mean nothing if they are not realized in life. So they are determined by people.

Mother Teresa is probably the most outstanding representative of the morality of the 20 th century. This woman put all her efforts while helping sick, unfortunate, oppressed, needy, orphaned and dying people. After her death she was given the title Blessed Teresa of Calcutta (

One of the most important decision-makings that changed the whole world’s history was the disintegration of the Soviet Union in 1991. It was the biggest country in the world. The disintegration of the Soviet Union led to the appearance of 15 independent republics. After that the USA became the world’s biggest country (Acton, 1995).

In all times people sought to be happy and free. The man of the 20 th century starts to comprehend that there cannot be absolute happiness. We seek happiness in details, in simple events of our life: in a sunny day, in a smile of a child or a dear person, in wind breathe. These small pieces of happiness let up become happy in general sense of this world.

Freedom is a very complicated concept. It has been discussed through the whole century. Many people struggled for it. We comprehend freedom not only as a permission to act according to our desires. Freedom implies responsibility. Every person must be responsible for the consequences caused by his or her free will and free actions.

We also outlined the most important works of art of our century. These masterpieces may help you understand the ways of our life, our ideas and tastes.

One of the most important literary works is the poem by William Butler Yeats "He Wishes For The Cloths Of Heaven”. It is short but very expressive and emotive. The lines: "But I, being poor, have only my dreams; I have spread my dreams under your feet; Tread softly because you tread on my dreams” have become popular all over the world due to their deep meaning and the strong effect they produce (Yeats).

One of the most effective and in the same time mysterious paintings is the work by Kazimir Malevich. His famous "The Black square” (1913) still remains the mystery that was not raved in the 20 th century. Nobody knows what the artist wanted to express by his painting. The simplicity of the painting results in the difficultness of its interpretation. This picture is our heritage to you: maybe it is you who are to reveal this secret.

Not only is the world of visual arts full of bright representatives. The world of music and cinema also presented us various bright examples that must not be forgotten in future. One of the brightest musicians of the 20 th century was Freddie Mercury, the leader of the musical band "Queen”. His talent was magnificent. He wrote powerful songs and his voice made millions of people stand still and listen to his songs with their hearts sank. One of the strongest songs of "Queen” is their masterpiece "Show Must Go On”. This song is considered to be the hymn of people, who have no powers to struggle for survival. This song is full of the energy of life. It makes people want to live.

There appeared many great films during the 20 th century. One of the most contradicting, even shocking, but nevertheless strong and talented was "The Silence of the Lambs” with Anthony Hopkins starring. However many people may find the essence of the story disgusting, the film does not fail to impress. It tells the story of a serial maniac. Hannibal Lector, the main character of the film, has become one of the most famous figures of the 20 th century and unfortunately had a lot of followers. The popularity of the film can be explained by the director’s professional skills and the outstanding actor skills of Anthony Hopkins who is considered to be one of the best actors of the 20 th – 21 st centuries.

The 20 th century has also given the world a lot of innovations in the sphere of technology. These inventions changed the world and gave the way for the speedy development of the technologies of the future. A mobile phone has become the revelation for the people of the 20 th century. The world was startled by the possibility to use wireless devices.

The idea of this presentation of the most important and valuable achievements of the people of the 20 th century is to show you, the future generation, how we lived, what was important and meaningful for us. It may not only satisfy your interest to our life, but it can also help you to understand your own life.

Essay on “Surveillance and Privacy”

Custom Paper Writing Service Essay on “Surveillance and Privacy” Introduction

Surveillance is defined as the close monitoring of the actions of a specific individual. The surveillance technology systems are devices that identify monitors and track the movements and data. Surveillance has raised a lot of concerns in privacy issues in the advancing technology. The electronic devices used include the closed circuit TV, the VCR, the telephone bugging, electronic databases and the proximity cards. Surveillance has presented numerous challenges to the right to privacy .

Every individual is entitled to the right to privacy and measures should be taken to address these issues in the new technology. An advanced technology can be very useful is properly handled but it can also presents with a lot of damage risks if misused. On the other hand, privacy can be described as the ability of not exposing an individual in any way to others without his consent. In my view, there are solution ideas to the problems that exist in surveillance and privacy. The solutions ideas are discussed in the essay below.

