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Things to do in spare time essays

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Essay on Spare Time Essay on Spare Time

When I was a kid, I would get a new toy and play with it until it broke. We know we are growing up because it takes longer and longer for us to break our toys, but we can manage it if we keep at it. Anyway, for Christmas one year I was given a football game that consisted of a football field with a vibrator beneath it. You would set the players out on the field and turn on the vibrator, and everyone would seem to run around for a minute, usually in the wrong direction. It was soon evident to this youngster that this mechanism only pretended to be like a real football game, and this created in me that most vital of American attitudes, dissatisfaction. The more our toys can do, the more dissatisfied we are that they cannot do more.

When we are children our toys are meant to fill time, to give us something to do. As we grow older, our toys have a different purpose--they are meant to save us time and give us more leisure to buy more toys and get more leisure. However, this noble effort is not working as well as it once did, and I have noted that the toys we have today take away more time than they save.

Your spare time is valuable, whether you know it or not. First, you are not likely to have too much of it, so you do not want to waste what you have. Second, there are a large number of entities appealing for you to spend you spare time with them--everything from television and radio to the 7-11, the local pool hall, video games, and much more, and obviously all these entities see your time as valuable or they would not be trying to take so much of it. Today, we have a new Siren in the form of the Internet, the computer throughway which allows the user to go almost anywhere in the world in a matter of seconds to play, work, gather information, shop, or just look around to see who else is there. The Internet has been cited by some as a time-saver, but like the computer itself and like other machines we have developed to sa.

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Hobbies, Leisure time - топик на английском

Hobbies, Leisure time

Leisure or free time is a period of time spent out of work and domestic activity. It is also the period of recreational time before or after compulsory activities such as eating and sleeping, going to work or running a business, attending school and doing homework or housework. Leisure time is the time when you can forget about day-to-day stress and stressful activities and relax. These activities can be our hobby.

Nowadays people work all day long and rarely have spare time to rest and to do something they like. But if they have it they try to spend it in the way they prefer. And there are a lot of possibilities to do it perfect. There are plenty of things to do that can help you not to feel bored. Any activity is much better than doing nothing.

I'd like to notice that there are two main ways of spending free time: the one is to do some physical activities (often outdoors), for example, football, swimming, hockey, skiing; and another way is to enjoy something relaxing at home or in special places: reading, watching TV, knitting, engaging in hand-made. At any rate, hobby is a matter of taste, and everybody should choose it according to the personal preferences.

As for me, I like to pass my leisure time both in active and passive way. I really enjoy reading or watching films, because it's always interesting, helpful and helps to relax, what is especially necessary after a long tiring day. Also I am fond of active sports, swimming, skiing or riding a bike from time to time, when it is possible. Sometimes you feel you need to escape from everyday worries and to do something no thought-provoking. In many cases I can't let me doing anything very extraordinary, so I just go walking over long distances. It really helps to release the tension and refresh the mind.

To the point, the way how people pass their free time depends on the culture and social status. For example, American favorite leisure activity now is participating in experiences that they know aren't real, they turn to imagination – to worlds created by others, such as books, games, movies and television. Also public researches show that the average amount of weekly free time of many people fell; while the average amount of time spent working is now up. It can be explained by the fact of extra time spent on mobile phones or computers, and infrastructure development (the problem of traffic gems in big cities). As well, preferences of people to spend their time have also changed over the past years: instead of team activities more and more people choose solo activities.

Anyway, in the life of any person there are periods of time when he feels extremely bored. It happens because this person doesn't know what to do with his time and can't find anything interesting to do, or because he doesn't like what he is doing. Well, this problem has hundreds ways of solution. The simplest is to find something interesting to do. Here are some variants of activities to choose:
- Just tidy up;
- Try new recipes;
- Decide on making candles, knitting, cross snitching - in one word, create something new you can be proud of;
- Don't let online games dominate in your life;
- Photography, drawing, painting, playing musical instruments are very special activities that you can do as a cure fore boredom;
- Communicate more with other interesting people;
- Read something exiting, encouraging, or anything that will enrich your knowledge;
- Join a health club or gum where you will be able to feel happy and keep fit;
- Go out with you friends;
- Set your aims and keep a diary.

Following these simple advices you will never have a time to think about such problem as boredom.

As we all know, leisure time is one of the most important thing people can't live without. It is a big part of our life, and it actually shows the character and temper of person. I can't imagine a person who doesn't have any hobbies and favorite activities, because it is really impossible. Our hobbies and habits make our lives, filling it up with variety of feelings and emotions. Each person chooses his own way of spending time, either active of passive, and in any case in should be a refreshment and a source of inspiration.

