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Charity Essay Research Paper Use Of Charity

Charity Essay Research Paper Use Of Charity

Charity Essay, Research Paper

Use Of Charity in the Wrong Way

When you send a check to a company to help people that are starving or homeless, do you really know where your money is going? The company may be keeping the money for their own profit or they may send a small amount and keep the large part. Giving to charity may make you feel like your helping, but you might be just making a false company more profit. Charity can help people that need it, but the charity you give might be helping the wrong people.

You turn on the TV and you see the pictures of children that can’t go to school and can’t get health care for the simplest things. Everyone feels sorry for them and would like to help in any way they can. Then they show you a phone number to call and donate money, but there is no way of knowing if that money is getting them health care or if it’s putting them in school. You see the same thing to help families feed their starving children and give them shelter. Is the money really giving them shelter and food?

When you walk in a store and see a can for money with a picture of someone on it that needs sur

gery or some kind of medical help, or their house burnt down. Do they even have a problem at all, or is it someone that is fine, trying to get some extra cash. Then those people that stand outside of stores and ring those bells. Anyone could get a bell and ring it all day, but does that mean that the money is going to a good cause?

The only time that you see whom you are giving the money to is when someone is on the street with a sign or they are singing for money. This is one time that you know the money is going to the right person, but is that person using it for food or are they using it for drugs and alcohol. They may be addicted to these substances but they are misleading you into thinking the money is for food, and someone else could really need the money for food.

When you give to charity it is considered thoughtful and the right thing to do. There is no way of telling that your money is going to the right person or if it is used for the right things. Anyone could scam you out of your money and you would never know. Charity is a good thing for the people that need it, but people can easily take advantage of people’s kindness.

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Essay about charity

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Essay about charity - Do My Term Paper For Me

Essay about charity

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FREE Essay on Why Everyone Should Give To Charity "Why Everyone Should Give To Charity"

Millie Thorton once said, "Generosity is a principle -- not an amount." I too believe giving is a principle and that everyone should. There are a multitude of reasons why everyone should give to charity. Charities give services to the needy without asking anything in return. They do life saving research, that without we would not have medicine enough to cure a common cold. Giving to charity also makes oneself feel better. I think one of the greatest feelings in life would be giving something to someone in which they could never repay. Giving to charity can even be a tax write off.

Charities every year help millions of people with whatever problems or situations they are in. They help give shelter to the homeless, which gets them off the street and on the path to bettering there lives. It also gives them a place to turn when they have nowhere else to go. Charities make it possible to come up with advanced and new age cures to diseases such as aids and cancer. They help with bone marrow transplants for children and many other worthwhile causes. Everyone should give to charities because it also makes the giver feel better about themselves, I heard once that a person has not experienced life until they have given one. If anyone knew that their small contribution helped save a life, or went to saving the lives of millions, that would be a wonderful thing to experience. If giving a small contribution made you feels better, why wouldn't you? Anne Frank said,” Giving to someone never made anyone poor.” This rings very true. Most people have plenty of mo!

ney or time to give to charity but choose not to. If people are so caught up in there own money, this is no excuse. Giving to good will or charities is also a tax write-off. So if you give money to a charity, you can write it off and receive a higher tax return. There is no reason not to give to charity.

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What is charity? Free Marketing Essay - Essay UK

Free Marketing essays ABSTRACT

Charity has always been a major source for many of the needy people to survive in every society. Large number of world's population depends on charity and the increasing inflation rate is making it worst for more to be dependent in near future. This study tries to find out the factors that influence individuals to give charity. The basic aim is to indentify what are the actual reasons that drive people to go for charity and what are the features that they look for in an organization for giving charity.

Primary date was collected for this research and the instrument used was a 3 page questionnaire consisting of 11 questions. A sample consists of 100 respondents and the target market included professionals that have active role in charitable activities. Research hypothesized that credibility of an institution influence people to give charity.

Services provided by an institution influence people to give charity. Religion influence people to give charity.

For testing hypothesis the multinomial model was used to identify the influencing factors based on the p (sig.) value of specific factor and the value of p that was set in the analysis was 0.05


In this research we want to identify the major factors that influence individuals to give charity. Those can be different factors such as religious, social, habitual, occasional etc.