There is a need to develop a high technology surveillance system that will come with great benefits without intrusion. The development of the rapid DNA-based tests can serve a great significance in the protection from the biological weapons and the also in disease diagnosis. The tests will help us to reveal more about the health professionals. The high technology system will help to protect an individual privacy. The importance in the solution will require the government to amend laws to regulate the privacy associated with one’s privacy.

The government can also use the keystroke loggers as a spyware. The loggers are types of computer programs that can be used to track any records on a computer. The software program can be used to track production in workplaces, but they role in computers ensures that they are used as a spyware. They ensure privacy is protected if used as a tool in surveillance by the government. The federal law will require amendments in protecting the keystroke loggers’ installation.
The development of location technologies also is a solution to surveillance and privacy. There are electronic tracking devices which are used but advanced ones have been introduced in cell phones and in cars navigation systems. The technologies will ensure that individuals are safe, secure and convenient. The government has a responsibility to monitor one’s movement and ensure maximum security. There will be a need for legal standards which will aim at protecting the privacy rights in the surveillance of an individual.

The following is a criterion that can be used to evaluate the development of location technologies in surveillance. The government agencies must be authorized to take part in tracking the movements of individual. They must be aware that their privacy will not be exposed to other people by the agents. The fundamental human right is an issue to be well taken off. The tracking of movements in bad places does not mean the agents will have a right to expose this to the public. The development of the location technologies have been subsidized in cell phones and in the car systems and their costs is affordable.

This will help the United States government to develop it as it will not bear much economic weight. In a nutshell, there is a need to constitute laws and regulations responsible to govern an individual privacy in surveillance. No one has a right to carelessly expose somebody information without been given that consent.

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Travel Essays

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tips on writing travel essays

Travel, at a point of time, was something restricted to absolute necessities. But in today’s world, travel is much more than a necessity. People travel not only for unavoidable reasons but they travel for leisure also. There is also the fact that travel, unlike older times, is much easier now. This has made it possible for more people to afford the expenses and also travel more frequently. And this, in turn, has made travel a subject of study and further research. Travel and tourism studies are highly preferred by students nowadays because of its scope in the career field. But travel essays are not limited to the subject of travel.

Essays on travel can be approached from various angles which belong to different subjects. While writing an essay on travel, you must consider certain aspects.

• Studying travel as a subject is not as simple as traveling from one point to another. Travel is a very complex subject which is built upon the various elements which make travel easier and better. It also studies the various aspects which facilitate travel requirements. Hence do not ever take it for granted that you can write on the topic just because you are someone who likes to travel a lot.

• Getting a very good grasp of the topic and the main aspects of the perspective you wish to take, is very important. You must find your focus and stick to it throughout your travel essay .

• Choosing a topic, if the job is left to you, may not turn out to be an easy task. But if you have a clear idea of what you can write on, it need not be that difficult either. Ascertaining the approach you will have to use, is the best way to start your search for a suitable topic.

• Once you choose the topic, you will have to work on finding an impressive thesis. Only an impressive thesis can complement a good topic.

• There are many topics which can be used for an essay, in the travel section. But you must ensure that your topic is well within the limits set by your professor. Even if you pick a good topic for your travel essay. it will not be of any use if it doesn’t belong to your subject area.

• You must plan your essay writing procedure well enough because studying certain aspects about travel might prove more time-consuming than expected.

• Travel ideas are mostly time-related hence even if the topic you choose is familiar to you, the information you already have on it might be outdated at the time you write your essay.

Travel essays can be handled well if you have an aptitude for the subject. But if you chose to write an essay on travel thinking it would be an easy job, then it would prove to be a mistake. Still, there is no need to despair only because you don’t feel confident about it. You can opt to get your essay custom written by professional academic writers. We have professional writers who have specialized in the travel field to prepare outstanding essays on the subject. Hence, if you ever feel like getting professional help, we will always be here to assist you.

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Subject: FRIENDSHIP Title: Are you a good friend? A friend in need is a friend indeed is a popular saying and stands for the qualities of being honest, loyal and supportive towards someone you call “your friend”. However, is this the only quality you need to be a good friend. Chairman, ladies.