IELTS Essay - Compare - Contrast - The Best Way to Use Your Spare Time

IELTS Essay – Compare & Contrast – The Best Way to Use Your Spare Time

Just a brief note: If you’re interested in improving your IELTS Reading score in the next few weeks, visit my blog this Tuesday (September 30, 2014) to register for a free online course. Space is limited to 20 students.

This is an essay prompt similar to what students may encounter on the IELTS. It can be used for IELTS Task 2 practice or simply for essay practice. Students learn how to write a compare/contrast essay and practice using academic vocabulary.

I like to give students the prompt on Day 1 and then provide a model answer the next day. They seem to pay more attention to the essay if they’ve already had a shot at writing one themselves.


Question: Some people believe that it is better to spend your free time on useful activities, while others feel that free time is best used for relaxation. What are your opinions on this?

Free time is limited, and therefore 1_____, to most people. As a result, many people carefully consider how to spend it. Some people feel that it is better to spend your spare time being busy and 2_____ yourself through useful activities, while others prefer to spend this time relaxing.

Those who prefer to use their 3_____ time to develop themselves and remain busy enjoy several 4_____. First, because such people are busy gaining knowledge and experience, they will be more likely to get ahead, both at work and in life. This getting ahead and increased ability and 5_____ could very well result in promotions and a higher salary at work. This would, in turn, lead to other benefits such as longer 6_____ and more money. As well, a person who has developed himself will feel better about himself, his knowledge and abilities, and will have more 7_____. This psychological benefit could be reason enough to some people to remain productive during their free time.

On the other hand, those who 8_____ to use their leisure time to relax have several arguments in their favor. For example, they probably enjoy less 9_____ and therefore better health. As we all know, stress levels and physical health are strongly linked. In addition, those who take time out to relax enjoy better 10_____ with their friends and family simply because they have more time to spend with them. Psychologists say that, when it comes to spending time with family, 11_____ is as important as quality. I strongly believe that having better relationships with those most important to us contributes to our overall quality of life. Lastly those who enjoy their spare time and use this time to rejuvenate and 12_____ themselves will ultimately perform better at work, since their minds and bodies will be rested. As a result, they will be ready to give everything they have at work. Who knows? Maybe they will get further 13_____ than those who spend all their time working!

To sum up, while those who prefer to work during their spare time have relevant 14_____, I believe that those who prefer to relax during this time will enjoy more benefits, both in their 15_____ lives and at work. Therefore, I think it is much more advantageous to use one’s spare time to relax.

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Things to do in spare time Essays

Things to do in spare time

Joy Luck Club
"`Then I wish I wasn't your daughter. I wish you weren't my mother,' I shouted." "`Too late change this,' said my mother shrilly." "`Then I wish I'd never been born!' I shouted.

Both stories contain a great deal of irony symbolism imagery and allusion for his depiction of every detail of a room or the vivid images supplied when a killer mentions how a murder took place he is capable of placing every detail possible into a mind before a climax takes place.

During my life I have met several people that have many talents. Although some of the things people I know are good at might not be considered genius, I still consider the abilities they possess very valuable.

Scholarship Essays
I was born to do this. Since I was a small child, I always loved informing people of events that were going on, whether they were for church, school, or family gatherings.

Strategic Management
Some emerging giants compete in several countries, e.g Lenovo, Huawei Tech, Tata Group, etc. But, others operate mainly at home. Therefore, it is interesting to study strategies and business models implemented by emerging giants to achieve their success.

Things to do in spare time
When the time comes for you to develop something that you know is a talent and you would like to explore this talent a little bit more rwach deep down in your inner self and speak with your conscience and tell it to speak to you back.

MIT spare time essay and appealing major

MIT spare time essay and appealing major

How do you spend your spare time?

Out of all my hobbies I like reading the most. My father inspired me to read newspaper daily, while today due to environmental concerns I read news online. The best thing I like reading about is technology. I spend at least half an hour everyday by reading RSS feeds of sites by engadget, android community, slashdot, BBC news and Times of India. I like my feeds to be managed so I use google reader to manage them effectively.

