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Platoon Critique Essay, Research Paper

Platoon was filmed in 1986, and directed by Oliver Stone. The production studio that produced the film was Orion Pictures. The lead characters include Sergeant Barns, played by Tom Berenger, Sergeant Elias, played by Willem Dafoe, and Chris, played by Charlie Sheen. Chris is the ignorant college boy who comes to Vietnam on his will because he feels lost back home. The character is based off the director Oliver Stone, who dropped out of Yale to join the war effort. Although he is glad to get away from all of the people back home, he is unaware of what he is getting into. Chris and the rest of the replacement soldiers are given little time to prepare for their first battle, which they are thrown into. Sergeant Elias objects to this idea but he has little influence, and they are sent in anyway. Many of the new soldiers are slaughtered early on in the movie. At first the veterans who have been around do not accept Chris, but eventually he becomes friends with the pothead/hippie group. While out on patrol, the platoon comes upon a village where Chris has to make some important choices. Many of the other soldiers are mindlessly beating, raping, and killing anyone they decide to. This is when Chris begins his distrust of Sergeant Barns, and sides with Sergeant Elias. Towards the end of the movie Sergeant Elias is murdered by Sergeant Barns. At first Chris is unaware that Barns killed him, but he eventually figures it out. In the last battle of the film the platoon gets slaughtered by the superior Vietnamese numbers. The commanding officer decides that defeat is eminent so he orders the napalming of the whole area. The next morning Chris awakes and struggles to his feet. While walking he comes across Sergeant Barns who orders him to get a medic for him. Chris shoots him in the chest and walks on. The film ends with a scene of Chris being airlifted out in the wounded helicopter.

The film was nominated for many academy awards including, best picture, best film editing, best sound, best director, best cinematography, best writing, and best supporting actor. The film won Academy Awards for Best Picture, Best film editing, best sound, and best director. Oliver Stone won the Best director Oscar, Claire Simpson won best editing, Simon Kaye, Richard Rogers, John Wilkenson, and Bud Grenzbach won best sound, and Arnold Kopleson won best Picture.

The film was very good in portraying the Vietnam War. The setting of the movie was in a very thick jungle with tall grass and a beautiful landscape. The film showed how this setting effected the characters. They were forced to walk through thick jungle with biting insects, and hidden trip wires that were virtually invisible. The characters obviously looked like they had gone without sleep. The film showed how the war effected each man differently, and how each of them dealt with the pain that they had. The film also did a great job in their battle scenes. The camera was always moving to give a sense of confusion and disorientation. The film also had great shot of wounded men screaming. The film made you feel like you were in the middle of it all. The violence and paranoia that plagued the soldiers was also evident in the movie. The village scene showed how many soldiers actually treated the native Vietnamese people, because they couldn’t tell who would be fighting them the next night. The film also showed how many of the soldiers were used as bait to lure the Vietnamese out so they could be bombed with napalm. During the last battle of the movie the commanding officer decided that they were obviously loosing so he called in the planes to bomb everything. The film shows the Vietnam experience from the average soldier’s point of view. In the beginning he is very ignorant and his chances of survival are slim. Chris’ friend who flew in with him was killed during their first mission. This film was very historically accurate and is critically acclaimed as the best Vietnam War movie. It did an excellent job in showing what it was like to be in the War. It showed how the War effected the soldiers, and how none of them felt that they were fighting for a reason.

I liked the realism of this film. They director and actors did a great job in making the film seem real. The story of the film was also excellent. The film had an interesting film as well as great special effects. The feeling that the movie portrays through the violence, and battle scenes, also made the movie exciting to watch. I think that the director choose good actors for their roles in the movie. Charlie Sheen did a great job in the role of a middle class college drop out. Tom Berenger also was a great choice for the veteran Sergeant who has nothing to loose. The movie went beyond just showing battles, with the showing of the moral dilemmas that the soldiers faced. The movie does not glorify war, but shows it to be real and damaging. Platoon was in my opinion the best film that we have watched all semester. It has all the makings of a great movie, like a terrific plot and story line, good actors, and great effects.

There was not much about this movie that I did not enjoy. I think it would have been a lot better to see it in a movie theatre with better sound, but that’s not going to happen. The only other thing that I didn’t like about the film was there needed to be a little bit more battle footage or fighting.

This film was extremely historically accurate. Everything from the costuming, to the props was accurate. The only inaccuracies include Bunny listening to “Okie from Muskogee” which was not released until later and Huey helicopters that are fitted with wire cutters, which were not installed until the early 1980s.