Essay Styles AN ESSAY OF EXTENDED DEFINITION What is Love? Introduction (Leads reader into the essay by example. Note that it is divided into two paragraphs because of the natural shift) Thesis statement (Uses classification to define the subject) Paragraph One (Outlines the first.

climate change fermenting underneath it much of which spilled over into preceding decades. This was especially true of the civil rights movement. In this essay I will explore the civil rights movement and its effect upon American society. I will analyze also how this movement is depicted in the films, flawed.

Friendships in Middle Adulthood In midlife, generally defined as the period between young adulthood and old age, friendships provide affection, companionship, understanding, and social support and therefore contribute to well-being. Friends can also affect the status, power, wealth, attitudes, behaviors.

Johnson 1! Scott Johnson Mr Niva English 10 period 6 26 May 2015 Julius Caesar Final Essay In the play Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, Caesar was murdered on thought of a conspiracy by many Roman senators. Led by Gaius Cassius Longinus and Marcus Brutus, they stabbed Julius Caesar to death.

grabbed my football and walked over to lower field for my football ABC. As I waited for my campers that signed up for this ABC, I couldn't help but think about the past five weeks of this ABC and hope that the next five would be just as wonderful. "I'm the quarterback!" Then I turned around and saw campers.

This I Believe Essay I believe in the choice of right and wrong. I think that if a person does something wrong that they should get the chance to make it right again. People should never sit back on the wrong they have because they will always regret it and the person they have done wrong to might.

they cannot see while online through your home computers. As a parent, it is necessary to explain the rules for working online and building online friendships with others. Letting them know there is certain information that should not be given out online without permission can keep them safe. Although harm.

academic essay Below are 4 samples of good essays . Band 4 or 5. Band 6 essays will demonstrate a much better command of linguistic fluency and accuracy as well as show more mature and critical thinking skills. FYI: I'm sticking to my writing template so that the organisation of your essay is clearer.

Bigelow and La Gaipa (1975) observed children’s friendships by asking a number of children to write an essayabout their best friend using the approach called “content analysis”. William Corsaro however dictates that in order to study children you must study them in the context of their own peer culture.

must be print sources (and GALILEO sources count as print sources). If you have more than four, then you may have more Internet sources. Be careful about these, though; Wikipedia has been proven to be a sometimes inaccurate source, for example! Do not use a dictionary as a source. Do not use a general.

no doubt about your conduct or your heart if, at your age, the gods are your companions.” (3. 407-409) Companions. Friends. Acquaintances. No matter how you say it, it means the same thing. It is a strong bond held between people, showing a strong feeling of compassion. To some, friendship is the most.

 March 14, 2013 Independent Reading Essay The book Drama High, Courtin’ Jayd is about a girl named Jayd trying to juggle school, family, and friends. Jayd struggled with school subjects, family relationships, and on how to maintain friendship among her peers. Jayd isn’t your typical teenager.

often disguises reality. The themes of the play are riddled with illusions, for example, love and relationships, peoples personalities, schemes, friendship . and happiness. All these aspects of the play are full of illusion, perhaps having only one "real" part to it, and that is the character of Emilia.

other corner Italian kids talking Italy. But such a possibility to be able to speak more than one language is a very good advantage. In the following essay . I want to show the pros and cons. On the one hand they are many advantages why German should be the only language spoken at school. Firstly, the official.

1. Essay of approximately 500 words that highlights your accomplishments and intellectual interest. Describe any extracurricular or volunteer activities, especially those related to your academic pursuits. Science has always been a passion of mine, and medicine in particular has become increasingly.

This essay will show the use of friendship pairs in interviews for marketing research. In the beginning of each research it has to be clarified what kind of research ahs to be done. So first it has to be analized what kind of data would be of interest. Data of a wide range of respondents would be collected.

used to study children’s understanding of friendship . The subject of Children’s friendships has been analysed by a number of researchers and psychologists. Because it is a very complex, individual and detailed subject so when studying children's friendships it is essential for psychologists to first.

Personality Test Essay I gained a lot from taking this personality test, not that I learned something new or interesting about myself just that I was able to see how easy it is for others to pin-point me to a characteristic. My results in my opinion are a exact match. The test really hit the.