What is the major that is most appealing to you right now?
Mechanical Engineering appeals me the most because of the practical challenge that this field poses. Even in future when I will be doing research of job in this field it will be challenging for me and it will keep my mind active. Ever since I was young I used to collect broken toys from my friends and I used to try to fix. Whenever I wasn't able to fix the toys I used to take motors and LEDs from them and I used to play with them. Sometimes I used to make a car of my own, sometimes I used to glue motor to my Lego models. Even today I try to innovate in my spare time.

thanks for answering but what did you think of the essay in general like contentwise?

lol notice that one of the forum rules is to help THIS thread, not talk about your own. at least not before contributing

your spare time thing is nice, but I'd develop what part of technology fascinates you. you name a bunch of info sponsors. but honestly your SA reads more to me like a direct appeal to go to MIT than a personal essay. unless you convey your passion, that is

Even in future when I will be doing research of job in this field it will be challenging for me and it will keep my mind active.

try to combine this with your previous sentence

Well, your major essay doesn't talk anything about your understanding of your major. It focuses on your interest of engineering, which isn't bad, but not answering the prompt fully. I think that you ought to talk more in depth about the engineering outside your childhood fancies and actually focuses on what MIT offers. I think that the hint question behind this is: why come to MIT for your major?

Overall, I think you should be more creative. MIT is a very liberal school, and loves to see new things (they have an essay on that!) So you need to vary your sentences, make your essay feel more alive, and try using catchy starts!

Logical_Fella_C Threads: -
Posts: 36
Author: Seungwon Oh

Even in future when I will be doing research of job in this field it will be challenging for me and it will keep my mind active.

This could be said about virtually any field one wants to major in. You don't need to mention it. Try to be more specific about it maybe.

Even today I try to innovate in my spare time.

This sounds not only generic but also a bit awkward. You have great details about your past. why not about right now and about the future? Briefly mention your current activities and then really focus on how MIT's mechanical engineering program is the right choice for you.

Oh now I see that yang already mentioned this.

I'd like to add that I really like your answer to the first prompt.

while today due to environmental concerns I read news online

What I understand from this is that you are aware of the "environmental concerns" of cutting down trees to make paper for magazines and such. Not too sure if I'm right, but you should revise this sentence to make it. make sense.

EF_Kevin Threads: 8
Posts: 14,114
Author: You can help a lot of people by visiting the "Unanswered" threads! [Contributor] 125

My father inspired me to read newspaper daily, and today I have switched to the use of online news sources due to environmental concerns. The subject I most like reading about is technology. I spend at least half an hour every day by reading RSS feeds of sites by engadget, android community, slashdot, BBC news and Times of India ( are any of these proper nous that should be capitalized? ). I like my feeds to be managed so I use Google Reader to manage them effectively.

Sample IELTS speaking: preferences (spare time)

Sample IELTS speaking: preferences (spare time) Essay topics: Sample IELTS speaking: preferences (spare time)

Submitted by essayking on Tue, 10/11/2005 - 15:02

55. What do you usually do in your spare time? ( 5 - 6 )
55. What are your spare time interests? ( 5 - 6 )
As a matter of fact, I have very little spare time these days. My studies are so important to me that I have given up all my other activities. For example, I used to love playing tennis, but these days I simply do not have the time. In addition, I used to swim often, as I believe it kept me fit without the danger of being injured.

55. What do you usually do in your spare time? ( 7 - 8 )
55. What are your spare time interests? ( 7 - 8 )
Well, these days, I surf on the Internet in my spare time. I have just bought my first computer, and love to look for exciting web sites that I have not known before. It is of course very time consuming, so I don’t rally have time for anything else. I have to mention that it is an educational activity. For example, by means of web cams (video images from cameras set up at certain places) I am able to watch what wild animals are doing in many parts of the world. I particularly like to watch the polar bears playing with their cubs.

56. Do you often watch TV? What is your favorite program? ( 5 - 8 )
Yes, I often watch TV. My favorite program is called ‘Discovery’. As to why it is my favorite, I would like to mention the following. Firstly, it is not science fiction but a documentary on real life events and happenings. For example, it had a program on the latest eclipse of the sun that occurred at the end of the year. Secondly, it often has items about nature. For example, last week it explained how some birds have adapted to survive in a desert.

57. Do you think watching TV is a waste of time? ( 5 - 8 )
No, I do not think watching TV is a waste of time. Firstly, one can learn a lot from watching TV, and secondly, it is a good way to relax. For example, the soap operas help me to relax, while the documentaries are informative. Lastly, I believe that TV has become the best source of information these days. For example, it is a fast and convenient way to find out about the latest news from all over the world.

Essay on spare time

7. Spare Time Spare Time Active Forms of Life Class 1

Task 1. Look at the questionnaire. Are the activities on the list popular in your country?

Leisure USA Questionnaire

How often do you do these activities? Write often, sometimes or never.

  • Aerobics
  • Computer activities
  • Cycling
  • Dancing
  • Going to the movies
  • Reading
  • Shopping
  • Swimming
  • Walking
  • Watching TV

What are you favourite activities? Which other activities do you do in your free time that aren't listed above?

