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There are so many new inventions that have changed the way we live. Some of the inventions are cell phones, computers, texting, face book, GPS, I Pods and many more. Every invention has there own way on how they change the way we live like the GPS shows us how to get to places, texting so you don’t get bored if your out of the house, computers to look up information, cell phones to contact anybody in case of emergency, I pods can be heard at any moment and anytime of day whether your bored or not. But one of the inventions that has changed the way I live is face book.

Face book has impacted me the most by it’s amazing way to communicate with other people online. One way you can communicate with people online is by writing on there wall, chatting, sending messages, comments, and updating status. You can also find people from the past. As well as, posting videos and pictures on peoples walls. You can send people to become a fan of or event invitation. People like to comment on status, pictures and videos either because they think the videos are funny or the pictures are random and there funny to laugh at. More than person can comment or like the status, picture or video if they comment or like the status it will notify you immediately. People have fun communicating by face book because almost everybody has it and easier to contacted them.

Face book allows you to find people from anywhere around the world. You can find about anybody you want on face book. Your friends would ask you ‘Hey, do you have face book?’ Your response would be “Yes, I do. Who doesn’t now a days.’ Even though most people have there profiles on private if you want them to be your friend you should send them a friend request. Some people would get random friend request from people they don’t know or you think you may not know them. Here’s an example that I want to give. Lets say you and your friend have been friends for 5 years. You move and you guys lose touch. One day you can.

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Is a discovery an invention or is an invention a discovery? This is one question that can probably never be answered. A discovery can be defined as something which already existed, and is excavated after one notice’s it or proves its existence. Invention is the creation of something which didn’t exist before it was created by a genius mind. For instance, Newton discovered the existence of gravity when an apple fell on his head. It did.

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What is the greatest invention of all time? Throughout time there have been lots of new inventions which have both hindered and helped everyday life with humans. There are many different possible world’s greatest inventions because they have all helped out humankind in some way, some more than others. I think that the greatest invention of all time is Harnessed Electricity. Some may argue that this was not an invention .

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Great inventions from the East. Although not many people know, perhaps more than half of the inventions and discoveries which the modern world relies on were originated from East Asia. The East Asian culture has contributed to our world civilization achievements in the fields of agriculture, shipping, astronomy, printing, paper money, oil, martial arts, ammunition and mathematics. These inventions were essential blocks in the building of the world as.

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Necessity Is the Mother of Invention I’m sure you all might have sensed something wrong as soon as you would have read the title of the article- Invention is the mother of necessity. Well, to go by conventions there is a proverb which goes like –Necessity is the mother of Invention . My English teacher used to elaborate this one by explaining that, it’s the necessity or paucity of something that leads to an invention . To cite a few.

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Develop a versatile invention business plan for use by invention hunts, licening agents, engineers, provisional patents, etc. See actual examples. Overview As an experienced inventor, I’ve learned that an idea is not perceived as a viable business opportunity until it can be effectively communicated on paper (or any other readable format). No matter how great your idea is, most people expect that you have it written down. When I was new to inventing, I had no.

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Chinese Inventions Katherine Huerta HIST-171-25 Professor Gerarda Costello February 19, 2013 It was very hard for me to pick a Chinese invention to do a research paper on. There are so many amazing inventions that the Chinese have given our world. So I decided to pick a few inventions that this world wouldn’t be able to live without. Invention of Paper The Chinese invented paper during the Han.

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INTRODUCTION Hello! Today I am going to talk you about the invention of the refrigerator. I chose this topic because I think we all can't imagine our lives without food, so we also can't imagine our lives without the refrigerator. I'm going to present you this topic with the help of power point and I really hope that in the end of my presentation you will know something more about refrigerators. The invention of the refrigerator The conveniences.

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the ancient era china has made many major developments and inventions . The most famous inventions are the Four Great Inventions . And one of the four great inventions is the compass. It was in the ancient era, during the Qin Dynasty (221-206BC), in 220BC when the first compasses were probably made. In this essay I will cover important points on the compass’s history, which mainly involve its origins and how and why it was.