Romeo And Juliet FriendshipEssay A friendship includes trust, honesty, commitment, caring, dependable, loyality, witty, love and communication. I will analyse the friendship between Romeo and Mercutio, and between Romeo and Benvolios. I will compare Rome and Benvolio’s friendship to Romeo and Mercutio’s.

COLLEGE ESSAY PURPOSE OF THE ESSAY Your GPA, class rank, SATI and SATII scores are all important to a college admissions officer in helping to assess your academic abilities. But they are only numbers – they have no personality. What can make your application stand apart are the personal essays . The.

between the two texts, and they both depict very different versions of teenage life. My essay will reflect the changing characteristics of the antihero, and how the need for a teenage antihero is ever present. My essay will include reference to the different values prized in contemporary antiheroes, in.

Novelist, Christine Rosen, in her essay . “Virtual Friendship and the New Narcissism” ridicules the use of online social networking in today’s society. Rosen’s purpose is to convey the idea that, online social networking is a dangerous manipulative addiction of self expression that is frankly a waste.

Essay Writing TOPIC: My Friend-My Guiding Line THESIS STATEMENT: True friends are hard to find and are an invaluable treasure. Friendship is the divine feeling and relationship between friends. Friendship is developed ultimately.

This essay compares and contrasts two approaches for studying friendships between children: the approach in Bigelow and La Gaipa’s study (1975) and that taken by William Corsaro (1985). The former was one of the first studies of children’s friendships and involved in a first instance qualitative analysis.

EFLC? 4.2 Why using “Community” in the EFLC? 5. List of sources 1. Introducing “Community” My term paper is about a TV series called ‘Community’. The series is broadcasted on NBC since 2009 and is very popular in the United States and also in other parts of the.

7th 12-16-13 The Friendship and the Loyalty What do you think of when you hear the words friendship . Does it spark a memory of you and a good friend? Or just a moment that catches your train of thought and sends you in a path that makes you lose your concentration. What about when you hear the word.

studying children痴 friendships taken in the Bigelow and La Gaipa (1974) study with that taken by William Corsaro. This essay will compare and contrast the academic research of three eminent. researchers in development psychology especially in the field of children痴 friendship . Bigelow and.

Value of Friendship Why would we need friends? Can’t we live as individuals in society? Many people hold different opinions about the value of friendship . Some people even see friendship as a tool. But I think that friendship is the support from each other unconditionally. Friendship also offers.

there is deep and meaningful friendship . How well do we know this yet act as if we don't? We sometimes jump into relationships one after another and act as if friendship . one that takes time to establish and nurture, is overrated. Fact is, friendship is underrated. Friendship is a great blessing in life.

3 Dr. Givens Definition Essay 10/17/2011 True Friendship Have you ever pondered what the importance of friendship is? Or, what the importance of maintaining a close bond is? Friendship is a hard concept to define, people understand the concept of friendship differently, but it is attached.

an enemy of friendship . Everybody has an attraction for money. When lending or borrowing of money is done between two friends, there is great risk. Friendship may be affected. So it is wise for true friends to avoid monetary transaction. Vanity is another element which breaks friendship . Everybody has.

English 9 H 10/29/15 Illustrating Alike Values: Family and Friendship in Literature Family and friends are similar in many ways, both are built on four main principles. Support, love, trust, and selflessness. Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck and The Perks of Being a Wallflower by.

Friends Essay by Mitchell Scott Topic: What friendship means to me Friendship is a relationship that is needed in a society of ours. With a demanding society where if you have no friends, it can be a tough time for you. Friendship is much more than just hanging around with your mates; it allows living.

English essay Alexandra Clancy. The concept of change can be expressed in various ways through different texts. The novel About a boy by Nick Hornby written in 1998 describes a story that gave an indepth insight into 1990’s pop culture. About a boy is about a man-child named Will and a very mature.

4TH MAY 2008 This Essay is based on The Outsiders, written by S. E. Hinton. Pony boy and his greaser friends have a lot in store for them. Although there are some new surprises when the socs, a gang that lives in the west, becomes cool with Pony. Johnny is Pony’s best friend and one night he kills.