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Critique writing

The critique usually never exceeds 2000 words. The article chosen should be one that will be listed in the bibliography of his/her research proposal. There is no restriction on choice of subject matter but the selected article should be from a refereed/reputable journal and should include methodology and study design issues.
Details of how to conduct a critique of article are as follows:

Structure of a critique:
Read the selected article.
The following questions may be used as a guide to evaluate the journal article and help you write quality article critique
While you may add additional headings and comments, the following structure of a crique is the most commonly used and expected in American universities.

State the research problem.
Was the research problem clearly stated?
Were the specific questions for research specified, or can they be implied?

Were the general and specific objectives of the study specified or implied?
State the general and specific objectives of the study.

Was the literature up to date?
Was the literature critically reviewed and appraised?

State the hypotheses of this study (if applicable)

State the study design

What were the units of observation in this study?
What were the criteria used for inclusion or exclusion of study subjects?

What were the data collected?
What were the independent and dependent variables?

What was the sampling technique?
Were the study subjects selected as representative samples?
To which population can the results of this study be generalized?

What controls were used?
Were the study and control groups reasonably comparable?
What criteria were used to show comparability of study and control groups?

What study instruments were used in this study?
Was the study instrument properly calibrated/validated/pretested?
Were ethical problems adequately considered?

Draw a flow chart to summarize the study

What was the study period?

Were the methods of statistical analysis used appropriate for the study design?
-Which statistical tests were used?

Did the authors control for confounding?

Were the results appropriately tabulated?

Were the methods of analysis adequate with respect to significance testing?

  • What significance level was used?
  • If the method of analysis is inappropriate what other statistical tests would you suggest?
  1. Conclusions

Were the conclusions based on the results of the study, or were they biased?

Are the results of this study consistent with the findings of other research, other investigators’ experiences and your readings?

Are the findings of this study valid?
Can the results of this study be accepted?

What are the implications or significance of the findings of this study?
Can the results be generalized to the target population?

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Steps on How to Write a Critique Essay

How to Write a Critique Paper

When you are asked to do a critique paper. it is imperative that you first understand what it really means. Critiquing does not simply mean analyzing every flaw and negative aspect of the subject, usually a literary piece. The tips can apply to most subjects though. It means deeply analyzing and pointing out both positive and negative aspects. Also, you may have to set aside all your biases and previous knowledge about the piece as well as the author/creator. You have to be unbiased and objective; that way, you can come up with an honest and a well-structured critique paper. If you are unfamiliar with how to write a critique essay, here are a few tips that you might find helpful.

  1. Analyze the Work

When doing a critique paper, it is necessary to understand the piece really well. It enables you to put more thought into your essay. Make sure that you deal with biases or assumptions made by the author in his book (they may be hidden) as this can definitely help you write a better paper.

  • Evaluate the Work

    This tip on writing a critique essay may sound very similar to the aforementioned but to evaluate is much different. To evaluate means to confirm and disprove all arguments, point of views, and assumptions that the author may have had. You will have to do some research as well to prove and disprove some points made. You should confirm if the facts stated are authentic and real. You should also see to it that sources and other information to back claims written are sufficient; if they are not, you can point that out.

  • Evaluate the Work, not the Writer

    It is imperative that you set aside all your biases about the author when writing a critique paper. All the complements you have to say and all the complaints that you want addressed should be about the product (the literary piece) and not the one who produced it (the writer). For example, if the subject is a literary piece, you can point your critiques toward the characters of the story, the development of the plot, the dialogues, and how the narratives were written – the critiques should not be about the person who wrote it.

  • Plan and Start to Write

    A coherent plan on how you will write your essay is important to help you organize your thoughts. An outline will help you create a smooth and seamless paper that will help your readers understand your thoughts better.

    The key to a well-written and well-structured critique essay is honesty. If you find something negative to say about a part of the piece, don’t be afraid to say it. Likewise, if you find something commendable about the piece you are reading, don’t be afraid to say it as well.

    These tips on how to write a critique paper can help you make the best critique paper for your course or subject.

    About the author:

    Elena Dorabji is a lecturer at the Department of Political Science at San Jose State University. Her main area of specialization was comparative politics with emphasis on South Africa. Contact Elena via her Facebook page regarding her research work and other questions.

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    Frankenstein And Critique Of Education Essay Research

    Frankenstein And Critique Of Education Essay, Research Paper

    Mary Shelly?s Frankenstein focuses on human nature and on the possibility of

    controlling experience in order to shape character and cultural values.

