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Ict Gcse Help Coursework - University at Buffalo ICT GCSE Coursework / Assessment System (Unit 2)

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Dear Sir/ Madam,
I was wondering if I could have permission to use your idea as part of my ICT GCSE coursework in which I am designing an upcycling event. Thank you.

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I am inquiring to see if it is ok if i use your picture for my ICT GCSE Coursework, if you help me, i will include you in my Sources and you will get full credit.

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Gary Stillwell ICT GCSE Coursework

My ICT GCSE coursework concerns Upcycling. I must put together a profile of possible Upcycling demos, fundraising activities, refreshments for the event

My ICT GCSE coursework concerns Upcycling

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– Ict GCSE Coursework

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Applied ICT Microsite > Coursework


GCSE Applied ICT requires students to complete two pieces of coursework: one based on Unit 2: ICT in Organis ations and one based on Unit 3: ICT and Society. More details on the coursework components is included below.

Unit 2 Coursework

There are four parts to the Unit 2 coursework assignment.

Students must carry out an investigation of an organisation (or department in a large organisation) and produce a portfolio that includes a report on:

  1. the different purposes for which the organisation/department uses ICT; and
  2. the ICT system used in the organisation/department and how it meets the needs identified in part (a).

Students must also design and implement an ICT system. They must include the following information in their portfolio:

  1. a design specification for the system, including information sources, input, process and output requirements and the types of application software needed; and
  2. evidence that they have successfully implemented, tested and evaluated the system, together with guidance for the user.
Unit 3 Coursework

Students need to produce an investigation of how ICT systems affect everyday life. They must produce a portfolio that includes reports on how ICT impacts:

  1. how the student does things at home and at school/college;
  2. an adult in employment, including the way it has an effect on his/her working style;
  3. a person with special/particular needs; and
  4. their local community.

When investigating each of these different aspects of ICT, students must also consider:

  1. the legislation that protects individuals and groups from the misuse of ICT.

Students must make full use of ICT in the production of their portfolio. Work that is entirely handwritten will not gain any marks.

More information on coursework can be viewed in the full specification.

Council for the Curriculum, Examinations & Assessment

Applied Information and Communication Technology (AS - A2) Level

Applied Information and Communication Technology (AS & A2) Level Course Description

This course has been designed to allow students to familiarise themselves with a range of software and applications of ICT. As an applied course it is mainly coursework based and focuses on how ICT is used in a commercial setting. The units studied include a range of media and office technologies. Some units give students the opportunity to show their creativity and others allow students to reflect on how ICT helps to support the flow and exchange of information in organisations.

The course offers:

The chance to learn about office technologies and see how these are used by organisations.

The ability to learn new skills using a range of applications in the Microsoft Office suite and Adobe publishing software.

An understanding of how ICT is used by a range of different organisations.

What will you be learning? Year 12 Units UNIT 1 - Using ICT to Communicate

This unit is coursework based and gets students to use a variety of software to communicate information for a selected audience and the purpose. The unit considers how ICT has improved the way in which we use the more traditional forms of communication: Word processing has improved the way we can produce, edit and correct written information. This unit looks at how ICT is used to communicate information to both individuals and organisations.

UNIT 2 - How organisations use ICT

This unit helps candidates to understand how organisations are structured, and understand how they use and exchange information. Students will study how the increased use of ICT can and does help organisations by supporting many different activities. Candidates study how organisations (including at least one large organisation) collect, disseminate and use information, how they manage the flow of information between sections or departments and the way they use ICT to access and exchange information.

UNIT 3 - ICT Solutions for Individuals and Society

This unit is coursework based and gets students to consider how the availability of electronic information has transformed society, considering the use of social networking sites such as Facebook to the savings that households can make from using online comparison sites and services. The major focus in this unit is how using the internet can help to make a well informed decision, particularly when they analyse the results of their findings.

Year 13 Units UNIT 9 - Working to a Brief

This unit helps candidates to improve their performance and working relationships through the planning, implementation, management and evaluation of an ICT project. Assessment is intended to allow candidates to demonstrate the development of their skills and knowledge in relevant areas of ICT, as well as in their ability to work with others. Candidates are asked to find the solution to a brief chosen from a list. The briefs are set by OCR and may be completed by candidates as an individual or as part of a team.

UNIT 11 - Interactive multimedia products

Students have to research existing multimedia products such as computer games. Pupils will then produce a multimedia product of their own and review their interactive multimedia produce for its effectiveness in meeting clients’ requirements. This unit helps candidates to appreciate what is involved in the design and creation of interactive multimedia products.

UNIT 14 - Developing and Creating Websites

This unit gives students the opportunity to develop their own website and publish it on the internet. We use the more advanced applications of Dreamweaver such as the use of CSS to control the site. Students will learn how to design and critique websites appropriately as well as using some XHTML to program their site.