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The History of Computers Only once in a lifetime will a new invention come about to touch every aspect of our lives. Such devices changed the way we manage, work, and live. A machine that has done all this and more now exists in nearly every business in the United States. This incredible invention is the computer. The electronic computer has been around for over a half-century, but its ancestors have been around for 2000 years. However, only in the last 40 years has the computer changed American management to it's greatest extent. From the first wooden abacus to the latest high-speed microprocessor, the computer has changed nearly every aspect of management, and our lives for the better. The very earliest existence of the modern day computer's ancestor is the abacus. These date back to almost 2000 years ago (Dolotta, 1985). It is simply a wooden rack holding parallel wires on which beads are strung. When these beads are moved along the wire according to programming rules that the user must memorize. All ordinary arithmetic operations can be performed on the abacus. This was one of the first management tools used. The next innovation in computers took place in 1694 when Blaise Pascal invented the first digital calculating machine. It could only add numbers and they had to be entered by turning dials. It was designed to help Pascal's father, who was a tax collector, manage the town's taxes (Beer, 1966). In the early 1800s, a mathematics professor named Charles Babbage designed an automatic calculation machine (Dolotta, 1985). It was steam powered and could store up to 1000 50-digit numbers. Built in to his machine were operations that included everything a modern general-purpose computer would need. It was programmed by and stored data on cards with holes punched in them, appropriately called punch cards. This machine was extremely useful to managers that delt with large volumes of good. With Babbage's machine, managers could more easily

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Computer Inventors and their Inventions

Computer Inventors and their Inventions

Computer inventions have empowered the human civilization in a way that no other invention has ever done. And what should I say about the inventors who helped us to lead a more comfortable life? These geniuses have been the most gifted people to the world community who transformed the way we live and work today. Inventors of computers have been many and believe me, you simply can't say that a single person contributed in the growth and development of this phenomenal technology. No doubt, computer inventions that date back to 2000 years ago can't be compared with the ones of this century, but we simply can't neglect the importance of even a wooden Abacus machine that laid the foundation of future computers.

Evolution of Computers
  • There is a whole lot of confusion as to who invented the computer. There is no sure-shot answer to this question, as it completely depends on your definition of computers.
  • Back in 3000 B.C. when Abacus, the simple calculating device was introduced in China, it was said to be the foundation stone for the concept of modern-day computers. But now, can you even equate Abacus to super computers? Probably not.
  • So, in essence, when was the first computer invented, is a very difficult question to answer.
  • In fact, the extent and depth in different types of computers makes it more complex to find an answer to the question about popular computers and their inventions.
  • After Abacus, came in 1622 A.D. the slide rule, invented by William Oughtred, that was said to be another conceptual and thought provoking dimension to the information age development.
Famous Inventors and their Inventions

Charles Babbage: The Analytical Engine

He is considered as the "Father of the Computer," who invented an analytical engine in 1822. However, he couldn't actually build the analytical engine, but was only able to present it theoretically. His unfinished work was completed by scientists in 1930. His concept of analytical engine was quite similar to the concepts of modern-day computers that include subroutines and input devices. It certainly laid the foundation of modern-day computers.

Alan Turing: The Turing Machine

Konrad Zuse: The Z Series Computers

The German engineer, Konrad Zuse, in 1936, invented the first electrical binary programmable computer - the Z1, Z2, and Z3 were also introduced by Zuse in 1939 and 1941 respectively. Unfortunately, Zuse's efforts were destroyed during second world war.

John Vincent Atanasoff & Clifford Berry: Atanasoff-Berry Computer (ABC)

Developed in the war phase of 1942, Atanasoff-Berry Computer (ABC) was the world's first fully electronic digital computer. Its inventors, John Vincent Atanasoff & Clifford Berry shared the relationship of a professor and a student. John was an America electronics engineer while Clifford his student.

The US Army: ENIAC

Financed by the US army and developed by scientists John Presper Eckert & John W. Mauchly, in 1946, the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer (ENIAC) is considered to be the first mainstream digital computer ever made. In fact ABC and ENIAC fought a legal battle till 1973, when ABC was finally declared to be the 1st digital computer. ENIAC was mainly built for US army research laboratory.

Gordon Bell and Ken Olson: PDP (Programmed Data Processor)

They invented the PDP in the year 1960s. Gordon Bell designed the i/o system of the PDP-1. With time, there have been several versions of this machine, i.e. PDP-4, PDP-5, PDP-6,and PDP-11. As a part of the DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation), Gordon Bell later designed the VAX, which is DEC's best computer.