    Specifically, it focuses on the influence of education and experience in

    effecting behavior. In general, the characters are divided in to three groups by

    education and experience: passive rescued women, ambitious bourgeoisie men, and

    the self-taught lonesome creature. Through the female character group, Mary

    Shelly illustrates how the combination of education and experience shape

    attitudes and behaviors of women to be passive objects, which leads to their

    demise. Mary Shelly spends the least time describing the education of women,

    repeating one version of female upbringing. The lack of time devoted to female

    characters in general is not a blatant disregard of women; rather, it is

    testimony to the limited role women exercised in public sphere of society.

    Caroline Beaufort is the model of virtuous femininity rescued from poverty to

    bourgeois passivity. Caroline, the daughter of a proud, failed businessman,

    follows her father into self-imposed exile to avoid the humiliation of failure

    where he falls into a terrible sickness of humiliation. Completely dedicated to

    her father, Caroline ?attended him with the greatest tenderness; but she saw

    with despair that their little fund was rapidly decreasing? (Shelly 32)

    Luckily Caroline ?possessed a mind of uncommon mould; and her courage rose to

    support her in her adversity… and by various means contrived to earn a

    pittance scarcely sufficient to support life? (Shelly 32). She not only cares

    for him during his pathetic free fall from life, but she also actively procured

    work and single-handedly supported herself and her father. It is obvious that

    has Caroline possesses the skills and tenacity to support not only herself, but

    her father as well. However, when her fathers falls victim to death she

    immediately transforms from a caring, productive women to ?an orphan and

    beggar? (Shelly 32). There is nothing to note any changes in the attitude or

    actions of Caroline to warrant such a change. Rather, the change is a direct

    result of the death of her father. Despite the fact that Caroline possessed the

    ability to provide for herself, her description and social status remained tied

    to her father. Even though women had the ability to act as free agents in

    society, their description, status was invariably tied to a male. Luckily, for

    Caroline, an associate of her fathers rescued her from her sudden socially

    imposed poverty. While mourning her father?s death, Alphonse Frankenstein

    came like a protecting spirit to the poor girl, who committed herself to his

    care? (Shelly 32). Caroline translates her gratitude of being saved from a

    tough mans world into lifelong subservience. She immediately transfers her

    selfless dedication from one man, her father, to another, her new husband

    Alpohnse Frankenstein demonstrating the female?s artificial dependence on men.

    Saved to the feminine life of passive servitude, Caroline similarly rescues

    other girls from poverty and educates them in the virtues of bourgeois

    domesticity. Thus, she finds Elizabeth, whose seemingly innate, upper class

    feminine virtue makes her shine amid a family of ?dark-eyed, hardy little

    vagrants? (Shelly 34). Upon being rescued, Caroline ?presented Elizabeth to

    [Victor] as her promised gift? (Shelly 34). Immediately following her

    introduction to bourgeois life, Elizabeth is transformed to possession of a

    male. Once in the Frankenstein household, Elizabeth learned to be ?the living

    spirit of love to soften and attract? (Shelly 38). Once under proper middle

    class guidance, Elizabeth becomes the ideal female by providing comfort and

    support while becoming dependent on male energy and male provision. Thus, like

    her foster mother, she is the perfect domestic woman: daughter, sister, friend,

    and wife-to-be. Justine Moritz, a poor girl is also saved from her tyrant,

    exploitive mother by Caroline. Once introduced to the bourgeois Frankenstein

    family Justine trained to be a servant. Just like Caroline and Elizabeth before

    her, Justine quickly learns the female role of serving others. Undoubtedly

    thankful for Caroline saving her from her tyrannical mother, Justine idealized

    her and considered her to be ?the model of all excellence, and endeavored to

    imitate her phraseology and manners? (Shelly 65). Evidently, Justine attempted

    to emulate Caroline?s middle class virtues making her equally passive and

    obedient. Justine, along with Caroline and Elizabeth, are manifestations of how

    women fulfill and are fulfilled by their servitude dominated domestic lives.

    Women once guided into what Mary Shelly?s mother Mary Wollstonecraft describes

    as ?[g]entleness, docility, and a spaniel-like affection. are less agents

    then they are objects acted upon (6). This theme is evident by the early deaths

    of Caroline, Justine, and Elizabeth, which Mary Shelly implies are a logical

    outgrowth of the bourgeoisie ideal. This is especially evident in the death of

    Caroline. Elizabeth was severely ill due to a case of scarlet fever. Although

    she initially refrained from helping, Caroline attended Elizabeth who ?was

    saved, but the consequences of this imprudence were fatal to her preserver?