Task 2. Read the newspaper article and answer the questions.

  1. When does Helen go to the gym?
  2. How much does she pay to her personal trainer?
  3. How old are the Teen Fit members?
  4. Who is Ray Wordsworth?
  5. Why does he disagree with personal training for kids?
  6. Do all health experts think that personal training for kids is a bad idea?

Task 3. Study the words you may find useful to discuss the article.

To afford - to be able to de, buy, spend, esp. without serious loss or damage

Available - able to be got, obtained, used or seen

Body-molding - that make your body slimmer and more attractive

Elite - top, first class

To hail - to welcome

Precedent - something that sets an example to be copied in the future

Sedentary - sitting down

Skinny - very thin

Stationary - not moving, fixed

Workout - a session of physical exercise, usually in a gym

Do children need exercise?

Helen is not an elite athlete. She is 13-year-old who, like lots of other teenagers, wants to be fit. And, like a growing number of teenagers whose parents can afford it, she has a personal trainer.

In her case the trainer charges $68 an hour for after school workouts.

"I don't want to be the skinniest," Helen said. "I just want to work out. But a lot of people do it for the nice bodies, even at my age."

Though personal training is by no means the norm for American children, a small but growing number of their parents are paying the membership fees to private gyms for aerobics, weight lifting, and body-molding activities once considered for adults only.

In California, children aged 13 to 17 can become Teen Fit members. They tend to go for the stationary bicycles and weights, said the sports manager, who added that personal trainers were available for the younger set.

Some health experts hail the trend, saying that too many children do not get enough exercise. But others disagree.

"It's a sad precedent," said Ray Wordsworth, a scientist at the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta. "We are teaching a behaviour that it's O.K. to be sedentary all day except for the one-hour exercise class. In the past decade, our children have lost the idea of what it is to enjoy being young and physically active."

Task 4. Write five questions to find out if your classmates enjoy sport, and how much exercise they get each week. Ask your questions to the class and note down everyone's answers. Then present the results in the form of diagrams.

Class 2

Task 1. What do you know about beach volleyball? Which country does it come from? Read the text and find some more information.

New sports. What are they like?

Beach volleyball started in California and became popular at a professional level in the 1990s. In 1996, it became an Olympic event.

Beach volleyball is played on sand. Each team consists of two players. Both of them have to play all the time and neither of them can be changed. All players play the game barefoot. All male players wear loose shorts and most female players wear bikinis. In international competitions, both players from the team must wear the same colours. None of the players is allowed to wear jewellery that can harm other players.

International beach volleyball is dominated by Brazil, the United States and Australia. All of these countries have won Olympic gold medals and produced a lot of international stars. It is strange but female beach volleyball players are generally more famous and earn more than their male counterparts. This may result from the fact that most of the fans are men.

There has been a lot of controversy over the costumes worn by female players during the game. Some critics say that the bikinis are worn to attract more viewers and sponsors and they make the sport less respectable than other Olympic events.

Task 2. Have you ever tried adventure or extreme sports (parachuting, surfing, bungee jumping, etc.)? What attracts people in them? What is their origin?

Class 3

Task 1. Read the sports survey. Which sports facilities do you have in your city?

A Sports Survey and Reports

I asked twenty people for their opinions about the sports facilities in our town. They mentioned some positive things. Nearly everybody said the sports centre was excellent. Two people liked the gym because it has lots of exercise machines. People said they enjoyed classes at the centre. Two people mentioned that aerobics trainers were brilliant.

There are clubs in the town for most sports. Two people said the rugby club had good facilities.

Three people said the mountain bike circuit was fantastic.

However, the following criticisms were made. Over half people thought that activities at the sports centre were too expensive - for example, the fitness centre costs $6.30 an hour. Two people suggested a discount for students.

People complained about the swimming pool. They said that, it is old and crowded, besides it was often closed to the public because of school classes.

Finally, four people said the sports centre should organise more activities for young people in the school holidays.

To sum up, though the town has good sports facilities, we need a new swimming pool instead of the old one we've got now.

Task2. Do a survey and write a report about spots facilities in your area.

Write some questions you would like to ask, ask students your questions and write down their answers. Write a report of the results of you survey. Do any results surprise you?

When in Rome, do as the Romans do Class 1

Task 1. Read the text. Do you think the author gives useful pieces of advice?

How different we are!

You will find cultures different from your own wherever you go in the world. Although other cultures and ways of life might seem strange at first, they can be fascinating if your approach them with an open mind.