This course is suitable for students who:
  • Prefer coursework to exams, with A2 being entirely internally assessed
  • Are prepared to manage their study time outside of lessons effectively
  • Want to learn new skills and familiarise themselves with a range of software applications
  • Have some creative interest and ability
  • Are prepared to produce extensive written reports to support their portfolio work

Start Date: Sep 2015

Duration: 1- 2 academic years (Full Time)

How is it delivered? YEAR 1 – AS LEVEL

Unit 1 – Using ICT to Communicate

This unit is assessed entirely through the student portfolio, due in May.
Weighting: 33%

Unit 2 – How organisations use ICT

This is a 1 hour and 30 minute exam in May. There is a pre-release case study that students must use to produce three tasks that are externally assessed.

Unit 3 – ICT Solutions for Individuals and Society

This unit is assessed entirely through the student portfolio, due in January.
Weighting: 33%


Unit 9 – Working to a brief

This unit is assessed entirely through the student portfolio, due in May.

Number of marks allocated: 33%

Unit 11 – Interactive multimedia products

This unit is assessed entirely through the student portfolio, due in May.

Number of marks allocated: 33%

Unit 14 – Developing and creating websites

This unit is assessed entirely through the student portfolio, due in May.

Number of marks allocated: 33%

Who can do it? What will you be working towards?

Type: GCE A level

Entry Requirements:

Don’t be put off if you haven’t studied ICT at GCSE, however be prepared to learn new skills and work hard.
If students have taken ICT at GCSE we would question any application where the student hadn’t got the equivalent of at least a grade B. Students should have a good grade in English as students are required to give extended written responses in some of the tasks. Particularly for A2 students must have some desire to demonstrate their creativity as they will have to develop their own site.
As the major component of this aware is coursework, students must join us with a commitment to work hard and be prepared to regularly meet deadlines.


IT professionals with the right skills are very much in demand in today’s world. Future IT jobs range from those requiring the deep technical skills of software developer through to roles that may need much less detailed knowledge such as project management. Typical careers for ICT students include Software Developer, Business Analyst, and Software Tester & Web Designer. As a vocational course this A level would provide a direct route into this kind of employment or provide a stable basis for further study at Higher education.

Student Quick Links

Applied ICT

Applied ICT A/AS Levels General Information

This is an exciting and challenging Applied/vocational course for students interested in developing skills, knowledge and understanding of Information and Communications Technology. In order to take this course in ICT you need a lively and enquiring mind, an interest in ICT, a willingness to explore new ideas and an ability to communicate your ideas effectively.

The course encourages students to:

  • Gain a broad understanding of ICT
  • Develop skills, knowledge and understanding of ICT
  • Have an opportunity to apply learning in a practical and realistic way
  • Follow a programme of study that enables progression to both higher education and employment
  • Develop skills that are highly valued by employers and universities
  • Gain confidence through developing independent learning skills

The course will appeal to students who:

  • Enjoy studying a subject that is relevant to their own lives and experience
  • Want the opportunity to carry out practical work and be creative
  • Enjoy finding out answers – not just being taught!

ICT is available as an double award course which is equivalent to two A Levels or as a single award equivalent to one A Level.

Examination details

Examinations are taken in three units:

The Knowledge Worker – (Double & Single Award)

Using Database Software – (Double Award only)

Communications & Networks – (Double Award only)

All tests are assessed by computer based time constrained test completed under exam conditions.

Course content

The Single Award is made up of six units. Three are taken in the first year and three in the second year.
The Double Award is made up of twelve units, the six for the Single Award plus a further six units in the second year.

The six units for the Single Award are:

  • Unit 1 The Information Age Coursework
  • Unit 2 The Digital Economy Coursework
  • Unit 3 The Knowledge Worker June externally assessed
  • Unit 7 Using Databases Software June externally assessed
  • Unit 8 Managing ICT Projects Coursework
  • Unit 10 Using Multimedia Software Coursework

The further six units for the Double Award are:

  • Unit 4 System Design & Installation Coursework
  • Unit 5 Web Development Coursework
  • Unit 6 Technical Support Coursework
  • Unit 9 Communications & Networks June externally assessed
  • Unit 11 Using Spreadsheet Software Coursework
  • Unit 14 Programming Coursework
How it is taught

Applied ICT is mainly a coursework-based qualification with external tests in three units. Students build up a portfolio of assignments that are based around practical projects using different types of software. Assignments are an individual effort creating e-books and e-portfolios.

Entry requirements

Students should have a grade C in GCSE English and preferably a grade C in GCSE Maths, and should also meet the general college entry requirements for Advanced Level study. (Please see the current Prospectus- Advanced Programmes, Entry Requirements)

It is NOT necessary to have studied Information Technology at GCSE level. (Students are accepted onto this course with no ICT qualifications).