    (Shelly 42). Knowing full well the potential consequences of her actions,

    Caroline choose to ignore the advice of others and choose to attend Elizabeth at

    her sick bed. Caroline died because of her selfless dedication to others.

    Essentially, Mary Shelly is implying that women who selflessly dedicate their

    lives to others are in danger of killing themselves. The death of Justine Moritz

    is an example not of women selflessly dedicating their lives to others, but

    rather, of passive women being acted upon. Justine was wrongfully accused of

    killing William Frankenstein due to circumstantial evidence. A family servant,

    while washing clothes, found a locket that Elizabeth had given to William

    shortly before his death. Once on trial, Justine is unable to effectively argue

    her innocence due to a series of odd circumstances and questionable explanations

    for those circumstances. Upon this, Justine declares that she ?commit[s] [her]

    cause to the justices of [her] judges, yet [she] see[s] no room for hope?

    (Shelly 54). Fully educated in the female bourgeois ideal of a passive female,

    she neither is unable to nor even effectively attempts to prove her innocence.

    Rather, she calls on people to testify on her behalf, including Elizabeth.

    Elizabeth, like Justine, does not even attempt to effectively uncover the truth

    regarding William?s death. Instead, she focuses on how well Justine fulfilled

    the role of a bourgeois woman and had no reason to murder anybody. Elizabeth,

    like Justine, lacks the ability to effectively argue against Justine being the

    murderer. Instead, relying on their perceived goodness effectively making them

    passive to the entire ordeal. Both Justine and Elizabeth have learned well the

    lessons of submissiveness and devotion that Caroline Beaufort epitomized for

    them. Similarly, their model behavoir lowers their resistance to the forces that

    kill them. The death of Elizabeth is the final example of the implication of

    passivity leading to the death of a female. In this case, Elizabeth is attacked

    and killed by the creature due entirely to the actions of Victor. This is

    another, though extreme, example of women being completely acted upon. Elizabeth

    did nothing at all to warrant this death except follow bourgeois virtues. Those

    virtues told her to be dedicated to a man whose actions cause her death. Thus,

    she was entirely acted upon and had absolutely no agency or freedom from a man

    ever in her life. Mary Shelly uses the female characters of Frankenstein to

    demonstrate the ridiculous manner in which women were educated in the bourgeois

    ideal. These ideals taught women to be passive and in turn were acted up instead

    of being active agents. Thus, Frankenstein is a call for a method of educating

    women, one that does not limit and weaken women.

    Critique of short essay - Writers Stack Exchange

    Basically I need some critics regarding the following points:

    1. Does this description essay archive its goal (a creepy story with a 'sappy' ending)?
    2. How is the 'rhythm' of the story (is there sometimes too sudden or too long?).

    Pets make you feel safe, useful, and needed. Mine was an exception (at least that's what I thought.) She was a shy little kitten named Luz. My mom gave her to me for my fourteenth birthday. She was the cutest baby cat I had ever seen. Her fur was smooth and dark gray, and it always used to reflect the sun and shine. But when she started getting older, her fur became very thick. It was getting darker and darker until one day, it became totally black. I really started to hate her. Even thought she was like a black curse, as time passed, she turned out to be the shiniest spark I ever had in my life.

    She never made a single noise when she was walking in my old house. She just suddenly appeared everywhere I was. She become almost like a creepy version of my shadow. She was always so silent even when she was hungry. The only moment I used to hear noises from her was at night. She was like a baby ghost crying her sadness through the hall. Her sound was a mixture of sadness, anguish and frustration. Her cries were always in my mind, drilling in my thoughts, detaching me from consciousness, and driving me slowly into a strange state of melancholy and panic. The night was never silent the time she was around.

    After she stopped crying, she used to come to my bedroom to stay in the darkest place of the room; The exact place where moonlight never touched. Then, she started to stare at me with her big, yellow and hellish eyes. Her stare was so creepy that sometimes I felt like she could see the deepest fears that were hidden in my mind. She could pass through my eyes and immerse herself directly into my thoughts. Her evil eyes were always haunting me in nightmares.