We want to highlight the characteristics that people look in an organization to give charity. Their could be many characteristics that are taken into consideration such as the services provided, credibility of the organization, target market they are focusing on, historical background of the organization etc.

Charity has always been playing a vital role in the development of a society and enabling needy people to live with basic necessities of life such as shelter, food and clothes. The major way to decrease the difference from the different classes of the society taking from privilege ones and distributing among the deserving ones.

Many organizations have been working in this regard for a very long period of time across the globe as it has globally been admitted as the social responsibility of every nation not only to help the local deprived citizens but also take encourage steps to get hold of the poor ones around the effected nations of the world.

Charity could be of different forms, mainly classified as monetary charity or voluntary services provided. Both the forms have their own importance depending upon the circumstances and the need they cater.

Not every scenario needs monetary help, rather man power is essential to get over with the existing problem such as in accidents or fire break downs, one helping citizens to secure their lives and bring them to a safe location would be the best example of the voluntary service charity.

Taking hold of blocked traffic and helping cars especially emergency vehicles like ambulances to get a smooth passage would be a great gesture as it results in saving precious lives get helplessly end in noisy and stuck traffics.

This study will bring in light to the causes that motivate citizens to join a charity or result in supporting it with the best possible way they could.

Statement of the Problem

Increasing number of charitable organizations has made it really difficult for individuals to select which organization to give charity. The diversified nature of these organizations has increased factors to be considered by the donors for selecting which organization to donate. Therefore we need to identify what are those factors that are considered by individuals while selecting an organization to give charity to.


Basic purpose of this research is to identify those factors that are taken into priority by people when they are willing to give charity to an organization and want to select which one it should be.

Research Model



Hl: Credibility of an institution influences people to give charity.

H1a: Service provided by an institution influences people to give charity.

H1b: Religion influences people to give charity.


Charity exists to help people who are in need of basic necessities of life such as food, cloth and shelter. Charity organizations are set up by people who are aware of there social responsibilities and willing to work for betterment of the society.


Charity has an important standing in every faith that exists and it has been active since the birth of human in one form or the other. Every religion has given it importance as it helps in balancing the society and fulfills needs of its citizens. In Islam charity is termed as


and its importance can be judge by the fact that it is termed as compulsory principle to be followed by believers of Islam through out their lives.

The success of a society depends on the citizens and their way of spending money. Society can only prosper if the citizens care for the deprived ones rather then just running after their away desires. As the saying goes:

Charity begins at home

One should be always willing to help poor ones, neighbors, family etc.

Charity is not just in form of money it also included services provided voluntary for betterment of others.The most valued charity in Islam is to convey the knowledge one has to others and enlighten their lives in best possible way and this is why education has been the most shared charity in among Muslims since the birth of Islam. Education is one thing that makes humans understand the world and its beauty and it differentiates humans from all other entities and set them above all.

Muslims have a great role model for themselves and that is Muhammad (PBHU) their leader who enlightens the lives of humans with teachings of ALLAH the only creator of the universe. His teachings are passed on since 1400 years from generation to generations. Places specifically established for this purpose are called maktabs and madrasas. that is, place for learning school. These schools are in operation on individuals capacities charging no money for the services they provide.

The wealthy people helped in running these madrasas, not only though Zakah, but also by making endowments (wakf), of their properties as these madrasas. The income from these properties met the needs of these schools. The orphans and poor people were given stipends over and above free board and lodging. (Maulana Wahiduddin Khan) Forms of charity in Islam

Islam has two forms of charity

1) Zakah ,that is obligatory.

2) Sadaqah that is voluntary.

Charity has always been a major obligation in every religion that has exists in this world, but in Islam it is given importance as never before have strict orders to follow this principle. Charity is the root cause of an ideal community one can think of that's the whole concept behind this obligation. Contributing ones money to help others is a practice that has been followed not just to please Allah but to the welfare of the


the Muslim society. This concept teaches us that every Muslim is brother to other having certain rights that need to be respected and given.