What followed in years after 1950 is an amazing history of computer development. Further developments in the computer field led to the invention of transistor (by John Bardeen, Walter Brattain & Wiliam Shockley in 1956), integrated circuits (1959) and the computer processors by the iconic Intel. Then came the brilliant Bill Gates and the legendary Steve Jobs who changed the computer history.

In fact, internet history is also an integral part of the history of computer development as both can only coexist. You must have realized after reading this article that it is quite difficult to name any person for all computer growth. Computer development saga, in essence, is a magnificent example of impressive developments through re-invention, research, and innovation.

October 27, 2010

Эссе на тему «Computers: Pros and Cons»

Nowadays people use the computer increasingly more, so it i a very useful invention which makes our life easier every day. It obviously has many advantages but there are also some minuses. My personal opinion is that computers have greatly improved the quality of our life.

On the one hand, computers enable us to reduce the number of books or papers in our jobs. If you have a powerful computer nowdays, you can store a lot of information in its hard disk. Besides, if you have a portable computer, you can do a lot of thing such as read, type ect. wherever you are. Another advantage is that computers are easier to use than before, because they have too many things to make it work. As a final point, the international network can be quite useful. If you have the Internet access, you will be able to visit millions of websites to gather any kind of information you need.

On the negative side, the computer might be a serious threat to children. Children mostly use these devices for fun but lots of games teach them to be violent. Moreover, spending too much time in front of the screen is harmful to eyes – more and more young people have to wear glasses! Finally, we all know that the Internet has many advantages but a virus may infect your computer and make you devise useless.

In conclusion, I can say that computers have had a positive influence on our lives today but we need to be careful about how to use them because they can take over our lives by forcing us to do things which are not really harmless for our health.

Invention of The Computer - Who Invented The Computer

Invention of the Computer

Personal computers are now commonplace in most homes throughout the world, and are relied on heavily by both individuals and businesses. The invention of the computer is relatively new, emerging into our lives relatively late in the 20th century. The technology to build such intricate and sophisticated systems was simply not available prior to this, though advancements in microelectronics made the vision of a computer a realistic one. The two innovations in electronics which allowed for this were the integrated circuit, which was manufactured in 1959, and the microprocessor, which appeared in 1971. The integrated circuit allowed the internal memory solutions to be shrunken down into manageable components, whereas the microprocessor reduced the size of a central processing unit down to a single chip.

The microprocessor revolutionised electronics as we know it, a small silicon chip which can process thousands of simultaneous calculations, and replace the need for thousands of independent transistors. Developed by Ted Hoff, in California, part of the Intel Corporation, the microprocessor opened up new opportunities for machines, as the processor itself was capable of handling large flows of data, performing logical calculations and almost behaving with intelligence.

The first desktop computer system was manufactured for person use in 1974, courtesy of Micro Instrumentation Telemetry Systems (MITS). The computer was termed Altair, and retailed for as little as $400. The popularity of the Altair soared to unimaginable heights, everyone appearing keen to sample this new machine. This sparked a whole host of computers being developed by other companies, or by young ambitious entrepreneurs. The first well known and reputable company to produce their own computer was Tandy Corporation, which launched its own model in 1977. This model proved a hit, and became the most popular of the computers on the market at that time for two main reasons. It included a keyboard, to improve input, and also included a cathode ray tube to provide a CTR monitor. It also allowed information to be stored on cassette tapes, and was also programmable.

A couple of engineers, Stephen Wozniack and Steven Jobs, then began their own business venture which would become known as Apple Computers. The pair manufactured the Apple I, which was a homemade microprocessor, from Jobs' parents' garage of all places. The Apple I was then marketed to the public and was later sold to electronics enthusiasts and hobbyists. This led to the creation of Apple Computer, Inc. and in April, 1977, the Apple II was launched, the world's first personal computer system. The system was designed exclusively by the Apple team and included a keyboard and most notably colour graphics. The Apple II retailed at $1290.

Apple introduced brand new features to its computer system, expandable memory, disk-drive systems, improved data storage, and the aforementioned colour graphics. Apple Computers became the fastest growing business in American business history, with rival companies being set up as a result of Apple's huge success.

1981 saw IBM introduce their model of microcomputer, generically named the IBM PC. The 16-bit microprocessor prompted cravings for faster and more powerful processors. In the middle of the 1980's, a few more improvements were introduced to the computer world. 32-bit computers were revealed, which allowed for enough power to prove beneficial in a small to medium business environment.