Useful / common subject combinations

Maths, Media Studies and Business Studies are subjects that could be taken alongside Applied ICT. ICT is particularly useful in gaining ICT skills that would be very beneficial both in employment or higher education.

Careers / HE information

Double Award ICT is a firm foundation for students wishing to study computing related subjects at university or employment in an ICT related job. Single award gives students good software skills as a preparation for work or study in any area.

Aqa ict coursework 2010 - essays, biography, admissions, homeworks and other

aqa ict coursework 2010

PDF, Last Updated 18 November 2010. GCSE Applied ICT requires students to complete two pieces of coursework one based on Unit 2 ICT in Organis.

Buy Successful ICT Projects in Access Successful ICT Projects A Level ICT by. I can recommend this text to anyone taking, or teaching the AQA ICT or Computing course. really helps with the AS IT course when you need to do your coursework. Access 2010 The Missing Manual by Matthew MacDonald Paperback

Controlled assessment is really just supervised coursework. AQA A requires one 'local fieldwork investigation' in Unit 3, worth 25% 2000 word limit. fieldwork in 2010 before May then they can technically submit it for June 2010 or June 2011 assessment. some specifications they must show evidence of ICT use.

ICT is a growing department within Mascalls, Having just had a fifth dedicated ICT suite set up within the department. including Matchware Mediator, Microsoft Office 2010 and the Adobe CS5 Suite. should they require any further time for coursework or independent study. The AQA GCSE ICT controlled assesment.

Successful ICT Projects in Access - uk

May 13, 2009. The context for the task in 2009/2010 is 'business modelling'. Unit 2 coursework must be handed in to me on or before Friday 8th may. Unit 1.The exam boards we use are AQA - Assessment and Qualifications Alliance; AQA. However, some courses include controlled assessment and/or coursework. Art Edexcel; Geography AQA; ICT AQA; Modern Languages Edexcel.

Guidance on the GCSE Geography Controlled Assessments

Results 2014 Results 2013 Results 2012 Results 2010 Results 2009. English – Mrs Ferraiolo - her classes; ICT Coursework Mrs Boyd; Catering – Miss. Link on AQA Website for past papers, mark schemes and moderators reports to.

  • ICT is a growing department within Mascalls, Having just had a fifth dedicated ICT suite set up within the department. including Matchware Mediator, Microsoft Office 2010 and the Adobe CS5 Suite. should they require any further time for coursework or independent study. The AQA GCSE ICT controlled assesment.

PPT - Applied ICT PowerPoint Presentation

Applied ICT PowerPoint PPT Presentation Download Presentation

An Image/Link below is provided (as is) to download presentation

Download Policy: Content on the Website is provided to you AS IS for your information and personal use and may not be sold / licensed / shared on other websites without getting consent from its author. While downloading, if for some reason you are not able to download a presentation, the publisher may have deleted the file from their server.

Presentation Transcript

Applied ICT
  • Unit 1 – Life in the information age
  • Unit 2 – The digital economy

  • Unit 3 – The knowledge worker

    Applied ICT Unit 1 – Life in the Information Age
    • 5 essays on Online Services
  • 5 essays on Life in the Information Age

  • An extended discussion on the Digital Divide

  • Prepared in a HTML based E-book

    Applied ICT Unit 2 – The digital economy
    • E Commerce site evaluation
  • Review of back office processes

  • Databases design and build

  • Analysis of threats in E Commerce

  • Produced as an eportfolio

    Applied ICT Unit 3 – The knowledge worker
    • 2 1/2hr exam in mid May 2013
  • Based on a incomplete spreadsheet model that needs to be fixed in Excel

  • Scenario and practice released 3 weeks before exam

  • Tests Applied ICT skills in a “real” situation

  • Unit 10 Applied ICT Coursework - The Student Room

    Unit 10 Applied ICT Coursework

    (Original post by CamyK )
    This is my product for Unit 10: Using Multimedia Software..

    ->Download the file and EXTRACT/OPEN it using winrar or winzip
    ->Right click 'AudiProductFinal_13.swf' and open it up with either Flash Player (preferably) or your browser

    First of all, thanks for check your mail and noticing this.
    so now tell me that what was the grade you scored and what are necessary changes I have to make if I were to send this project of your's as mine.
    And please give me a quick reply. I am WAITING.

    Hi, I really liked your product. I am on the testing section of the Unit 10 coursework and I have already done an Alpha Testing and have not done beta testing yet. How many beta testing's do we need to do.

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    CIE AS Level Applied ICT Unit 2 - How Organisations Use ICT

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    CIE AS Level Applied ICT Unit 2 - How Organisations Use ICT

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