Compare and contrast the approach to studying children’s friendships taken in the Bigelow and La Gaipa (1975) study with that taken by William Corsaro. This essay will be looking into the research into children’s friendships that was carried out by Brian Bigelow, John La Gaipa and William.

Friendship Unleashed The enigmatic heading must have left you perplexed. This is just a linguistic idea to draw your attention towards what I have to say. If you promise to remain with me throughout the article then I wish to state that the subject of this venture of mine is basically Friends.

Compare and contrast how content analysis and ethnographic research have been used to study children’s understanding of friendship . The two studies which I have chosen to look at are those of Brian Bigelow and John La Gaipa (1974) and William Corsaro. I will look at each study in depth which will.

declarative sentence that states the purpose of your essay —the point you are trying to make. o Without a carefully conceived thesis, an essay has no chance of success. o Typically, the.

What makes a true Friendship . One thing that makes a true friendship is being able to count on your friend. Like when Johnny killed Bob Ponyboy and Johnny went to go find Dally. He gave them a gun and some money and he told them that he would be up to Jay Mountain to get them. Another thing that.

Aristotle on Friendship We are social creatures. We surround ourselves with other human beings, our friends. It is in our nature. We are constantly trying to broaden the circumference of our circle of friends. Aristotle understood the importance of friendship . books VIII and IX of the Nicomachean.

The purpose of this essay is to look at various studies of memory, friendship and personality and to assess the relevance within the context of these subjects, whether other people, such as family and authority figures, influence human behaviour and performance. There may be other multiple sources.

Discuss Aristotle’s Friendship (Philia) Philia, an ancient Greek word that means friendship . is one of the main concerns in Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics. There exist three types of friendship distinguished by Aristotle and the following essay will discuss this first. Then attention will be focused.

FRIENDSHIP There are many valuable things in life, but friendship may be one of the most important. To live life without the experience of friendship . is life without living. Human interaction is a necessity to survival, but developed friendships are essential to the successful well being of anyone.

Adedolapo Adebanjo April 11, 2013 OF MICE AND MEN ESSAY Everyone has a special person they have a certain relationship with, which is called friendship . whether it’s imaginary, animal, object or a person. In the novel “of mice and men” that takes place in the 1930s, there are two men who are migrant.

The Children’s Hour Response Essay A lie told. A person accused. A life taken. Lies can be extremely harmful and hurtful. They can change a person’s life, especially if the lie is believed by the majority of people around the area. Many people who read The Children’s hour believe that homosexuality.

Cross-Sex Friendships Introduction Friendships are an integral part of an individuals’ life. “We yearn for friendships because they meet our material needs by giving us help and support, friends meet our cognitive needs by supplying stimulation by way of shared experiences, activities, exchange.

Heather Edwards April 30, 2012 Nature of Evil Film Essay In the movie Sleepers, we follow the friendship of four boys: Shakes, Michael, John, and Tommy are childhood friends. One hot afternoon, the boys see business is slow and decide to play a prank on a street vendor that ends up resulting in.

Love and Friendship Love and friendship is written by Emily Bronte in (DATE). In the following poem, she asks throughout each Stanza "which is the most preperable?" In the first Stanza, she starts by saying "Love is like the wild rose-briar" as here she is representing love, as the rose itself.

Lexi Turnbow “Friendship ” By Ralph Waldo Emerson In the essay "Friendship " by Ralph Waldo Emerson the importance of that special bond between two people is constantly conveyed to the reader. Emerson breaks down and explains the different aspects of friendship that we sometimes forget.

Essay #4: Research & Analysis Rough Draft: _____________ Final Draft: ____________ |In the dialectical journals and class discussions for this unit, we will focus on George Orwell’s characterization of poverty in Down and Out in Paris | |and London. For this.

men is a story about two men that go to work as ranch hands on ranches in Salinas, California. Although loneliness, dreams and inequality are major themes in John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men the one that is most important is friendship . The main characters, Lennie and Georges friendship is one that’s.

everyone mystified? What is the one emotion that has started as many wars as it has ended? What emotion has had more plays, songs, and stories written about it than anything else? Love, that one emotion that makes enemies into friends and friends into enemies. So many legends surround this emotion, from.