The Qur'an states:

'And be steadfast in your prayer and pay charity; whatever good you send forth for your future, you shall find it with Allah, for Allah is well aware of what you do ' (2:110). Charity is central to a Muslim's life.

The best charity is to satisfy a hungry person, said Prophet Muhammad (SAS). He also said "

No wealth (of a servant of Allah) is decreased because of charity

" (Al-Tirmidhi, Hadith No. 2247).


The concept behind Charity Begins at Home, Inc. is to contribute directly by raising money oneself and giving it to the deserving people rather then donating it to any formal organizational contributions.

Charity Begins at Home, Inc. was first organized in 1978 and funded primarily by monies from concerts through the efforts of Mr. William Joel. For the past several years, other organizations such as motorcycle groups, Q104 Radio Station, recording studios and many public high schools have held events to raise funds for Charity Begins at Home, Inc.


Many active organizations are operating in Pakistan in name of charity, local and international both. Some of them have really made up a impression by helping the real deserving people of the country that set them apart from the rest and are discussed ahead.


Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre is one of the biggest organizations that has been working for the needy people that cannot offer expensive health treatments and have no hope to get treatment for their sufferings. It was founded my Imran Khan the renowned Campion from the world of cricket who through his fan following enabled this dream to be converted into real happening.

The reason this idea was born within him was his mother's death due to suffering of cancer. He could not save her and this affected him so much that his life got a mission of fight against cancer.

Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital is located in Lahore, Pakistan. It is a project of the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust, a charitable organization established under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 of Pakistan.


Over the past decade, Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Centre has been helping poor cancer patients by treating them and letting them survive this dangerous disease with passion and honesty. This amazing organization was established by Imran Khan man need no introduction, a born leader who made this impossibility turn into a reality with record time. Lahore being the place that gave birth to this hospital was a shared effort of people that supported Imran Khan across the globe. Funds were raised through intensive campaign throughout the country and overseas.

Creation of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital was not a miracle it was shared effort citizens of the Pakistan those who contributed what ever they had with their heart and soul. Real miracle is that it has been operating for more then a decade now treating 70% of its admitted free of cost. Spending over Rs. 6 billion (US $ 100 million) in supporting the treatment of thousands of cancer patients it has been the best example of a charity house this nation has ever seen in history of its 60 years.


* Founded by: Imran Khan

* Inauguration, 1994 December 29

* Annual Spending: Rs. 2.5 billion (US $ 30 million)

* Free of cost treatment for patients: 70%

* Area/Location: Pakistan, Lahore, 1994

The Edhi Foundation

Edhi Foundation the name that reflects the most organized charity based welfare trust existing in Pakistan. Foundation welcomes anyone with arms wide open without taking into notice religion, race and other worldly differences and purely works for human beings. The Foundation modifies the

phrase "Live and let live" to "Live and help live".

The one thing that sets this foundation apart from other organizations is the varied services it has to offer around the clock. The services include shelter for the homeless, orphans, mentality or physically challenged 24 hours emergency services famous for its efficiency ands effectiveness, free treatment for patients and drugs addicts, family planning counseling, and vaccinations, taking care of handicaps and most prominently helping victims of natural disaster losing all their wealth and surviving helplessly.

Edhi vision is based on the principle of self help, and it truly a miracle that is foundation is standing strong without support of any governmental funding or international agencies donations. The rejection of all such offerings has result its survival purely on the donations of individuals of the society locally and abroad.

Edhi is working on its mission for more then 50 years now getting stronger and organized day by day. It has motivated people to donate more and more unintentionally, just by proving itself as deserving foundation for their donation due to the extra ordinary services it has provided since decades and has impressed every human heart who have been aware of the activities in which Edhi has been involved.

Serving humanity is based on basic agenda of helping humans without any discrimination and that is what Edhi has surrendered itself to, treating all humans equally regardless of the prominent differences of their race, color, religion etc. Edhi Foundation has now crossed the local boundaries and stepped into international arena establishing its homes abroad for the needy ones.

Edhi is working purely for the rights of humanity fighting for their survival with support of its donators.

"My religion is humanitarianism. which is the basis of every religion in the world.”