User friendliness was targeted as key for most computer users, and the development or a Graphical User Interface certainly epitomised this. The GUI, replaced the requirement of entering complex commands, and brought in a much simpler 'point and click' strategy. Douglas Engelbart created an "X-Y Position Indicator for a Display System": which effectively became the "mouse", which has obviously has remained a standard with modern day PC's. Voice recognition software now exists to rival mouse input, and computer technology continues to grow at earth shattering speeds, which opens up exciting ideas for the not so distant future of computers.

The invention of the computer was clearly one of the most revolutionary inventions ever to grace the business world.

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Essay on latest inventions of computer

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Essay on Computer and its Advantages and Disadvantages - Important India

Essay on Computer and its Advantages and Disadvantages Computer

What is a computer? A computer is an electronic device that receives and processes information to produce the desired results.

It plays an important role in our lives. Our life has become centered around computers and computerized systems.

Various Parts of a Computer: The various parts of a computer includes a system unit, monitor, keyboard, electronic-mouse, printer, speakers, CD drive, etc.

1. System Unit: The system unit is the most important part of the computer. The system unit houses the CPU (microprocessor), hard disk, random access memory (RAM), motherboard, etc.

  • The CPU processes the information.
  • RAM stores the temporary information while the system is on. It removes the data as soon as the system is switched off.
  • Hard Disk stores the saved information is stored on the hard disk.
  • The Mother Board connects and allows communication between various units of of the computer.

2. Monitor: It displays the information. Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) monitors are very bulky. Liquid crystal display (LCD) monitors are thin and light.

3. Keyboard: Letters and numbers are keyed into the computer system through the keyboard.

4. Mouse: It points the cursor and is used in selecting an icon on the screen.

The other components of a computer system includes speakers, modem, printers, etc.


Computers can quickly process huge amount of data. Computers can complete various tasks more effectively than most human-beings. It has automated complex tasks that were once considered boring and tedious for humans. Hence, Computer has greatly increased our efficiency to do various tasks. The advantages of computer is given below:

  1. Stores data in digital format: Computers can store millions of pages of information in digital format.
  2. Huge storage: We can store huge information. The present day hard-disks can store 100s of Gigabytes (GB) of information. Large businesses store their marketing and sales data in their computer systems. Even sensitive data of customers are securely protected in a computerized environment.
  3. Play games: When it comes to games, the choices are almost unlimited.
  4. Calculations: Businesses are increasingly using spreadsheets and other software as a tool for performing mathematical calculations.
  5. Prepare and store official documents: You can use a word processing software to prepare, edit and save any text document. The concept of paperless offices is finally taking its shape. excel- calculations
  6. Presentations: If your office demands that you prepare presentations, you can prepare it in a PowerPoint.
  7. Internet: You can connect your computer to Internet and browse through huge data. People use internet for various purposes. Students can use internet to download study materials. A research analyst can do market research over internet. A marketing person can gather relevant data across various geographical boundaries. A prospective customer can find a service provider over internet.
  8. Multimedia: Computer can also be used as an entertainment device. We can play various multimedia applications such as music, video, etc.
  9. Prepare books of accounts: With the help of accounting software, we can prepare our books of accounts.
  10. Reduced cost: The introduction of computer has resulted into a reduction of cost to perform various complicated tasks.

It is true that even computer is not free from defects. The disadvantages of computer is given below:

  1. Ever changing technology: The technology that is new today, may soon become obsolete. We need to regularly upgrade the hardware and software in a computerized environment. This involves additional time and cost.
  2. Increased manpower cost: The computer needs to be operated by skilled person. This has led to an increase in manpower cost for organizations. Due to the inherent risks, huge expenditure are made ensure data security.
  3. Computer stops responding: At times the operating system of the computer may stop responding or functioning. Though this problem is generally solved by restarting the computer, but sometimes you may have to take the support of the technician.
  4. Viruses: The threat of virus and malware attack always remains in the computerized environment. To cope up with these risks, various anti-virus software are available in the market. If you are using a good antivirus, you are almost sure that your private information and other sensitive data are secured.
  5. Reduction in employment opportunity: The introduction of computers has negatively impacted the employability of computer illiterate people.
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