Before you travel anywhere, learn a bit about the place you are going to. As soon as you show interest and some knowledge about their country, people will respond much better to you. Even though you do not speak their language, knowing a few words like 'please' or 'thank you' you will be appreciated. Do not expect that you can try communicating.

Then, after arriving in the country, the most important thing is to keep your eyes open, first, observe how people behave, what they do when they meet each other. As well as that, you can watch local TV. Even if you do not understand a word, you will learn something. In many countries you can also buy a local newspaper in order to see what you can understand. Because most languages have international words, you will probably be able to find out something.

Above all, be adventurous. Try out local specialities like fried ants (from Columbia) even if they might appear a bit strange. Actually, despite their appearance, they are delicious! Do not just stick to the tourist areas but go exploring in local areas unless they are known to be dangerous. Go shopping in local shops where you will meet local people and eat out in local restaurants. However, first check that the food is safe.

Finally, remember that you are a guest. You should respect people's culture and its differences from yours.

Task 2. Dwell on your own experience in travelling. Say what surprised (disappointed, frightened, puzzled) you in the country you were.

Class 2

Task 1. Do you often travel? What way of travelling do you like most (by train, plane, sea)? Read the following story and retell what happened on the train as if you were: an officer, an old lady, a young girl, a young man.

What happened when the train was in the tunnel?

One day, a few years ago, a train was travelling through the English countryside. This was in the days when trains had small compartments, and in one particular compartment there were four people. There was a young girl, quite pretty, who looked like a student or someone who was starting her first job; there was an old lady, dressed in black with bags and magazines and knitting; there was an army officer in his mid-thirties, dressed in his uniform and very stiff and proper in his manner; and finally there was a young man, casually dressed with a sparkle in his eye and ever ready to have a joke. It was quite obvious that both the men were attracted to the young girl, though the officer certainly wouldn't show it and the young man felt inhibited by the presence of the others.

Suddenly the train went into a tunnel; the lights had not been put on, so for half a minute the carriage was in complete darkness, and in the darkness came the sound of a large kiss followed almost immediately by a loud slap. What happened while the train was in the tunnel? When it was light again in the compartment, there for all to see was the officer with a bleeding nose and a swollen eye. And the old lady, seeing this, thought to herself, 'What a brave young lady, who dared to hit the officer for stealing a kiss in such a cowardly way!'

And the young girl, seeing the suffering of the officer, was puzzled. 'How strange', she thought, 'that the officer should kiss the old lady, and not me!'

The poor officer, nursing two injuries that caused him both a pain and embarrassment, considered to himself 'That young man's quite a clever chap! He kissed the girl, and the girl hit me!'

And the young man laughed silently to himself at the trick he had played. 'I am a clever chap,' he thought to himself. 'I kissed the back of my hand, hit the officer in the face and nobody said a word!'

Task 2. Tell a funny story that happened to you when you travelled.

Are you Aware of Nature When Shopping Class 1

Task 1. Read about three families' shopping habits. How environmentally conscious are they? Classify them: a) ultra-green b) not very green c) very bad for the environment! Give the reasons for each of your answers.

  1. Every Saturday, Mary and Jack Thornton go by car to the supermarket two miles away from their home. They don't like vegetables very much but in the summer, they sometimes buy local fruit from a farm shop near them. Their favourite food is pizza, hamburgers and chips and they usually buy frozen food. They buy a lot of tins, too, especially baked beans. Jack loves chocolate and he always buys a few packets of chocolate biscuits. They would like to buy a new TV because the one they've got is very old.
  2. John and Emily Harris walk to the local shops twice a week with their re-usable shopping bags. They buy organic fruit and vegetables in the market - both of them are vegetarians. They also grow vegetables in their small garden which they fertilise with their own compost. Sometimes, they buy low-energy bulbs for their house. They haven't got a computer or television at home. They listen to their wind-up radio!
  3. Rodger and Ann Grant go shopping twice a week at a big hyper-market about twenty miles from their house. They've got a big four-wheel-drive car so it's a comfortable journey. They go on foreign holidays four or five times a year, especially to South Africa, the Far Eats and Australia, and they like buying delicacies from around the world. They always buy the best vegetables available: apples from Chili, kiwis from New Zealand and raspberries from Kenya. Rodger and Ann like buying gadgets. They have three plasma TVs, two computers, two enormous washing machines, a dishwasher and two big fridges. They love clothes and drive two hundred miles to Glasgow every month to go to the best shops.
Task 2.

Are you green? What do you do to protect environment?

Write an essay on the topic "Stop until it's too late".