Says Edhi. He mentality has shown that his intentions are clear to overcome all the worldly affairs and strive to help humanity till his last breath simply a blessed nation we are, to have such an amazing person.


Essentially there are two types of data available for the researchers, Primary and Secondary. In this research primary data has been used that is collected through questionnaires. Primary data was used because the availability of the data was a constraint which compelled the use of primary data. The tool that was being used was SPSS.


A questionnaire survey consisting of three pages was used to collect the data (Primary) from respondents that were professionals. The questionnaire was mailed and e-mailed to the respondents also questionnaire was distributed in shopping malls, grocery stores and gas stations and a random sample of 100 was taken.

Questionnaire Survey

The measurement instrument consists of two major portions:

Part 1: Question regarding charity and related information.

Part 2: Respondent demographics.

The survey part was further classified into three parts.

a) Organizational Factors.

b) Situational Factors.

c) Services Provided.

Pre Test:

A questionnaire testing was conducted to identify flaw in design and instruments. Pre-testing refers to the testing of the questionnaire on a small sample of respondents in order to identify and eliminate potential problem. Here, the researcher intended to conduct a testing to evaluate the questionnaire for clarity, bias, ambiguous questions, and relevance to the study. Burns and Bush (1998) suggested that a pre-test of 5-10 representative respondents is usually sufficient to identify problems with a questionnaire.

Aset of questions was developed to pretest the questionnaire. From the results of the pretest, the final version of the questionnaire was developed (as presented in Appendix)


Unfortunately, the questionnaire survey did not result in clear results. Initially it was targeted to have a sample size of 50+ selecting from different locations such as super stores, gas station, amusement parks, restaurants and other place where general public could be reached easily so that a diversified response could gained in order to represent the true practice of the society. The results were observed carefully and a conclusion was drawn out that to have clear results, the sample size has to be increased. Finally, a convenience sampling size was adopted and 100 responses were considered for the analysis that made the sample size usable for analysis.


This section will discuss the presentation of the results and the implications that there may be we will discuss topics on the culture profile and its relationship with the dependent variable.

In the presentation of results section, hypothesis 1 was accepted, that there was Credibility of an institution influences people to give charity.

Furthermore hypotheses la and lb were both accepted. Those were Service provided by an institution influences people to give charity and Religion influences people to give charity.


To begin the conclusion section, it must be stated that to make interpretations on the results of the analysis of this data is somewhat problematic due to the small sample sizes. Some doubt is cast upon the generalization of these results upon the population of large size Pakistani organizations.

The results showed that all three factors have influence on charity it totally depends on people and their priorities due to which they give charity.

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During the 16th century, cities in England introduced schemes which provided relief for the poor and vagrant, by giving them the necessary charity, housing and the employment that they needed. The church had a traditional expectation that they had a social/welfare role in society, and this was providing social security and basic benefits such as shelter, food and charity. The main provider of charity, food and shelter was the monastery. When closed, all monastic-based charity and help towards the poor was stopped.

20. How to Plan a 5K Run

This is a how-to guide on how to plan a 5K run for an organization or charity on a college campus. Keep in mind that even though you may be spending a lot of money you're also making money that will go towards a deserving charity. Next, decide on a charity or organization that your guests are passionate about and eager to support. Hiring a photographer is a wise decision so runners and the charity have the ability to see a recap of all the fun.

21. My American Dream

There are charities and foundation groups that have now begun in the United States to help numerous victims such as orphans, handicapped, or homeless people. The first time I got glimpse of charity and giving was from a famous man known all over the world for his success and accomplishments.

22. Cujo Summary

"Cujo,aE by Stephen King, is a novel about a sweet innocent St. Bernard who becomes rabid and wreaks havoc. In the beginning, Joe and Charity Camber and their son Bret live out on an old farm place where Joe fixes cars in the old cow barn. They have a large St. Bernard named Cujo. Vic and Donna Tr.

23. Summary of Into the Wild

In April of 1992 a man named Christopher Johnson McCandless hitchhiked to Alaska and hiked into the wilderness just north of Mt. McKinley. He gave $25,000 of his savings to charity, abandoned his car and most of his possessions, burned all the cash in his wallet, and invented a new life for himself.