    Her eyes weren't the only creepy part of her body. Every time I petted her, I felt like I was touching the corpse of a dead creature. Her body was just bones and tissues. Her skin was the same color of raw meat. It was so colorless, with no sign of life. It was so cold that sometimes it really made me wonder if that thing was really alive. The only thing that made me feel that she was alive was her smell. But it wasn't pleasant, because it was like the smell of a animal in decomposition. It was like blood, cat food and fish put together. At the beginning I really couldn't stand it, but as time passed, I got used to that smell. It was weird, but it filled the room with the sensation that someone was there.

    The time passed and the black and creepy Luz was getting old, until one day she died. In the beginning, I was so happy because the curse of my days was finally gone. But later on, I started to have sleeping problems. The nights became so empty. No one was following me, watching my steps, watching my sleep and my dreams anymore. Luz was gone forever, and for the first time in my life, I was alone in the dark.

    Thanks in advance.

    Your writing style is stream-of-consciousness, which can be hard to digest. (On the internet this is labeled "tl;dr" for "too long; didn't read.") I strongly suggest breaking this into several paragraphs.

    Second, you start out with how despite your objection to her color, she became an emotional bright spot — but you don't get to that until the end, and then you quickly hurry past it. You spend most of the essay dwelling on the "before" part of your feelings.

    You should structure it roughly:

    • Intro: pets are great. mine wasn't, until she was. Cute baby cat to all-black cat whom I hated, and then loved.
    • Para 1: Silent by day, loud distressing cries at night
    • Para 2: How she felt and smelled
    • Para 3: How my feelings changed and why [this is the part you're missing]
    • Conclusion: Luz is gone and I miss her

    answered Mar 15 '11 at 17:01

    Yeah I felt I was missing Para 3 before. Thanks for pointing it out. – Alexandro Chen Mar 16 '11 at 4:48

    Just some remarks:

    Were you really touching any corpse, anytime? Because this metaphor smells foul.

    "Alone in the dark". I think it is a cliche. It is the name of well known legend among computer games, so this phrase induces feelings of a dangerous situation, not loneliness, loss and deprivation.

    Please critique my argument essay

    please critique my argument essay

    Please critique my argument essay and offer tips to improve.
    Thanks in advance

    "In the next mayoral election, residents of Clearview should vote for Ann Green, who is a member of the Good Earth Coalition, rather than for Frank Braun, a member of the Clearview town council, because the current members are not protecting our environment. For example, during the past year the number of factories in Clearview has doubled, air pollution levels have increased, and the local hospital has treated 25 percent more patients with respiratory illnesses. If we elect Ann Green, the environmental problems in Clearview will certainly be solved."

    According to the above argument, in the next mayoral election residents of Clearview should vote for Ann Green, who is a member of the Good Earth Coalition and all the environment problems of the area will certainly be solved. The increased air pollution is seemingly caused because of the doubling in the number of factories in the area which is attributed to the current council members doing nothing to protect the environment. This argument is logically flawed due to inconsistencies enumerated below.
    Firstly, the arbitrary assumption that the current council members are doing nothing to protect the environment is not backed by sufficient data to give credibility to it. In the example stated, the number of factories is said to have doubled, but this does not directly imply that the present council team gave licences for these factories to come up. It could be that the previous council team sanctioned these factories and by the time they became operational, the council could have changed. It could also be possible that the increase in demand for the various products could be managed only with increasing number of factories. The air pollution is also said to have risen, but the extent of this rise is not clearly given. Thus it gives no sense of the current levels of air pollution with respect to the previous year, and hence it is not possible to draw any conclusion based on this aspect. Lastly, the increase in number of patients affected by respiratory ailments in the city can be superficially connected to the rise in air pollution levels in the area. But on a closer look, it becomes evident that this increase could be related to the new factories in which the workers develop acute respiratory ailments, the pervasion of awareness about taking care of one�s health or due to a rise in the income levels resulting in greater people being able to afford good health care service. Thus these examples given to prove the indifference of the candidate part of the current council towards environment, fail to do the task.
    Ann Green is a member of the Good Earth Coalition, but the details about this organisation is not given and her level of participation in the organisation is also not clarified. Given that the candidate is a supporter of environment doesn�t indicate that she will able to propel the council into an eco-friendly area. These rather depend on the character of the candidate. Thus the assumption that voting for Ann Green in the coming mayoral election will not lead to a solution of the environmental crisis that the area is facing is false.
    Thus the argument that all the environmental woes of Clearview will be solved on the ascendancy of Ann Green to the mayoral post is false. With greater clarity about the present council�s work, the uncertainty clouding the opponent candidate could be cleared.

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    Posts: 12

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